Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 144

Qi Yubin has indeed been chasing her for a long time, but she has never talked to him.

It was only after she was dumped by Wu Yingjun recently that she began to agree to Qi Yubin's dinner invitations.

When Qi Yubin heard that Cheng Meimei had agreed to be his girlfriend, he couldn't help but feel shocked!

He looked at Ning Tianlang and said arrogantly: "Boy, if you were a man, we would make gestures with our fists! Do you dare?!"

Ning Tianlang glanced at him sideways: "You want to fight with me?"

Looking at Qi Yubin's gentle and thin appearance, he was really afraid that he would be killed with just one punch...

"Do you know Zhou Jian, the director of the cardiac surgery department in your hospital?" Ning Tianlang said lightly,

"I only punched him once, and he went into the operating room. Are you sure you want to fight with me?"

Hearing this, Qi Yubin's expression suddenly changed: "So it's Director Zhou who you injured?!"

But Cheng Meimei suddenly became interested. She pointed at Ke Donger and said sharply:

"So you found the person who injured Director Zhou! I said why you were fired suddenly! So you offended Director Zhou and Dr. Zhao!"

She laughed excitedly:

"Ke Dong'er! You're really useless this time! Who doesn't know that Director Zhou and the dean's son have the best relationship? If you offend them, you will never come back to work in this life!"

At this time, the waiter had already brought all the wine and food, and Ke Donger said coldly: [Palm Cloud Literature], the exclusive small theater is waiting for you to see!

"Cheng Meimei, are you finished? We are about to eat, please leave!"

"What? Feeling ashamed?" Cheng Meimei looked smug, pointing to the tea channel on the table,

"How about this? For the sake of my colleagues, if you kneel down and toast me a cup of tea, and then admit that you are a good-looking cousin, I will show mercy and ask you to clean the toilet in our department. Why? Sample?"

The more she talked, the more proud she became, laughing so hard that the foundation on her face almost fell off.

"Ke Dong'er, I'm doing this for your own good! How hard it is to find a job now! Cleaning toilets in a hospital is a stable job! How about it? Do you agree?"

"Cheng Meimei, you have to be lucky that this is not a western restaurant, otherwise I might not be able to resist cutting your blood vessels open with a knife!"

Ke Donger narrowed her eyes slightly, "You should be very clear about my ability to use a scalpel, right?"


Cheng Meimei froze for a moment, and was speechless after being teased by Ke Donger! At this moment, her eyes lit up when she saw a person passing by outside the window!

She quickly opened the window and shouted: "Director Zhou! Director Zhou! Come here quickly! Your enemy is here!"

The man outside is none other than Zhou Jian!

He just got off work.

His family's community is nearby, and this road is the only way he goes to and from get off work every day.

At this time, he was walking home in a daze, while feeling bitter in his heart——

Director Zhao asked him to obtain Ning Tianlang's forgiveness at all costs.

But... what should I do? !

Do you want to buy something and come to your door to apologize?

Or give the other party a big red envelope?

Just as Zhou Jian was thinking more and more, he suddenly heard Cheng Meimei's voice.

He looked up and saw Cheng Meimei waving to him through the window. More exciting spoilers are available on the [Ximei Reading] official account, follow to get a free chapter trial!

He didn't want to talk to the other party.

But he suddenly saw Ke Donger and Ning Tianlang sitting next to him, and he froze on the spot!

Zhou Jian's thoughts were spinning rapidly. Isn't this a good time to apologize to Ning Tianlang? !

With this thought in mind, he immediately walked in through the hotel door.

Seeing Zhou Jian come in, Cheng Meimei immediately said to Ke Donger arrogantly:

"Hahaha, your man can't run away this time! Director Zhou will definitely call the police to arrest him!"

Ke Donger was extremely anxious and said to Ning Tianlang:

"Let's leave quickly. If Director Zhou really turns his back on the agreement and refuses to acknowledge it, you will really have to go to jail!"

"Don't worry." Ning Tianlang smiled slightly and sat firmly on Mount Tai.

"I'd give him a hundred courage, but he wouldn't dare to call the police! Unless, he doesn't want to work in the Second Hospital!"

In just a few words, Zhou Jian was already close.

Cheng Meimei and Qi Yubin said respectfully together: "Director Zhou, you are here."

Although Zhou Jian is not the director of their department, everyone in the Second Hospital knows that Director Zhou and Zhao Qi are inseparable, and they are favored by Director Zhao.

It is very likely that he will be the next vice president.

So they usually treat Zhou Jian with great respect.

Even Ke Donger subconsciously stood up and said to Zhou Jianda: "Zhou, Director Zhou..."


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