Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 257

Indoors, the temperature rises little by little.

His breath directly pierced her heart.

Song Ci subconsciously wanted to hide, but Huo Muchen suddenly closed his arms, holding her so that she could not move.

" came up all of a sudden?" Song Ci said in a trembling voice.

"I came up because I missed you." His lips did not leave the tip of her ear, and his breathing was heavy, spraying every part of her skin like a strong flame.


Song Ci thought he was going to blame her for the manuscript, but it turned out that he wasn't.

"I haven't seen you come down for so long, I'm worried." Huo Muchen stretched out her hand and picked up the design manuscript in her fingertips.

His deep and hoarse voice came from behind Song Ci's ear.

"you saw it."

Huo Muchen's voice was too coquettish and gloomy at the moment, Song Ci was immersed in his voice for a moment, and couldn't immediately figure out the hidden danger hidden in his words.

When his shoulders were twisted, his chin was lifted, and Song Ci was forced to look into the man's dark and profound eyes, his state of mind was suddenly relieved.

She finally understood the meaning of Huo Muchen's words.

"See, how many?" Song Ci choked up and asked, his pupils filled with tears, his eyebrows were pressed heavily, not daring to show the slightest bit of sadness, and deliberately teased with a smile: "I'm sorry for our baby, you just Design two for him!”

"Heh, there are five thousand one hundred and thirteen pieces in total." Huo Muchen rolled his eyes and didn't look at Song Ci again. He lowered his eyes and didn't know what he was thinking. He just pressed the design drawings with his fingertips and said plainly .

"So many days?"

Song Ci asked again.

"I don't dislike you enough." Huo Mu smiled indulgently, and rarely explained: "Mother handed you into my hands, and I will teach you well, love you, and love you. Xiaoci, you are a wife for the first time, don't you?" Know too much, I can teach you a little bit.

Although I am a new husband, I have no one to teach me, so there may be many things I did wrong. Xiao Ci must also forgive me for not telling you this matter. "

Huo Muchen finally told Song Ci that he had wanted to marry her for many years.

He looked intently at Song Ci's tear-stained cheeks, wiping his fingertips in a panic: "Do you think I discipline you too much?"


Song Ci's eyes were filled with tears, and he couldn't utter a word from his throat.

"You are too young, the Song family doesn't care about you, I can't live up to my mother's trust in me. It's wrong for me to care about you too much and be strict with you, but Xiaoci, I never regret it, I only hate why I didn't Brought you by your side at birth to take care of you.

Or when your mother died, they snatched you away from the Song family. "

If it weren't for the fact that his wings were not fully fledged at that time, he could have done it earlier, and sooner, he and she would not have suffered so much.

Song Ci was stunned for a long time, and then stuck out a sentence: "Smelly shameless, you haven't offered tea to visit my mother, so you call me mother."

What mother was referring to was of course Tang poetry.

Huo Muchen said without hesitation: "After the Huo family is dealt with, I'll take us Xiaoci to see Mom."

"Okay, okay." Song Ci sobbed, "I want to thank my mother for sending you to me, and not letting outsiders snatch you away."

"No one will snatch me away." Huo Muchen threw the design draft back into the drawer, then turned to look at Song Ci: "I was the one who wanted to marry you."

"Nonsense! I was only so old at that time, so I married me! Aren't you afraid that I'll be born an ugly monster and scare you?" Song Ci was so moved by Huo Muchen that he knew that he and Huo Muchen had baby relatives She once thought that Huo Muchen married her because of the marriage contract, but seeing every piece of design paper, she knew that he was looking forward to this marriage.

From the beginning to the end, she was the only one who wandered away at the very beginning!

Fortunately, God slapped her back with a slap!

Don't let her miss this person!

Huo Mochen took out a tissue to wipe her tears, and led her downstairs to eat: "Don't be afraid."

How could the little girl he identified be ugly?

Even if it is, you have to kneel down and pamper her!

Song Ci burst into tears after hearing this, and before he went downstairs, he cried and hugged Huo Muchen: "Huo Muchen, I treated you so badly before, but I will treat you well in the future, no, it's very special good."

"Heh." Huo Mochen slightly bent his back and carried her downstairs, kissed away her tears, and served her breakfast.


After the meal, Huo Muchen didn't waste a quarter of an hour to go back to the company to deal with the Huo family and follow-up acquisition projects.

Although outsiders thought it was the Yan family's hostile takeover, and the people sent by the Yan family were also magnified in the media, but in fact, insiders still knew that it was Huo Mchen who made the move!

Moreover, there are still a large number of people who know better that it was Huo Muchen who did it to vent his anger on Song Ci!

After being moved by the experience, Song Ci immediately got dressed and followed Huo Muchen to work in the company.

When they arrived at the company, everyone seemed to be busy.

"Xiaoci, the work doesn't have to be too hard. AK said that as long as you make the design drawings, the program doesn't have to be so fast, and they have to optimize it." Huo Mu smiled lightly, pulling her to rush out of the elevator, with a low voice Dumb threat: "Don't be too tired at work. If I find out, I won't spare you."

Song Ci tightened her nose, blinked playfully, and ran back to the office out of breath.

"Third sister-in-law, you look like you have been hit by a flood?"

Jiang Jiu stood up from his seat and patted Song Ci on the shoulder: "But congratulations on switching positions with Third Brother!"

"What are we swapping?" Song Ci slapped the design draft on the table, and when he opened the mailbox, he found piles of submission emails. It seemed that the people in the E-star department raced against the clock to complete the work.

"You don't know yet? Your reputation has been completely wiped out, and the third brother's reputation in the industry is not bad, it's just a certain level of ruthlessness. But don't worry, there will still be many people vying to cooperate with the third brother Yes, as long as you have power and resources in this circle, they will cooperate with you." Jiang Jiu explained her worries.

"Xiao Jiu, it's not just for me to clear my reputation. I just don't want myself to be the only stain on Huo Mochen." Song Ci replied.

Jiang Jiu took the initiative to pour a cup of coffee for her, and said uncomfortably: "I understand what you mean, I just returned to China as a 'dead person', and I was also worried that I would become an unqualified mother and let Qi Qi He Yang'er was bullied by other children in the kindergarten, so I worked hard and returned to the Jiang family to fight for my children's identity."

"Then did you succeed?"

Song Ci asked abruptly.

Jiang Jiu pulled the corners of his lips helplessly: "No."

"You failed to return to Jiang's house?"

"No, it's because I failed to set an example for Qiqi and Yang'er. Yang'er was raised abroad by his elder brother at the time, and Qiqi, a brat, has been bullying others since kindergarten, who dares to speak of him!" Jiang Jiu's eyes twitched twice Down, push the coffee over.


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