Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 147

The reason why she never dared to recognize Ning Tianlang was because she was afraid that Zhou Jian would cause trouble for her younger brother.

At this time, Zhou Jiandu had already knelt down in front of Ning Tianlang. What else did she have to worry about?

Then he called Ning Tianlangā€™s name directly!

"Tianlang, what is going on? Why is Director Zhou so afraid of you?"

Ning Tianlang scratched his head, pondered for a moment, then chuckled and said:

"There is a rich old man who wants to be my father-in-law, and your dean wants his money, so Zhou Jian is so polite to me."

As he said that, he suddenly realized: "Second sister, why are you not surprised at all? Have you recognized me a long time ago?"

Ke Donger smiled slightly: "I am your second sister, how can I not recognize my brother?"

"But Fifth Sister didn't recognize me!"

"That's because Yiqiu is only two years older than you." Ke Dong'er said softly,

"She was only fourteen years old when you disappeared. It's normal for her not to recognize you."

Ning Tianlang nodded: "By the way, second sister, let's go to the hospital together after dinner. The eldest sister is hospitalized."

"Eldest sister is hospitalized?" Ke Dong'er immediately put down her chopsticks and asked nervously, "What's wrong with elder sister? Are you sick?"

"She was injured, but she's fine now. Second sister, if you return to the Second Hospital to continue working, you can take care of her..."

Before Ning Tianlang finished speaking, he received a call from Tiankui.

"Boss, the killer has woken up and is ready for interrogation! There is also news from the Hidden Hacker Organization. Do you want to come to the Kunlun Group headquarters?" Explosion! burst! burst! [Beautiful Reading] Public account, free reading of massive books!

"Okay, I'll be there soon."

Ning Tianlang hung up the phone and apologized to Ke Donger: "Second Sister, I have something to attend to, so I can't continue eating with you."

"It's okay, go get busy! I just happen to be in a hurry to see Eldest Sister."

After Ke Donger learned that Wen Ruyun was injured, she lost the mood to continue eating.

After the two separated at the entrance of the Lucky Private Restaurant, Ning Tianlang drove directly to the No. 17 building of the Kunlun Group.

All the rooms in this building have undergone soundproofing and lightproofing renovations.

It is a place specially used for detention and torture.

Entering the interrogation room, Ning Tianlang saw the man in the waiter's uniform sitting weakly on a chair, with thick bandages wrapped around his hands and feet.

His hands and feet were shot to pieces by soldiers from Kunlun Island. [Pocket Cloud Literature], refreshing and without advertisements, more good books to finish! It took Tiankui most of the day to hang his life.

It can be foreseen that even if this person is lucky enough to survive, he will surely face the tragic fate of having his limbs amputated.

Ning Tianlang came to the man with a stern expression, grabbed his hair, and said sharply:

"Who are you? Why did you come to kill me?!"

When he thought of how his eldest sister was spitting out blood, he wished he could punch this person's head right away!

At this moment, he resisted the urge to kill, just to dig out the instigator behind it and avenge his eldest sister!

"I... I am from Nandou Technology Company... My name is Zheng Feng..."

This person was already so weak that his pupils began to dilate, and he didn't dare to speak up anymore, and directly revealed his identity.

"Nandou Technology Company? Is it the killer company that specializes in assassination missions?"

Ning Tianlang let go of his hand holding his hair, and his sword-like eyebrows frowned slightly. Are the advertisements too annoying and the content too messy to read? Come to [Ximei Reading] official account, refreshing and clean without ads!

He heard the name of this company from his third sister Ling Xuanzhi.

This is a killer company under the guise of a technology company.

Ling Xuanzhi is a member of this organization.

"Yes..." Zheng Feng nodded, crying bitterly,

"But this task was taken by me privately... No, I didn't go through the company..."

He is almost going crazy with regret!

I just want to hit my head against the wall to death!

If the task is accepted through the company, the company will conduct various considerations and evaluations for each task, and finally will send a corresponding level of killer.

But in order to make more money, he went to the black market to take this task privately.

In the end, he made a mistake in judging the situation of the target, which led to his current miserable end.

"Woooooo... If I knew that you have so many sharpshooters here, I wouldn't come even if I was paid ten times as much!"

Zheng Feng cried incoherently,

"What kind of group are you guys? How come the security guard's marksmanship is even better than our company's top marksman..."

He couldn't understand why all the security guards of this group were equipped with the latest military pistols!

And each of them is a sharpshooter!

"You guys are not a group, it's clearly a military base, okay... woo woo woo..."

"Don't cry!" A cold light flashed in Ning Tianlang's eyes, and he said coldly, "Who sent you here? Is it Zhu Yongfeng?!"


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