Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 141

After saying this, Zhao Xugang suddenly threw the phone to the ground!


The latest Apple mobile phone fell apart!

It can be seen how furious he has become!

Just when he was about to explode with anger, Zhao Qi came back.

After Zhao Qi entered the house, he didn't even have time to change his shoes, so he rushed to his father and cried:

"Dad! You have to avenge me! I was bullied by that boy named Ning Tianlang! Help me find someone to kill him!"

"You... Who are you talking about?!"

Zhao Xugang's eyeballs are about to burst into flames!

"Ning Tianlang!" Zhao Qi gritted his teeth and said, "That's the person who injured Director Zhou before! Damn it! I have to..."

He hasn't finished speaking yet!


Zhao Xugang directly raised his big palm-like hand and slapped him hard!

Zhao Qi was stunned by the beating!

He covered his face with a look of bewilderment:

"Dad...why did you hit me...I was just beaten by that man named Ning..."


Zhao Xugang didn't give him a chance to speak at all, he just raised his foot and kicked him!

"I'll beat you to death, you idiot with no eyes! You're so fucking successful that you fail!

Let me tell you, if you dare to provoke that person again, I will fucking skin you off! "


While Zhao Qi was crying and being beaten, Ning Tianlang came to Wen Ruyun's ward.

Seeing Ning Tianlang coming, Gu Ningyu, who was sitting beside the bed, quickly stood up: "Tianlang, Ruyun is already awake!"

Ning Tianlang walked forward quickly and held Wen Ruyun's cold little hand: "Sister, how are you? Does the wound still hurt?" Share with everyone a treasure public account [Xiumei Reading], with a large number of exquisite novels, a refreshing reading experience , come and try it soon!

" doesn't hurt much..."

Seeing the two siblings looking at each other affectionately, Gu Ningyu suddenly felt a little depressed.

Her face darkened, and she whispered: "I'll go downstairs to buy some fruit, you guys talk first..."

After finishing speaking, he lowered his head and left.

Ning Tianlang was completely unaware of the change in her mood.

All his thoughts were focused on Wen Ruyun.

He sat on the chair where Gu Ningyu had just sat and said softly: "Sister, you must not be so impulsive next time."

"Next time... I will definitely do this again." Wen Ruyun smiled weakly, "As long as my eldest sister is by your side, I will never let you get hurt."

She gently held Ning Tianlang's hand and said word by word: "I am your eldest sister, and I will always protect you with my life."

"Sister..." Ning Tianlang's heart warmed, "Sister, it's me who wants to protect you. You have to believe me, I am capable of protecting myself, and I am even more capable of protecting my seven dear sisters!" His eyes were The window of the soul, in order to protect your soul, please let the [[Palm Cloud Literature]] official account provide you with high-quality reading and put glass on your windows!

Hearing him mention the seven sisters, Wen Ruyun suddenly remembered something:

"By the way, this is the Second Hospital. Has Dong'er gone to work today? Have you met?"

"Second sister...she had some problems and has resigned now."

Seeing Wen Ruyun's worried face, Ning Tianlang immediately continued:

"But don't worry, eldest sister, I have almost solved this matter. When you feel better, I will contact the second sister to see if she wants to continue working or if she plans to open a hospital of her own."

"I have nothing to do. Go see Dong'er quickly." Wen Ruyun said anxiously,

"She has been cold-tempered since she was a child, and she doesn't have many friends around her. Now that she has no job, she must be having a hard time... Just go see her tonight, and you don't have to worry about me."

"But eldest sister..."

Ning Tianlang wanted to say something else, but Wen Ruyun interrupted:

"What I need now is to rest. There's nothing you can do if you stay with me here. You'd better go find Dong'er quickly and be obedient..." [Zhangzhongyun Literature] official account, high-quality books are pushed regularly, exciting and exciting No shortage of books!

Unable to resist the eldest sister, Ning Tianlang sighed: "Okay, then elder sister, rest well, and I will come to see you after seeing the second sister."

Walking out of the ward, he took out the information form Zhou Jian gave him, and called Ke Donger according to the number on it.

"Hello, I'm Ke Dong'er."

Hearing the cold voice of the second sister, Ning Tianlang couldn't help but smile knowingly: "Hello, Doctor Ke, do you still remember me?"

He wanted to surprise his second sister after they met, so he deliberately did not reveal his identity.

"Who are you……?"

"Dr. Ke, have you forgotten? It was I who injured Zhou Jian, so you were able to operate on Bai Xiaobei."

"Ah, it's you." Ke Dong'er's voice was still indifferent, "What can you do if you call me?"

Ning Tianlang chuckled:

"Didn't I tell you before you entered the operating room that you don't need to thank me, just treat me to a meal. So... can you treat me to a meal tonight?"

When he said this, he felt a little uncertain.

With the cold personality of the second sister, there is a high probability that she will not agree to invite a stranger to dinner.

But what he didn't expect was that Ke Donger only hesitated for a moment before agreeing:

"Yes, at 5:30 in the evening, there is a lucky private restaurant next to the Second Hospital. I will treat you to dinner."

After hanging up the phone, Ke Donger showed a smile——

Little Tianlang, we are going to meet again!

She actually recognized Ning Tianlang a long time ago! ! !


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