Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 251

"Are you scared?" Huo Muchen put a hand on the back of his head with a lazy posture: "Tomorrow, that kind of news will not appear on the Internet again."

"I'm not afraid of that."

Huo Muchen turned to stare at her and responded: "Well, no, it's just that I don't want to see anything that will dirty my eyes."

"And the Yan family, is the Yan family really doing it for those five companies?

Huo Muchen, did you already think that the Yan family would deal with us? "

Song Ci was puzzled.

"No." Huo Muchen pulled the engine with one hand and ignited it, while the wheels rubbed the ground.

Until the car rushed out of the parking lot underneath, kicking up dust and throwing it onto the cheeks of reporters who were secretly peeping and eavesdropping. The curvature of the man's lips froze and he said lightly: "I did it."

"You did it, the directors of those two companies?"

Song Ci's eyes narrowed slightly, and her eyelashes stained with teardrops trembled even more.

"I offend you, I really mean it," Huo Muchen took a deep breath, and drove without slowing down, and his face didn't even change. His thin lips were licked by the tip of his tongue, and he said, "I want them to die."

Song Ci's eyes widened and he had nothing to say, but he quickly calmed down all his emotions. After all, what Huo Muchen did was not wrong and he couldn't refute it.

If they didn't fight back at that time, I'm afraid they are the ones who are forced into a desperate situation now!

Huo Muchen's sharp peripheral vision swept over and he was silent for a few seconds: "It's just that the Yan family can't wait to give them a ride."

"So it's still the fault of the Yan family, what does it have to do with my husband?" Song Ci continued what he said, with Huo Muchen in his eyes, and began to act pretentiously: "Husband, in the photo, are you and her really alone? Have you ever taken a picture?"

"What do you think?"

Huo Muchen raised his eyebrows and swung the rear of the car. The front of the car steadily brushed against the wall and stopped.

The headlights flashed twice in the darkness, like a predator signaling its prey.

"After all, Xiaojiu also showed me Su Xuening's photos. Her attitude towards Su Xuening is not that disgusting, so... I think you had a good relationship before?" Song Ci asked back.

Before the second half of the doubtful words could escape his lips, Huo Muchen had already pinned him down on the passenger seat of the car.

He pinched her chin, forcing her to meet his kiss.

Song Ci felt that she had just touched Huo Muchen's bottom line. He seemed to be particularly concerned about any other woman having the slightest relationship with him in the car.

Even if he could get angry just by hearing it, Huo Muchen was definitely at the peak of his violence when Su Xuening grabbed his wrist and staged a scene of "two people being intimate" for her.

At this moment, for him, kissing became a way for him to vent the violence in his heart.

Huo Muchen was fierce and fierce. Gradually, he heard the coquettish sound of a cat with uneven breathing coming from his ear, so he slowed down his attack, slowly traced the shape of his lips, and pressed against the corner of her lips: "She is testing you."


Song Ci opened his eyes with difficulty, moved his arms weakly, and his voice was so soft that he snuggled into his owner's arms with the cat.

Huo Muchen's voice was hoarse, as if it had been sanded, and he said, "Xiaojiu is testing you."

"She doesn't believe me either?" Song Ci was discouraged.

It turns out that she has never been regarded as one of the family members by the people around Huo Muchen.

No wonder I showed her the photos for no reason at the hospital, and even mentioned it separately. Thinking about it now, it was really intentional. They were all helping Huo Muchen test whether she was really good to Huo Muchen?

What was ginger wine doing then?

Are you secretly watching her reaction?

But I heard from Qiqi and Jiang Jiu that Huo Muchen had a lot of contact with Jiang Jiu abroad in the past, so maybe it was just like this that made Jiang Jiu not worth it for Huo Muchen!

So what happened to Huo Muchen during those years abroad?

"I just believe you." Huo Muchen carried the person from the passenger seat back to the villa, and said with a half-smile: "They are not people who trust others easily. Xiaoci is an elder, so we must understand."

When she thought of every plot Jiang Jiu had experienced in the past, she felt conflicted and didn't trust anyone, which was normal.

Nima, I’m so angry!

There's no reason to even be angry.

"I know she just returned home and protected me the first time she saw me. Believe me, it's definitely impossible." Song Ci said.

Not only Jiang Jiu had been tempted, but Jiang Jingxing had also been tempted.

To put it bluntly, they are all really good for Huo Muchen!

"What about Lu Ziyan?"

Song Ci began to settle old scores. Lu Ziyan mentioned 'Su Xuening' more than once, and even compared her with Su Xuening!

Huo Muchen looked at her condescendingly, licking the tips of his teeth with a half-smile: "Lao Liu is different. He studied abroad, knew AK, and fell in love with the Su family."

"Tch, it's not because my reputation was so bad at the time that you all didn't believe me!"

Song Ci rolled from his arms into the sheets, rolled up the quilt, only revealing a small white face, cold and hard.

She just glanced sideways at Huo Muchen, then buried her cheek in the pillow without looking at it. As for what it meant, she let Huo Muchen understand it by himself.

Only a cluster of wall lamps lit up the bedroom, and the curtains were drawn tightly.

There lived a man next door who always coveted Song Ci, and Huo Muchen always had a dark fire in his chest.

He dimmed the light of the wall lamp, pulled off his tie, and tucked it into his belt. His shirt was pulled by the man's big hand, and the metal buttons flew and splashed to the ground, making a clear and sweet knocking sound.

Huo Muchen threw his shirt into the corner of the sofa, opened the metal buckle, and climbed into bed with a leisurely and lazy pace.

He leaned on the back of Song Ci's neck, sending out a seductive breath.

"Xiao Ci, when I was studying abroad and setting up M&R, I had no contact with the Su family. I only had a single photo after graduation." His voice was low and hoarse, and he patiently explained in her ear: "As for the photos, they are all composites, except for those taken by my mother. It’s just you who took the photo.”

Song Ci was itched by the hot breath and shrank his neck: "Really?"

"You don't believe me? It looks like I'm really looking for a fight!"

As soon as he lifted his palm, the quilt was easily lifted.

Song Ci's delicate body fell into Huo Muchen's arms and was photographed!

She glared at him angrily: "Huo Muchen, you are not allowed to beat your wife!"

"You're not allowed to be beaten if you don't obey me?" Huo Mu smiled deeply, a hoarse smile that was charming and bewitching.

"Anyway, no hitting is allowed!" Song Ci hugged his neck and rubbed it hard: "If you dare to hit me, I will be angry!"

"Oh, my wife is so cute when she's angry?" Huo Muchen's handsome face was full of anger: "Why are you willing to hit her?"

"That's pretty much it." Song Ci hummed.

Huo Muchen turned over in the kingsize and let Song Ci lie on his chest. His big palms moved along her shoulders, and he laughed: "Xiao Ci, remember what I told you last night. In a few hours, I will Make the Yan family pay the price?"


"Be good and wait for me."

Huo Mochen helped her body, turned over and walked at a leisurely pace, opened the closet, put on black silk pajamas casually, and walked out of the room.

Song Ci looked at the man's hurried figure and always felt that Huo Muchen was planning something big. As for what it was, she'd better wait for Huo Muchen to tell her later.

With a glance, she saw the gift Jiang Jiu had brought to her last time. She raised her eyebrows and climbed out of bed. She took the gift box into her hands. As soon as she opened the buckle inside, she saw Huo Mu Shen took the laptop, walked up to her, and pointed to the pages on the computer to show her.

Song Ci just glanced sideways, then widened his eyes in surprise!


is this real!


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