Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 253

"I'll change, I'll change."

In the gap between the lips, Song Ci searched for his own voice.

Huo Muchen picked her up, wrapped her in a bath towel, and wiped off the water drops on her body.

Song Ci was dilly-dallying and blushing again as he changed into the washboard that Jiang Jiu had brought.

When she stood in front of Huo Muchen half-heartedly, Huo Muchen's gloomy eyes darkened to the extreme.


Without giving Song Ci a second to respond, Huo Mochen directly hugged Song Ci. He walked a few steps, kicked open the bathroom door, and pressed her under the newly changed black sheets.

The black and the white of her skin collided with Huo Muchen's sight, like a charming picture.

He half knelt beside her and looked down at her.



Song Ci understood what Jiang Jiu meant by 'kneeling on the washboard', because Huo Muchen was indeed kneeling in the next few hours.

In the end, the gorgeous washboard on her body was no match for Huo Muchen's big palm and turned into rags, scattered at the foot of the kingsize bed.

The man's palm and the woman's waist rub back and forth.

Two completely different touches made him linger again and again, reluctant to let go.


The sky was pale as hell.

Huo Muchen suddenly opened his sleepy eyes, still dimly sleepy. He lowered his head and saw Song Ci sleeping peacefully in his arms.

He frowned and sat up, murmuring in a low voice: "Xiao Ci, this is the best birthday I have ever had in twenty-eight years.

Thank Wife. "

Huo Muchen lowered his head and bit her lips gently, then raised his hand and looked at the time. At this point, it was still early.

He bowed his head and rubbed Song Ci's slender waist, then got out of bed, put on his pajamas, walked to the study room, processed the documents accumulated overnight by M&R, planned all the resources and channels of the five companies, signed the contract, and then started to browse the media news on.

Overnight, the comments changed really quickly!

Huo Muchen may not have a reputation, but Song Ci must have one!

Huo Muchen scanned the news about the wedding note that was submerged in the comments and dialed the phone directly.

"Third brother, are you awake?"

Lu Ziyan watched M&R's market value continue to increase and rushed into the top ten of Huaguo, and he was so excited that he didn't fall asleep all night: "Third brother, dragging the blessing of third sister-in-law, the shares lost by Huacheng All were secretly acquired by M&R, and now M&R is the company standing at the top of Hwaseong!

This time I can give the Huo family a slap in the face! "

It's so fucking relieved!

"Old Six, block the media that broadcast news about me."

Huo Mo's voice was cold.

As soon as he opened his mouth, it was another ruthless order!

Lu Ziyan was confused: "If you don't find out who posted it?

This matter is not over yet. Although the Yan family is over, releasing the composite photo of Su Xuening and you has stepped on our bottom line. Let's start dealing with the Su family!

Third brother, my marriage is nothing, you don’t have to worry about me.

It’s just Su Xuening, just marry her.

Does the Su family really think they can get any benefits from me? "

Lu Ziyan has the absolute ability to guarantee this.

He has been working in the karaoke hall, he has never done anything stupid, and his temper is already wicked and unruly, so with Huo Muchen's help to reach the level of Mr. Lu in Huacheng, it is natural that he has a lot of calculations.

A mere Su Xuening... If you can marry her, you can kill the Su family. Lu Ziyan doesn't mind sending the Su family to hell directly to make amends for Song Ci!

After all, back then...

"You shut up, and I don't care about you, I don't want to make Xiaoci sad." Huo Mochen interrupted him.

Lu Ziyan was heartbroken!

"Block the media behind it, warn all the media in Hwaseong, if you dare to spread rumors about me, this will be the end."

"Okay, then the post about you going to the supermarket with the third sister-in-law before, do you want to solve it together?" Lu Ziyan picked up a pen and wrote down Huo Mochen's order on the paper, his eyes followed the computer to manipulate all the time, while quickly organizing words in his mind Reply to Huo Muchen: "Third brother, that post is related to your hot search this time. Many people suspect that it is you and Su Xuening. If it continues, I am afraid that Su Xuening will not give up because of what I said back then."

"It's none of your business." Huo Mochen looked like he was talking about business, crossed his legs, threw a smoking cessation candy from the drawer down his throat, and said: "The person who entrusted you with the elder brother will personally send it to Yan Baichuan In hand."

"You were released on bail yesterday?"

When Lu Ziyan heard the news, he wasn't sure at all. He argued with Jiang Jingxing several times, and was finally kicked out by Jiang Jingxing. By the way, he also wanted to bring out the 'enemy' who was released on bail by Huo Mochen.

Now he is still throwing him in the small dark room at home.


"Third brother, why did you release that man on bail? You are not afraid of outsiders saying that we directed and performed a scene by ourselves, and finally poured dirty water on the Yan family. At this time, the Yan family should not let anyone go. A chance against us." Lu Ziyan paused before saying coldly.

"Be careful." Huo Mochen reminded.

have to!

Hearing this, Lu Ziyan didn't even think about it, he knew that Huo Muchen's decision was unshakable!

"Third brother, you give me an address, I know where to send people." Lu Ziyan asked.

Huo Muchen's eyes became deeper and deeper, and he said coldly, "Ciyuan."

"Garden of Citation? Where is it?" Lu Ziyan felt strange when he heard the name. No matter how he heard it, it seemed to be named after his third sister-in-law.

"Next door to Huoyuan." Huo Muchen looked at the rising sun outside the window with complicated eyes, and said calmly.

Lu Ziyan let out an 'oh', reacted for a few seconds, and yelled fiercely: "Third brother, you mean that Yan Baichuan lives next door to your house and named it Ciyuan?

Isn't this... a blatant provocation to you? "

His mind went blank for a few seconds, and after he couldn't think about it, he gradually calmed down.

In Huacheng, someone dared to come out and snatch Huo Muchen's wife!

Moreover, dare to set up such a big chess game, just to plot against Huo Muchen!

"Go and do it."

"Do it, do it, I will definitely do it!

What kind of thing is Yan Baichuan, who dares to rob your wife with third brother! "

Lu Ziyan directly moved all the itineraries in his plan. The first thing he had to do was to remove... the stumbling blocks on the road to happiness for Huo Muchen!

Huo Muchen whispered: "Let the Yan family take pictures of the itinerary. If the Yan family can't take the pictures, I will personally send it there for them and deliver it to the Yan family's main house."

"I understand." Lu Ziyan nodded: "Third brother, you mean that person is Yan Baichuan's?

What if I was sent to Yan Baichuan’s house and was beaten up by Yan Baichuan?

After all, the media is quite capable of criticizing someone! "

Huo Muchen lowered his head and looked at his watch. A touch of softness flashed deep in his eyes. It was fleeting. His voice was always cold: "He doesn't know how to do it. He is a rival."

"Okay, I understand. I will immediately block the media who broke the news about this matter." Lu Ziyan said this and hung up the phone.

Both of them were extremely busy at work.

Huo Mochen squeezed his sleep time to deal with business affairs, and the previously agreed itinerary was not affected by birthdays or the five companies, and everything went on as usual.

He was not used to anything beyond his control, but Song Ci boldly protected him in front of everyone, which was beyond his expectation.


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