Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 142

After Ke Donger performed the operation on Bai Xiaobei last time, the more she thought about it, the more she felt that something was wrong.

Why did the man who suddenly appeared and claimed to be his husband help him unconditionally?

Even willing to hurt someone for her?

It would be too far-fetched to say that he acted bravely in the name of righteousness!


Those hazel eyes have been lingering in her mind and can't get rid of them!

She thought of her younger brother, Ning Tianlang, who disappeared ten years ago!

He has such a pair of bright hazel eyes!

His eyes are like a pair of magnets. If you stare carefully, your soul will be attracted!

Thinking of the connection between the two, Ke Dong'er began to recall Ning Tianlang's facial features in detail.

She found that although Ning Tianlang's eyebrows and eyes had matured, under careful comparison, she could still vaguely see some shadows of her childhood!

At that time, she had already determined that the person who shot in the hospital was her brother who had been missing for ten years!

She originally wanted to meet Ning Tianlang.

However, after Zhou Jian was seriously injured by Ning Tianlang's punch, his family members had no mercy and must pursue Ning Tianlang's legal responsibility!

He didn't even give up until he was sent to prison!

Ke Donger could only sacrifice her own career and transfer all the scientific research achievements under her name to Zhao Qi.

Only then did Zhao Xugang come forward and get Zhou Jian to sign a private agreement with her to protect Ning Tianlang from being held accountable. [Pocket Cloud Literature] Public account, watch the latest plot!

She is the same as Wen Ruyun.

For Ning Tianlang, she can sacrifice everything!

Even if it is a cause more important than life!

After taking the blame and resigning, she never dared to meet Ning Tianlang.

Because she knew that with her younger brother's personality, she would definitely not let it go like this.

Maybe it will cause even more difficult troubles.

So she decided to meet Ning Tianlang after the matter had calmed down.

When she received a call from Ning Tianlang today, she planned to refuse.

But listening to her brother's magnetic voice, her heart was shaken!

She couldn't bear to miss Ning Tianlang anymore!

Then she agreed!

She thought, at worst, without revealing her identity, she would just have a meal together and take a good look at his current appearance.

To relieve the longing that kept me awake at night...

Arriving at the lucky private restaurant that was agreed upon, Ke Donger immediately saw Ning Tianlang sitting by the window. Share with everyone a treasure public account [Ximei Reading], a large number of exquisite novels, a refreshing reading experience, come and try it soon!

Ning Tianlang's eyes also brightened, and he couldn't help showing a smile. Ke Donger wore a crisp short-sleeved upper body, which faintly revealed the small suspenders underneath.

She wore a pair of skinny jeans on her lower body, which outlined the curves of her slender and well-proportioned long legs.

Even though this outfit is so ordinary that it can't be more ordinary.

But set off by her superior figure, she still looks extremely sexy!

Especially coupled with her cool and outstanding temperament, it directly attracted the attention of all the men present!

Sensing those fiery eyes, Ke Dong'er couldn't help but frowned, feeling a trace of disgust in her heart.

But with just such a frown, there was a sound of gasping for air:

"Fuck, it's so beautiful..."

"Hiss... This little wild cat-like woman, what kind of man can conquer her..."

"Iceberg beauty, this is the real iceberg beauty!"


Hearing everyone's sighs, Ning Tianlang was also a little speechless. Eyes are the windows of the soul, in order to protect your soul, please let the [[Ximei Reading]] official account provide you with high-quality reading, and put glass on your windows!

This store is close to the hospital, and the business is surprisingly good.

When he came here to reserve a seat, there were no boxes left.

I could only find a seat by the window in the hall to feel a little quieter.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the second sister appeared, she instantly became the focus of the audience...

Ke Dong'er came and sat down opposite Ning Tianlang, and then his frown slowly relaxed.

Under the envious gazes of everyone, Ning Tianlang chuckled: "Beautiful doctor, we meet again."

Looking at the resolute and handsome face of the person in front of him, Ke Donger felt happy but also felt a little strange——

Ten years have passed, and my once-young brother has grown into such a tall and handsome man...

She resisted the urge to recognize each other and nodded with a cold face:

"I'm thanking you for this meal. Just order whatever you want."

While speaking, her beautiful eyes never left Ning Tianlang's face.

She couldn't bear to look away for a second!

Ten years!

I can finally take a good look at my dear brother!

Ke Dong'er looked a little confused. Ning Tianlang touched his cheek and asked doubtfully: "Is there something on my face?"


Ke Donger tried hard not to let her voice tremble, pretending to be indifferent and said, "I'm used to staring at other people's faces while eating."

Ning Tianlang: "..."

Why did my second sister’s quirks increase again...


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