Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 143

"Waiter, take your order."

In order to ease the embarrassment, Ning Tianlang picked up the menu and called the waiter to prepare the order.

"Spicy roasted fish, vermicelli clay pot, spicy crab..."

Ning Tianlang ordered five or six dishes in sequence, all of which were Ke Dong'er's favorites when he was little.

It’s just that they were poor children in the orphanage back then, and they could only occasionally have such a big meal during birthdays and New Years.

"Dr. Ke, I don't know if these dishes suit your taste."

Ning Tianlang was really worried.

Ten years have passed, and he doesn’t know if his second sister’s preferences have changed...

"I love so much……"

Seeing that his brother was still remembering his favorite flavors, Ke Donger raised his head slightly and tried not to let his tears fall.

Ning Tianlang also had a sore nose.

When he was a child, the second sister obviously liked to eat fish the most, but every time the orphanage improved the food, the second sister would give him the fish.

She herself greedily licked the fish bones repeatedly, and told him that her favorite thing to eat was actually fish bones.

Being young at that time, he didn’t understand anything.

Looking back now, I am full of emotion and happiness.


He rubbed his sore nose, and just when he was about to reveal his identity to Ke Donger, he heard a strange voice coming from the side:

"Hey, isn't this iceberg beauty Dr. Ke? Why are you eating here?" Please remember the official account of this book, [Palm Cloud Literature]!

The speaker is a woman with a good figure.

If she were among ordinary people, she would be considered a beauty.

But compared with Ke Donger, he immediately became an ugly duckling.

There was a man beside her, both of them had their doctor's cards from the Second Hospital on their chests—

"General Surgery, Cheng Meimei, resident physician, y2307"

"General Surgery Department, Qi Yubin, attending physician, y2203"

Cheng Meimei pretended to cover her lips, laughed and mocked:

"Oh, I forgot, you are no longer a doctor! You are just an unemployed vagrant who was fired from the hospital!"

Ke Donger looked at her coldly:

"Cheng Meimei, I've told you many times that I have nothing to do with Wu Yingjun! You'd better not provoke me again!"

"It doesn't matter at all?!"

Cheng Meimei rolled her eyes, her face was full of resentment like a resentful woman! A while ago, she and Wu Yingjun lived together for half a month. [Beautiful Reading], more chapters, and more author spoilers.

But every time she proposed to establish a relationship with Wu Yingjun, the other party would use various excuses to reject her.

Until Wu Yingjun was so annoyed that he couldn't stand it anymore, so he told her that he only loved Ke Donger, and he was just playing with her!

Cheng Meimei, who was dazzled by love, believed the scumbag's nonsense!

Then poured all the anger on Ke Dong'er!

Cheng Meimei thinks that Ke Donger stole her man!

So he targeted her everywhere and kept making trouble for her!

Cheng Meimei glanced at Ning Tianlang who was sitting opposite Ke Donger, hugged her shoulders and said with a sneer:

"What's the matter? You started looking for men after you were fired from the hospital? Haha, aren't you known as an iceberg beauty? Why are you willing to go out to dinner with a man?"

Ke Donger frowned slightly: "Don't talk nonsense! You can't live without a man, so don't think that everyone is as disgusting as you!" [Palm Cloud Literature] Official account, you don't have to wait for good content, and there are more Finished the book!

As she spoke, she also glanced at Qi Yubin beside Cheng Meimei.

"Doctor Qi has been chasing you for a long time, right? Is this spare tire comfortable to use?"

Ke Dong'er's icy voice was merciless, and she directly yelled back!

"You!" Cheng Meimei was so angry that she was shaking all over. She pointed at Ke Dong'er and cursed,

"You don't have to be sharp-tongued, you stinky cousin! Sooner or later you will fall into the hands of my aunt!"

Hearing her insulting his second sister, Ning Tianlang immediately said coldly:

"If you dare to scold her again, believe it or not, I will cut out your tongue?!"

He had been silent before because he knew that his second sister had never lost when it came to attacking people.

But when he heard Cheng Meimei started to attack Ke Donger personally, he could no longer sit idly by and ignore it!

"What the hell does this have to do with you?" Cheng Meimei looked Ning Tianlang up and down and snorted disdainfully,

"Hmph, you stinky brat! He's only as capable as a woman! Try hitting me, do you dare?"

The corner of Ning Tianlang's mouth curled up with a cold arc: "For a woman like you, I can beat ten of you in one meal. Do you want to try?"

Looking at Ning Tianlang's evil eyes, Cheng Meimei shuddered unconsciously.

She took a step back and said to Qi Yubin beside her:

"Doctor Qi, don't you want me to be your girlfriend? Just take care of him for me! I will promise you!"


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