Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 255

But in Su Changan's ears, Huo Muchen was nothing but robbery.

Huo Mochen is not a gentleman at all!

After preparing for the South District project for half a year, Huo Muchen finally won the bid for the land. He wanted it, and his tone was clearly a discussion, but it sounded like threats, coercion, and even... no comment!

Su Changan covered his heart, fell into his chair, wiped cold sweat with his sleeves, and concealed the panic in his words: "There is still cooperation between the Southern District project and the Song family, so it is unfair to Tangcheng that I give you the land rashly."

"In business, do you want to talk about fairness with me? Why don't you wait until I annex the Su family and then talk about fairness?"

Huo Mochen's tone suddenly became serious, and he was about to end the topic.

Su Chang'an rushed to Huo Mochen to hang up the phone at the last second, and coughed heavily: "I agree! However, my daughter cannot apologize!"

She apologized to Song Ci, her reputation would be ruined!

He won't let his daughter admit that she is worse than Song Ci. Isn't that equivalent to bowing to Song Yuancheng?

"Boss Su, what are you using to make an offer with me now?" Huo Muchen's eyes were gloomy, and he said coldly.


Su Changan frowned, and a trace of anger squeezed out of his pale face.

Huo Muchen glanced at the phone and talked for nearly ten minutes, and his patience was gradually exhausted: "Since Mr. Su chose the former, I can wait until the day Su's name is changed before I apologize!"

"No, just follow what you said."

"I have to clarify the relationship personally. I don't want anyone to taint my ears, understand?" Huo Muchen picked up the pen and wrote something on the paper. When he saw Song Ci drawing a stack of paper, his eyebrows softened unconsciously.

Su Changan gritted his teeth, opened his lips, and remained silent for a few seconds before agreeing.

The call was hung up forcefully, and Su Xuening quickly opened the ajar door and came in, suppressing the eager anticipation in her heart: "Dad, what did Huo Muchen say? Did Song Ci divorce him?"

Su Changan was so angry with her appearance that he threw out the documents at hand: "You are still thinking about that bastard Huo Muchen!

They didn't get divorced, so they lived better! "

"How can it be?"

"How is it impossible! Not only that, the people behind it also harmed our Su family. That bastard Huo Muchen even stole the land of the South District project!" Su Changan held a breath in his chest and couldn't vent it. His body was so angry that he couldn't let it go. trembling.

Su Xuening's eyes widened in shock: "How could this happen! The Southern District project is not a cooperation between our family and the Song family, but Song Ci asked Huo Muchen to do it?"


"Dad, let's tell Uncle Song quickly, maybe we can save him!"

"Do you think we can beat Huo Mochen?"

Su Chang'an settled down for a while, then stood up with a heartbroken head, and staggered out of the desk.

He bent his old back and picked up the planning plans for the southern district project one by one from the ground, and said feebly: "Song Yuancheng is his father-in-law, and he didn't hesitate to start. We are not relatives. If we tell Song Yuancheng and anger Huo Muchen again, , it is estimated that the five companies will end up in the same end!"

"The five companies are not run by the Yan family?" Su Xuening frowned.

This was part of the plan with Yan Baichuan. She was with Huo Muchen, and Yan Baichuan led someone to see them, with the purpose of getting Song Ci to divorce. After Huo Muchen took over five companies, he could use public opinion to push them to divorce. Huo Muchen's reputation is not that good, so it is logical for her to marry Huo Muchen, and she can also save Huo Muchen's reputation and stop Youyou's mouth.

"What are you still daydreaming about?" Su Changan pulled the corners of his lips, stood up suddenly, his eyes went dark for a moment, and he almost fainted.

Su Xuening pursed her lips, and hurriedly supported Su Changan: "Dad, don't be angry."

"I'm just mad at you!

I told you not to act too hastily, you must be disobedient.

Wait until you get engaged to the Huo family, and then make plans step by step, won't you?

If you are in a hurry, you will get nothing! "Su Chang'an stared at her bitterly: "You really think that all the news on the Internet are accurate!" "

Su Changan watched the live broadcast at that time, and admired Song Ci more and more. How could this kind of daughter not be her daughter?

"Huo Muchen can make a newspaper go bankrupt in a few minutes, and online comments are not controlled by him!" Su Changan pressed his eyebrows with a headache and slowed down his breathing: "Huo Muchen really wants those five companies to go bankrupt. It's just that the Yan family is greedy and wants to snatch the company from Huo Muchen and enjoy the blessings of everyone.

Huo Mochen simply used public opinion to pin the shit pot on the Yan family.

It is estimated that the Yan family is not as good as us now. After this time, there will definitely be great turmoil, and a new executive director will be replaced. "

"Didn't the Yan family do it?"

"Why are you even worse than Song Ci!

Even Song Ci knows Huo Muchen's purpose. You have studied economic management abroad for so many years, how come you can't even see these methods! "

Su Xuening's tense nerves were pulled to the extreme in an instant, and she broke!

Her exquisite face twisted: "Dad, how can Song Ci compare with me!"

Since she was a child, Su Xuening was indoctrinated by Su's mother to think she was superior to others, and she received a superior education.

In Hwaseong, there is no famous lady who can match her. Even after going abroad, she is still the school girl on campus and is sought after by others.

She has always been sought after by others, how could she not be as good as others!

Seeing her pride and arrogance, Su Changan waved his hand and brushed the things at hand to the ground: "Look at what you look like now! Song Ci can understand things, why don't you understand!"

"Dad, who is your daughter!" Su Xuening stomped her high heels angrily: "In what way am I not better than Song Ci? If you were so smart back then, you would have arranged a baby marriage with the Huo family. Now we still use this Is it a situation of being strangled by the neck!"

Su Changan: "Do you think it was the Song family who rushed to get engaged?"

"Is not it?"

"...You! You are six years older than Song Ci, but you still don't know anything!"

Without saying a word, Su Changan shook off her hand, sat on the sofa, poured tea hard, and took a few sips before his anger was barely suppressed.

"Dad, what's the situation now?" Su Xuening gritted her teeth, never apologizing to Song Ci.

"Huo Muchen intends to let the five families go bankrupt. It's just that the Yan family underestimated the enemy and ran in without knowing life or death, so Song Ci used it as a scapegoat!"

Su Changan admired Song Ci for his scheming in the shopping mall, his ability to tell lies in a precise manner, but it was a pity that Song Ci was actually the daughter of that old man Song Yuancheng!

"But if the Yan family doesn't take action, won't the two companies still jump off the building, and the scandal and responsibility will still be thrown on him?" Su Xuening frowned and calmly analyzed: "How could Huo Muchen allow his reputation to be ruined? Only for five small companies!"

"Huo Muchen, a wolf, probably never thought of gaining fame. Even if there is a scandal, he will take action." Su Changan pondered carefully.

Su Xuening tightened it tightly, and sat next to Su Changan again: "So... he really did it for..."


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