Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 254

Huo Muchen didn't think about stopping Xiaoci, let her speak up to defend, and even felt comfortable physically and mentally.

Even if Song Ci didn't reverse the situation in the end, Huo Muchen still had a way to support her, making her feel that she was everything in his world!

In fact, it was already in his plan that the Yan family would fight back.

He just used their hands to fuel the flames behind him, making him leave the Huo family completely!

Standing openly opposite the Huo family, no one, no matter what reason, dare to say that Song Ci is wrong!

His Mrs. Huo is just his Mrs. Huo, and has nothing to do with the Huo family!

What's more, when necessary, he will be more 'fair and aboveboard' when he uses his hands, and even... ruthlessly fight back!

If they dare to attack Xiao Ci again, the fate of the five companies will be the fate of the Huo family!

Huo Mochen scanned the words describing him, and suddenly smiled.

The atmosphere in the study room is strange and cold.

During the ten or so seconds of silence, Huo Mu's deep and cold voice spread out in the study room, faintly, like some kind of strange creature walking in the dark night: "It's rare to be appropriate once.

Let's keep this news. "

To say that he is ruthless is to be ruthless to the end.

Is not it?

Huo Muchen didn't waste time, but simply scanned through the news, and saw that the scandal about him suddenly disappeared from the hot search list.

Immediately afterwards, the newspaper that spread the rumors about Huo Mochen quickly declared bankruptcy, and all the staff who spread the rumors and participated in the news editing will receive a lawyer's letter personally delivered by M&R, and they will never appear in the press again for life!

Huo Mu narrowed his eyes, raised the corners of his lips in satisfaction, and drooped soft black eyelashes. He touched the wedding ring with his fingers, as if he was waiting for something.

Less than half an hour.

The black screen beside him suddenly lit up, flashing a dazzling light.

Huo Muchen stared at the wedding photo of him and Xiaoci on the screen, and lay on his back in the soft chair with a look of contempt. He didn't press the answer button until the person on the phone was on the verge of collapse and was extremely uneasy.

Su Chang'an's trembling voice came from the opposite side: "Mu Chen, we didn't expect this matter to have such a big impact, so the people who spread the rumors have been found, you...won't take your anger out on the Su family again. "

Huo Mochen didn't speak, and there was a strange silence at both ends.

The cold sweat on the back of Su Changan's neck disappeared, but the cold hair exploded!

He couldn't figure out what Huo Mochen was thinking or what to do next.

I only hope that Huo Mochen will not blame the Su family for the photos.

"Young Master Huo," Su Changan immediately changed his words, and lowered his posture again, not daring to negotiate a deal with a wolf, so he could only settle for the next best thing, "Xue Ning is not sensible, but the photo incident was not sent by our Su family, we... …”

"Boss Su has never heard of it, and the default representative admits it?" Huo Muchen said suddenly.

Su Changan's heart 'thumped'!

The hairs on his back were instantly filled with fear, densely packed.

"Young Master Huo, I..."

"Boss Su, why don't you let the younger generation talk?"

Politely let Su Changan fall into the ice cellar in an instant.

Su Changan was so flustered that he could only squeeze out one word from his throat, "En."

"Think about it, if you don't act, it's not your doing. I won't blame the Su family."


Su Changan's breath was tight, and he gasped for breath. He only felt that Huo Muchen was so intimidating through the screen.

"If my Mrs. Huo is really affected by the photos and divorces me, it will be as you wish. At that time, the Su family will settle in the Huo family and push her to me to marry, which will just fulfill your wishes. But..." Huo Mu Shen paused every word, and uttered clearly and slowly: "If it doesn't work, the Su family also has a way out, and the daughter of the Su family marries the Huo family, so what can I use.

Mr. Su, I don't need to make it clear later, right? "

This was indeed part of Su Changan's plan at the time, and because Su Xuening really liked Huo Muchen.

He even thought: "After Su Xuening married into the Huo family, she tried every means to seduce Huo Muchen and successfully kicked Song Ci away!

No matter which way you go, the Su family won't lose anything, and they can also get support from the Huo family. The Su family will only support their in-laws more and more. "

It's just that everything was punctured by Huo Muchen's words, and Su Changan lost the slightest thought, leaving only a bruised and pale face, trying to quibble: "Huo Shao, Xue Ning is also a person who has been educated since she was a child, and she will never do it. Something like that happened!”

"If you talk too much, there will be no way out." Huo Mu reminded quietly: "You know, I would rather kill three thousand by mistake than let one go!"

Su Changan took a deep breath and gritted his teeth: "Young Master Huo, no matter how you say it, we are all one family!"

"Hehe... a family that didn't marry into the Huo family, just talk about their own family?" Huo Mushen was full of mockery, and sneered: "And I'm not from the Huo family anymore, why should I have a family?"

Su Chang'an's face turned blue and white, and he almost exploded.

Huo Mushen dug out any little thoughts he had hidden, and Huo Mushen dared to break the foundation of the Huo family. He really wanted to fight against the Huo family. It's not the Huo family, but Huo Xishen is still sitting in the Huo family. As the top executive director, he can't be offended.

When Huo Muchen has no chance of being the heir of the Huo family, then the Su family can change again!

As long as it's the Huo family, it's not a loss!

"Then Huo Shao, how do we solve it now?

In this matter, the Su family just suffered for no reason. "

Su Changan was full of hostility, and said through gritted teeth.

"Su always asks juniors for advice?"

Huo Mushen spoke indifferently, with a mocking smile bursting out of his long and narrow eyes.

Su Changan frowned, then bowed his head again, almost sticking his face to the bottom of Huo Muchen's feet, waiting for someone to step on him: "...Yes."

Hearing this, Huo Mu said in a dark voice: "President Su, I never answer for others casually."

"Then what do you want?" Su Changan wanted to stab Huo Muchen to death through the screen, he was simply too aggressive.

"Businessmen always pay attention to coming and going, and the land for the South District project is good." Huo Mu said coldly.

Su Chang'an's face became tense: "The project land in the southern area is the land that the Su family has been preparing for the past six months. It is absolutely impossible to give in!"

The Su family and the Song family have secretly planned a cooperation for half a year, and now the project is waiting to discuss the cooperation and officially launch it.

Huo Muchen let the Su family give up the fat meat he got, Su Chang'an couldn't do it no matter what!

If they really let go, then the Su family's fate will be the same as that of the five families. The family will be ruined, declared bankrupt, and completely defeated!

"Boss Su, the South District project has never been started, has it?" Huo Muchen said again.

Su Changan's face turned pale, and he said in surprise, "How do you know?"

"I'll give the Su family the most cost-effective price, choose Mr. Su, not the younger generation."

Huo Mochen gave a compromise plan in a very gentlemanly manner.

I want to ask, is Huo Mochen a gentleman?


He has always been able to force the negotiating party to say nothing in the mall, but now he can call himself a "junior", which is really polite, gentleman.


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