Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 252

Huo Muchen saw astonishment flashing across her eyes, her eyes narrowed, and her posture was lazy and casual.

"All the plummeting shares of Yan's family went into M&R. How did this happen?" Song Ci's eyes lit up with little stars, and he suddenly felt that a lot of money had gone into his own pocket.

Huo Muchen clicked the mouse with his fingertips, making Song Ci exclaim in surprise!

"This is... the broken foundation of the Huo family. Are they all integrated into M&R?" Song Ci raised his head, the corners of his lips tense: "How did you do it? They won't still belong to the Huo family." Bar."

"It doesn't belong anymore." Huo Muchen said in a doting tone: "It belongs to my family Xiaoci. We have completely become enemies with the Huo family from a commercial standpoint."


"Enemy from the beginning."

What's more, the Huo family dared to cooperate with the Yan family without authorization, which was openly opposing M&R.

Song Ci's eyes were stunned, and he looked at Huo Muchen with admiration: "Husband, you are so kind, you are so kind to me."

"Not good enough, not good enough." Huo Muchen leaned against her ear, kissed her earlobe, paused for a while, and said, "Leave the rest of your life to me, and I will treat you better."

The smile in Song Ci's eyes became more and more intense. With his hands hanging around his neck, he seemed to think of something, and said, "Husband, my mobile phone was broken last time. I have been using your mobile phone to send messages yesterday and today."

Ever since Huo Mochen dropped his phone last time and changed to a brand new one, he changed the wallpaper of the phone to the photo on their ID photos. She was wearing a white shirt, she had a dark face, and Huo Mochen was generally serious.

But it is not difficult to see that there is a doting smile hidden deep in his eyes.

She has been using Huo Muchen's mobile phone to post news in the past two days, and all his passwords were on her birthday.

In fact, it is not difficult to remember that day. It was their wedding anniversary. Song Ci was dragged by him to get the certificate, and then... they got married.

However, they got married in a hurry.

Overnight, it seemed that Quanhuacheng knew that they were married, and as the person involved, she had no time to react, and even the people of Quanhuacheng had no time to react, so they got married!

And Huo Muchen got her on the same day as the wedding day!

Huo Muchen smiled and said, "Why did you throw away your cell phone last time?"

He implanted a tracking and positioning system in her mobile phone, but only failed to track the day she stayed with Yan Baichuan, which almost brought him to the brink of collapse.

Song Ci thought for a moment, then gritted his teeth: "I don't want it anymore after being touched by Yan Baichuan!"

"Yes." Huo Muchen pinched the tip of her nose and did not pursue the topic further: "Get some sleep and you will see a brand new mobile phone tomorrow morning."

"Okay." Song Ci said, and opened the gift Jiang Jiu sent last time: "The last time Xiao Jiu sent a gift in the hospital, I haven't had time to open it yet, thinking about whether I should return the gift next time." .”

Song Ci took out the gift box and flicked his wrist.

A thin black lace pajamas, paired with a pair of white cat ears.

It’s simply...irritating!

"Haha, it's really not necessary." Huo Muchen stared at Song Ci with a pair of extremely lustful eyes, and his raised Adam's apple rolled twice: "Go and put it on."

Song Ci threw the things in his hands out like a hot potato: "No, I won't wear them!"

That's too...

If he really wears it out, will Huo Muchen hold on to it?

Huo Muchen would definitely say: "Put it on and I'll tell you, can I control it?"

"Be good and put it on." Huo Muchen's voice was hoarse to the extreme, but his tone was always calm and calm: "Put it on and I will take you out to buy snacks tomorrow."

"I'm not someone who is determined to betray myself just for a piece of biscuit!" Song Ci said.

"Xiao Ci, didn't I always want all the chocolates in the drawer box in my car for you?" Huo Mu coaxed, his voice getting hoarse.

"Don't lie!"

"Which one of us is better at lying?"

Song Ci's face turned red with embarrassment, and he frowned: "I'm sleepy and it's time to go to sleep. You go out quickly, or you can sleep too."

"I'll sleep too." Huo Muchen was happy with what he deserved. He didn't force Song Ci to wear the 'gift' from Jiang Jiu, but just tore away the dress she hadn't had time to put on when she got home.

"Huo Muchen, what are you doing! Don't think that if you have a birthday today, I will coax you." Song Ci slapped his fingers off hard.

"Did I let you coax me? You went to bed in your outer clothes, and I didn't let you get up and change the sheets. Is it my problem?" Huo Muchen asked back.

She almost forgot that Huo Muchen was a mysophobia maniac!

Hearing this, Song Ci hummed: "Mr. Huo, you are one year older for your birthday. You are twenty-eight, and you should be sensible! Didn't my wife just sleep under your bed sheet? If you don't like it , then you can sleep in the guest bedroom, or I can sleep in the guest bedroom."

"Sleeping in separate beds?

What a beautiful thought! "

Huo Mochen patted the center of her eyebrows, carried her into the bathroom, put the water in without saying a word, adjusted the temperature, and then put the person in, "Soak for five minutes, don't wet the wound, I'll change the bed sheet I’ll carry you out again.”

Song Ci looked at Huo Mushen's refreshing footsteps, and frowned. He always felt that something was wrong, but when he came back to his senses, he found that the clothes and dresses she had worn were all stained with water, and they couldn't get wet any more. Wear it out, if it gets on the white carpet, the germaphobe will probably explode!

She took off her clothes and soaked in the hot bath comfortably for five minutes, when she heard a knock at the door.

The man's voice sounded just outside the door, reaching her eardrums: "Xiao Ci, it's four minutes and fifty-nine seconds now."

"Then bring me my pajamas."

Song Ci replied.

Immediately, the door opened.

The man came in with the pajamas he had just worn and put them on the clean hanging table next to him.

Song Ci was stunned for a few seconds before he managed to regain his senses.

Damn, I've been tricked again!

No wonder Huo Muchen didn't force her to wear that pajamas just now, but actually...

"You don't want me to wear it!" Song Ci curled up his legs, and Huo Muchen lifted his injured arm and hung it on his shoulder blade.

"Xiao Ci, choose between wearing nothing or wearing this."

Song Ci moved uncomfortably and splashed in the water in the pool: "If you don't choose, go and get me a set of pajamas of the same style as yours.

Huo Muchen, don’t think I don’t know. We both have the same pajamas, so I want yours! "

Huo Mu Shen smiled low and kissed her, his movements quick and fierce.

Song Ci's lips hurt a little from his rubbing, and she frowned, trying to avoid his kiss in displeasure.

"No, this pajamas was torn on the wedding night."

The veins on Huo Muchen's forehead were stretched, his chest was rising and falling, and he was breathing heavily.

Song Ci frowned, preventing him from taking any further steps.

She felt that if she didn't stop them, they wouldn't be able to get out of the bathroom, and both of them had injuries on their bodies, and the wounds would be infected if they got wet!


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