Novel Name : Substitute Marriage After Vegetable Husband Spoiled to Heaven

Chapter 120

When Shen Qianyan woke up, she was already on the big bed in Lonely Moon Villa.

Her head was heavy, as if she had been hit by a heavy sap.

"Wake up." Jin Zhongting was sitting on the single sofa beside the bed. He saw Shen Qianyan open her eyes, stand up, and poured her a glass of water, "Drink some water first."

Shen Qianyan was indeed thirsty and urgently needed a glass of water to relieve her pain.

After she drank the water, the fog in her head finally cleared up: "Why am I here? I shouldn't be here..."

"Where are you? In the Song family? Are you busy celebrating your anniversary?" Jin Zhongting reached out and rubbed Shen Qianyan's heart, "How long has it been? Still haven't figured out what happened?"

"What happened?" Shen Qianyan asked.

Jin Zhongting told Shen Qianyan everything that happened last night, and Shen Qianyan was shocked after hearing it.

"You mean, they knocked me out and sent me to Director Song's office? Why? How could Director Song like my style? I have already heard about the story of Director Song and his deceased wife. How could such an affectionate man be trapped in such a trance?"

"You are really lucky that Director Song is a gentleman. If you had met a slightly lecherous man, you little lamb would have been eaten and dismembered long ago."

Jin Zhongting thought of the scene when he walked into Song Changde's office. Shen Qianyan was lying on the sofa, her whole body wrapped tightly by Song Changde's coat.

"Please tidy up her clothes." Song Changde said to Jin Zhongting.

Jin Zhongting put away Song Changde's coat and discovered that the buttons of Shen Qianyan's shirt were unbuttoned, the collar was wide open, and the snow-white shoulders and black bra were looming. The picture was so fragrant and gorgeous.

"Director Song!" Jin Zhongting immediately became furious.

Song Changde turned his back to their direction and stood to avoid suspicion.

"Mr. Jin, I know why you are angry, but please rest assured that Mr. Shen has not been harmed in any way by me." Song Changde said in a sincere tone, "I have a daughter as old as her, and I love my daughter very much. Look, When I visit Mr. Shen, I will think of her. How could an old father do something to harm his daughter?"

Jin Zhongting calmed down and thought about it, it was right. If Song Changde really wanted to do something beastly, he would not invite him here. Shen Qianyan's clothes should have been made like this by the person who pulled the strings. Song Changde, like Shen Qianyan, was also framed.

"Thank you, Director Song, for contacting me." Jin Zhongting said while buttoning Shen Qianyan's shirt, "But no matter what, something happened to your Song family. I hope that Director Song can cooperate with my people to investigate here."

"Of course, I feel the same way as Mr. Jin and hope to find the person behind the scenes as soon as possible."


"I think what happened to me has something to do with Wang Yaoyao of the Song family." Shen Qianyan thought of Wang Yaoyao who initially made trouble for no reason, but later came to her with a drink to apologize. This was strange, "I just drank it and took it from her." The wine you brought made me feel sick to my stomach."

"You still know." Jin Zhongting rubbed Shen Qianyan's heart again, as if teaching an ignorant child, "Be careful when drinking in the future. You must not drink drinks opened by strangers casually. Drinks opened by yourself cannot be drunk after they leave your sight. No more drinking.”

Shen Qianyan was actually cautious at the time, but after thinking about it, Wang Yaoyao shouldn't be so bold as to drug her at the anniversary of her company... Who knows, she might actually meet someone bold.

"But I didn't offend Wang Yaoyao."

"It's not her you offended."

"Then who did I offend?"

"The one from the Ruan family."


Shen Qianyan reacted for a long time before remembering who the Ruan family member was.

"You mean Ruan Manni?"

Before Jin Zhongting could answer, the doorbell rang downstairs.

"I'll tell you later, you rest first, I'll go down and take a look." Jin Zhongting went downstairs.

The person downstairs who rang the doorbell was Ruan Zhengdong.

Jin Zhongting opened the door, and Ruan Zhengdong rushed in directly.

"Zhong Ting, you don't really want my sister to sit in the game, do you?"

"Tea or coffee?" Jin Zhongting said calmly.

"How can I still be in the mood to drink tea and coffee now." Ruan Zhengdong rubbed the center of his eyebrows. Because of Ruan Manni's incident, his mother almost blew up his cell phone. "Brother, let me ask you something, you can't Do you really want my sister to stay in the position?"

"Is it unusual for her to sit in a trap?" Jin Zhongting glanced at Ruan Zhengdong, "You never thought that if you spoil her like this, something will happen sooner or later?"

Ruan Zhengdong was speechless for a moment.

He thought about it, of course he thought that if Ruan Manni was so domineering and domineering, something would happen sooner or later, but he really couldn't persuade his parents.

In the final analysis, Ruan Manni's behavior was caused by his parents. Ruan Manni is the daughter of Ruan Zhengdong's parents. She has been held in the palm of her hand since she was born, and she can get everything she wants. After going to school, whenever she gets into trouble or If she did something wrong, her father would always find someone to take the blame for. It was this bottomless connivance over and over again that led to the creation of such a girl who didn't know how high the sky was.

"Zhong Ting, I know that Manni did something wrong this time, but I am my sister after all. If she goes to jail and has a criminal record, her future life will be ruined."

"I remember that I spared her once last time." Jin Zhongting poured a cup of coffee and placed it in front of Ruan Zhengdong, "Did you forget that she pushed Qian Yan into the water at your son's birthday party?"

Ruan Zhengdong nodded.

"I've already taught her a lesson about that."

"Obviously, your lessons are useless. Since you can't teach them well, let the law let the police teach them."

"Zhong Ting..."

"No need to say more!" Jin Zhongting showed no mercy at all, "You ask her to think about whether she has gone too far. What kind of blood feud is it? She just bullies one person back and forth?"

"It's not any enmity, it's just that the little girl is jealous."

Ruan Zhengdong had already asked when he went to the police station in the morning. He was also curious as to what reason Ruan Manni had with Shen Qianyan to target her like this.

Ruan Manni refused to tell her at first, and Ruan Zhengdong threatened that he would not help her if she didn't tell her. Ruan Manni then confessed that the reason why she hated Shen Qianyan so much was because Song Ningyuan and Shen Qianyan were too close.

"My sister has liked Song Ningyuan since she was in college and wanted to marry him wholeheartedly. Song Ningyuan has not had any other women around her these years. Until recently, Shen Qianyan came out and gave my sister a strong sense of crisis, so she That’s why he does these irrational things.”

Jin Zhongting did not expect that, when the fog was cleared, there would be such a truth.

"Zhong Ting, you and Shen Qianyan have been divorced for so long, do you know what relationship she has with Song Ningyuan? Don't end up making wedding dresses for others."

"Shut up."

"No, no one is your wife anymore..."

"She is no longer my wife, but she is my girlfriend now." Jin Zhongting glanced at Ruan Zhengdong and said, "Stop talking nonsense. What Ruan Manni did should be filed as a case. There is no use for you to go to me. Go directly to a lawyer."


Shen Qianyan stood quietly at the door of the room listening to the conversation downstairs. It wasn't until Jin Zhongting sent Ruan Zhengdong away that she ran back to the bed and lay down, pretending to know nothing.

Jin Zhongting cooked porridge and brought a bowl of porridge up.

"Are you hungry? Have some porridge."


While drinking porridge, Shen Qianyan watched Jin Zhongting's reaction.

Jin Zhongting was sitting on the sofa, flipping through a magazine, but he could see Shen Qianyan's reaction from the corner of his eyes.

"Did you hear that?" He smiled.

With a shake of Shen Qianyan's spoon, she knew that she couldn't do bad things, and that she would reveal her secrets if she did something bad.

"I heard." Shen Qianyan put down the porridge bowl, looked at Jin Zhongting, "Is it worth it for you to offend brother for me?"

After all, in the values of many men, brothers are like brothers and women are like clothes.

"What do you think?"

Jin Zhongting asked back, his tone as if Shen Qianyan had asked an extremely stupid question.

Shen Qianyan said nothing. She knew that Ruan Zhengdong was Jin Zhongting's friend when he was a student. The two had always had a good relationship. Because of this, she felt a little uncomfortable.

Jin Zhongting saw that she was unhappy and added: "For you, it's worth offending the whole world."

Shen Qianyan's heart instantly warmed up.

"Mr. Jin is really ready to talk about love."

"Do not believe?"

Shen Qianyan remained silent. She couldn't tell whether she believed it or not. In short, Jin Zhongting's words made her feel better. Regardless of whether they were true or false, just having this moment of happiness was enough.

"I'm afraid it will affect your relationship."


Jin Zhongting said firmly.

Ruan Zhengdong is a man who knows what is right and what is wrong. He knows what is right and what is wrong. He will most likely be forced to come to Jin Zhongting and go through the motions. Otherwise, the two old people in his family will never give up.

If Ruan Manni can learn a lesson from this, Ruan Zhengdong will not blame him, but will thank him. Jin Zhongting still understands this about his friends.

"Did you hear what Zhengdong said just now?" Jin Zhongting sat next to Shen Qianyan.


"Then you also heard Ruan Manni's reasons for targeting you?"

"I heard it, but..."

Before Shen Qianyan could say anything, her lips were already sealed by Jin Zhongting. He kissed her fiercely, and his tongue rolled in, taking away all Shen Qianyan's words.

She could feel that he was still jealous of Song Ningyuan, and the jealousy was getting deeper and deeper.

"Well..." Shen Qianyan pushed him away and explained: "Song Ningyuan and I really have nothing to do with each other. I don't know why Ruan Manni misunderstood."

Maybe, love blinded her eyes.

"Not only Ruan Manni, I also misunderstood. So, no matter what, stay away from Song Ning in the future." Jin Zhongting pressed Shen Qianyan back on the bed and pecked her lips, "When I get jealous, it's much scarier than Ruan Manni. "

Shen Qianyan smiled and said provocatively: "Really? How scary is it?"

Jin Zhongting's hand reached into Shen Qianyan's clothes and grasped her softness.

"I will let you know now how terrible it is."



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