Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 149

As soon as his voice fell, more than twenty strong men with bulging muscles emerged from the five vans behind him!

They are all elites who have made a name for themselves punch by punch in Han Baoren's underground boxing ring!

Not only are the muscles strong and powerful, but they also exude an extremely fierce and fierce aura!

Just looking at it is full of visual impact!

Han Baoren waved his hand and said loudly: "Call Boss Ning!"


More than 20 fierce men bowed and shouted at the same time: "Boss Ning!"

This voice, Boss Ning, is full of momentum!

The surrounding pedestrians were so frightened that they all moved around to avoid them.

Facing such a group of ferocious and strong men, no one dared to get close at all costs!

At this time, Zhou Jian and Wu Yingjun, who were standing by the window, also saw this scene.

The two of them were so frightened that they almost peed!

"So... this Ning Tianlang is still a big brother?!"

"Yesterday we really walked through the entrance of the Palace of the King of Hell..."

Ning Tianlang didn't know that the two of them were looking at him in horror.

He nodded to Han Baoren with satisfaction: "Okay, let's go, now we're going to Shibei City Zhongcun."

After the convoy drove out of the city center, Han Baoren tentatively asked, "Boss Ning, are we going to trouble Mr. Jiang?"

"Old monster Jiang? Is he also one of your seven old monsters?"

"Yes, she is the only woman among our seven old monsters, and Shibei is her territory." Han Baoren was a little confused, [Xiumei Reading] official account, more chapters, faster updates!

"How can we say that we are also known as the seven old monsters. It's probably not good to go up and do it directly. How about we salute first and then fight?"

Ning Tianlang laughed and said: "Who said I'm going to do something to her? I'm looking for someone. And your subordinates only need to be responsible for finding someone, understand?"

"Then I'm relieved..." Han Baoren patted his chest and let out a long breath, "That woman Jiang Fengbai is too crazy, I don't want to offend her..."

"Wait, who are you talking about?"

Hearing Han Baoren's muttering, Ning Tianlang's expression was shocked.

"Jiang, Jiang Fengbai..." Han Baoren didn't know why Ning Tianlang was so excited, and said nervously,

"She, she appears to be the owner of Jiangfeng Tea House, but in fact she is one of our seven old monsters..."

Ning Tianlang remembered that when he first met his eldest sister, her eldest sister once told him - you can search for this book in the [Xiumei Reading] official account and find "Your fourth sister is running a teahouse, um... let's just say Tea house."

Only now did he know why the eldest sister hesitated to speak!

It turns out that the fourth sister Jiang Fengbai is one of the seven old monsters in the world!

Han Baoren looked at Ning Tianlang's strange expression and said a little strangely: "Why, Boss Ning, do you know her?"

"She is my fourth sister."

Ning Tianlang didn't hide anything and told the truth directly.


Hearing this, Han Baoren took a breath and secretly warned himself that he must have a good relationship with Mr. Jiang!

"Boss Ning, if Boss Jiang... Boss Jiang is your fourth sister, it will be easier for you to find someone."

Han Baoren said flatteringly, "Although we seven old monsters don't have much contact with each other, I know that the entire city north is her territory, and she is more familiar with this area!"

"No." Ning Tianlang shook his head, [Palm Cloud Literature], no pop-ups, no ads, more good novels to read for free!

"This matter is too dangerous, and I will not let her get involved until those people are caught.

Also, you should keep your mouth shut and don’t tell her my identity! "

Han Baoren: "..."

Isn't this too discriminatory? !

If you are afraid that Jiang Fengbai is in danger, aren't you afraid that Han Baoren is in danger...

Han Baoren swallowed and said cautiously: "Boss Ning, may I dare to ask? Who are you looking for?"

"People from the Sunset Empire." Ning Tianlang glanced at him.

"When you arrive at the place, ask your men to contact the local minions to see if there are any people from the Sunset Empire who are moving around strangely.

This urban village is not big. If there is such a foreigner, it should be easy to find it. Also, you must remember that you must not alert the snake. "

Hearing this, sweat dripped from Han Baoren's forehead.

"Ning, Boss Ning, won't there be any problems if we try to catch foreigners..."

"You don't need to catch it." Ning Tianlang said lightly,

"You are only responsible for finding people. After the location is determined, I will bring other people to carry out the arrest."

After finishing speaking, he repeated again worryingly:

"Remember, you must not startle the enemy! You just need to determine the specific location of the other party! Those people should all be carrying guns, you are not opponents!"


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