Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 148

" already know?" Zheng Feng opened his mouth in surprise,

"That's the Zhu Family Master. He, he offered three million on the killer black market to buy your life..."

It is indeed him!

Ning Tianlang clenched his fist tightly!

The biting murderous intent has roared out like a violent wind!

Tiankui took a step forward and said in a low voice, "Boss, do you want me to send someone to arrest Zhu Jiaping?"

"No." Ning Tianlang took a deep breath,

"The Zhu family is just like the Xiang family, just a small shrimp, and there is a big fish hidden behind him!

If all the small shrimps are cleaned up, then the big fish will probably dive deeper! "

He gritted his teeth tightly and said fiercely:

"The overall situation is the most important thing, I will write down this account for him first!

After I find out the clues to the fire tragedy seventeen years ago, I will make the Zhu family pay back a hundredfold! "

A scarlet sternness flashed across his eyes!

Every word carries the intention of killing! ! !

It took a long time for Ning Tianlang to calm down the anger in his heart, and slowly let out a mouthful of turbid air.

He turned around and said to Zheng Feng: "Is there someone named Ling Xuanzhi in your Nandou Technology Company?"

The third sister went on a mission in the next city and hasn't come back for more than half a month.

He planned to ask this Zheng Feng if he knew the specific situation.

"Ling Xuanzhi? You mean Xuanming, right?" Zheng Feng explained,

"We assassins generally don't reveal our identities, we only use code names. But I once worked with Xuan Ming as a partner, so I know her real name."

"Yes, do you know what her mission is to go to Dinghua City? Who is the target?" [Palm Cloud Literature] The official account is updated the fastest ~ you can read it anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone!

Zheng Feng shook his head: "I don't know about this, but what I can be sure of is that the company hasn't issued a task for our second-level killer in the past two months.

If Xuanming went to Dinghua City, then he must be the same as me, taking private jobs from the black market of killers..."

Hearing this, Ning Tianlang's pupils shrank sharply!

The third sister took over the task of the black market?

Wouldn't that be the same as Zheng Feng, who might encounter an opponent she couldn't handle? !

He suddenly remembered what Ling Xuanzhi said before he left——

"After this entrustment is over, Third Sister will be able to buy you a new car!"

Thinking of this, he felt panicked.

If the third sister encountered danger when she went to the black market to pick up a car in order to buy a car for herself, then he would definitely blame himself for the rest of his life!

"Tiankui, immediately notify the Dinghua City Military District to secretly investigate the whereabouts of my third sister! I will send her information to your mobile phone!"

Ning Tianlang gave an order, then looked coldly at Zheng Feng, "This person is useless, kill him."

"No... don't..." Zheng Feng was so frightened that he urinated and cried, "No, don't kill me..." The latest updated full text: [Palm Cloud Literature] official account. However, no one listened to his howl anymore!

Ning Tianlang and Tian Kui have already left!


The big iron door with 100% sound insulation closed suddenly!

Only Zheng Feng was left sitting alone in the dim interrogation room, waiting for death!

Arriving at Tiankui's office in Building No. 18, Ning Tianlang rubbed his eyebrows, and said a little tiredly:

"Tell me, what's going on with the Hidden One?"

Tiankui immediately reported: "The Hidden Ones have breached the Sunset Empire spy website. The website's base station is in an urban village in the north of Qing'an City."

"Where is the specific location?"

"The specific location cannot be determined for the time being." Tiankui said,

"The opponent is very cunning. They have adopted the most advanced virtual base station technology of the Sunset Empire, and the concealer can only locate a rough range."

Ning Tianlang nodded: "Shibei Chengzhong Village, enough is enough, I will go there personally tomorrow."

"Let Diyou take someone to accompany you." Always let yourself see the new chapter faster than others, [Xiumei Reading] public account will be as you wish!

"No, our people all have a military temperament, and they will scare the snake when they appear."

Ning Tianlang shook his head, "I'll just find some people from the world to accompany me."

The reason why he accepted the Beilong Order given to him by Tu Honglin, the Patriarch of the Tu family, was to use it at such a moment!

The most important thing in catching spies is not to startle them.

It is obviously unrealistic to dispatch the army.

But it would be much safer to use the power of Jianghu.

The other party would never have imagined that the person leading a group of gangsters was the Kunlun War God who made them fearful!

Early the next morning, Ning Tianlang drove to the Second Hospital.

The eldest sister is recovering well and her face is much rosy.

The second sister has also rejoined the company, and Zhao Qi has also returned all her research results.

It's just that Wen Ruyun was afraid that the other sisters would be worried, so she didn't notify them.

At this time, only Ke Dong'er and Gu Ningyu stayed with her and took good care of her.

Seeing that there was nothing to worry about here, Ning Tianlang called Han Baoren.

Ask him to take a few skilled brothers with him to the village in the north of the city.

After receiving the call, Han Baoren drove five vans and rushed over with more than 20 brothers without saying a word!

Ever since he knew that Ning Tianlang held the Beilong Order, he had completely surrendered!

Arriving at the entrance of the Second Hospital, Han Baoren jumped out of the car first and said respectfully to Ning Tianlang:

"Boss Ning, I have brought all the best fighters in the boxing ring! Tell me! Who are you going to do?!"


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