Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 145

Cheng Meimei rolled her eyes and said arrogantly: "Ke Dong'er, are you scared now? I tell you, it's too late!"

Hearing the word "late", Zhou Jian shuddered all over!

Before, Ning Tianlang said coldly - It's too late!

Then they directly withdrew the Gu family's sponsorship money!

At this time, when he heard these two words, he almost formed a conditioned reflex, and his heart was filled with panic!

But Cheng Meimei didn't notice anything strange about him, and said as if taking credit:

"Director Zhou, is this guy the one who injured you?! Dr. Qi and I are here today and we will definitely avenge you!"

Qi Yubin also nodded and said: "That's right! I don't believe this kid can beat the three of us by himself!"

The two of them looked arrogant, but Zhou Jian's face turned green!

He originally wanted to come in to apologize to Ke Dong'er and help Ning Tianlang pay the bill, hoping to get forgiveness from the other party.

Unexpectedly, Cheng Meimei and Qi Yubin had already tricked them before they even said a word when they came in!

The corner of Ning Tianlang's mouth curled up with a hint of indifference, and he said to Cheng Meimei:

"What did you just say? Ask Dr. Ke to kneel down and pour you tea to apologize? Did I remember correctly?"

"That's right!" Cheng Meimei folded her arms, "I just want this little bitch to kneel at my feet and let me trample on it!"

Ning Tianlang's eyes gradually became cold: [Hand in the Cloud Literature], refreshing and without advertisements, more good books to finish!

"I'll give you a chance to take back what you said, otherwise, I will cut off your tongue as I said just now!"

"Hehehe..." Cheng Meimei sneered disdainfully, "Who are you frightening, you stinky dick? How dare you go berserk when Director Zhou is here?!"

As she spoke, she looked at Ke Dong'er, and sarcastically said in a sharp voice:

"Ke Dong'er, why did you find such a stinking idiot? What age is this? He's still screaming and killing? Believe it or not, Director Zhou called the police and arrested both of you?!"

Ke Dong'er's face turned slightly pale.

If it was only herself, she would rather die than deal with Cheng Meimei, a troublesome woman!

But it's about Ning Tianlang at this time, she can risk everything!

Ke Dong'er stood up slowly: "Okay, I'll pour you tea now..."


Before she finished speaking, Ning Tianlang said in a deep voice, "Second Sister, sit down."

Hearing the title "Second Sister", Ke Dong'er trembled all over, her red lips parted slightly, and she didn't know how to react for a moment. Want to be part of the plot? [Pocket Cloud Literature] Public account, you can achieve what you want! "Second Sister?" Cheng Meimei curled her lips, "What trick are you playing?"

As soon as her words fell, Ning Tianlang pointed at Zhou Jian and said flatly, "You, kneel down and pour tea!"

Hearing this, Cheng Meimei and Qi Yubin were slightly taken aback.

Immediately, she clutched her belly and laughed loudly: "Pfft hahaha, you stupid bastard, you don't even look at who the target is if you want to pretend! Director Zhou is..."

Just halfway through speaking, her words suddenly stopped!

The mocking smile also froze on his face!

I see!

Zhou Jian fell to his knees with a "plop"!

Picking up the teapot with both hands, he respectfully began to pour tea for Ning Tianlang!

"Damn it..."

Qi Yubin rubbed his eyes vigorously.

He even thought he was hallucinating!

Zhou Jian usually dominates the hospital with Zhao Qi. He hardly pays attention to anyone except Dean Zhao! [Palm Cloud Literature] Public account, know the fate of characters in advance!

Such an arrogant and domineering person actually knelt down to pour tea for a young loser in public?

This isn't a fucking hallucination, what else could it be? !

The diners nearby also commented in surprise:

"What's going on? That man is over forty years old, why did he kneel down to a young man in his early twenties?"

"Maybe that young man has a background! Look at the beautiful woman sitting opposite him. How could he have found such a beautiful woman if he had no background?"

There were also people who lived nearby and knew Zhou Jian. They opened their mouths in shock and said:

"Damn it, isn't that Director Zhou from the Second Hospital? Isn't he usually very awesome? Why do you kneel down?"

"Haha, I'm used to being arrogant, but this time I encountered a tough problem!"

Listening to everyone's discussion, Cheng Meimei felt her ears buzzing!

"Zhou... Director Zhou... what's wrong with you?"

But Zhou Jian ignored her at all, and just looked at Ning Tianlang pitifully:

"Ning...Mr. Ning, let me pour you tea to apologize. Please forgive me..."

Cheng Meimei: "..."

Qi Yubin: "..."

Both of them have inexplicable expressions on their faces!

Wasn't Zhou Jian the one who was beaten?

Why did the victim apologize to the murderer and ask for forgiveness?

Is there any fucking reason for this? !


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