Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 258

"So that's how it is, but you are already a good mother." Song Ci smiled, eyes filled with stars as she smiled: "Why didn't Qiqi come?"

"Being picked up by the Chi family, I feel sorry for the third brother." Jiang Jiu said awkwardly: "You still remember the day when the Chi family and the Yan family hurt you! The third brother called me later, I Just tell the truth."

"You are not sorry for the third brother, you are sorry for me! You don't even know how badly I was repaired by Huo Mochen that day!" Song Ci blushed, and quickly took a sip from the coffee cup, and his face was immediately tightened by the blush Bitter color: "bitter."

"Of course it's bitter coffee. Other coffees have undergone adjustments. I'm afraid that if you drink something wrong with your little body, the third brother will come to trouble me." Jiang Jiu said softly: "That's the thing, the third brother wants to vent your anger on you. He deliberately wanted to deal with the Yan family.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, he started to deal with the Yan family.

And the third brother also helped me. Dealing with Yan Baichuan made Chi also have to be distracted, so I didn't have enough energy to fight the custody lawsuit, so I feel ashamed of you and the third brother. "

Song Ci licked the tip of his tongue, put down the coffee and hugged her: "Xiao Jiu, we are your natal family, so you don't have to feel guilty."

Jiang Jiu smiled lightly, let go of her arms, and handed the document to her: "I just mean it, and I don't really want to feel guilty, and during the years I was abroad, the third brother came to me every now and then for advice on how to raise my daughter. I wasted a lot of money-making time to answer the third brother, and it’s not bad if I don’t ask for money.”

Song Ci showed a fake smile with eight teeth.

Yes, Bai is concerned.

"I thought the third brother wanted a daughter in the future, but I didn't expect him to raise you as a daughter." Jiang Jiu raised his eyebrows and smiled.

Song Ci blushed with embarrassment, and his heart was beating wildly!

Plop, plop, plop!

"Would you like me to pour you a glass of 82-year-old cool white tea?" Jiang Jiu was obviously teasing. Seeing Song Ci's aggrieved look of "I can't talk to you, and I can't beat you", he smiled even more happily.

"I'm not joking with you anymore, let's talk about work." Jiang Jiu opened the document on her desktop, her voice suddenly serious: "This plan is made by me and my team working overtime all night. Regarding the arrangement of all personnel transfers, I have analyzed each of them in detail, enough to give full play to the value of each of them in their respective jobs."

"You really... make the best use of everything." Song Ci browsed through a few items, marveling at Jiang Jiu's ability to mobilize personnel, and saw Zhou Xiaotao's heavy responsibilities and approval of Jiang Jiu.

"One has to be oppressed to produce something, isn't it?"

"Aren't you afraid to push them into resistance?" Song Ci asked back, his eyes showing calculations, like a little fox.

"You know that your eyes are full of calculations now, and you have the same virtue as Sixth Brother." Jiang Jiu nodded: "They dare not resist, people are made of water, but in a skin, as long as you squeeze it, you can Provide value.”

Song Ci rested his elbow on the desk, touched his chin, and nodded in agreement.

"Aren't you the best typical case?" Jiang Jiu said.

"How did I become a typical case?" Song Ci patted the table dissatisfied.

"Being oppressed by the third brother all day long, I haven't seen you resist, but you never get tired of it?" After Jiang Jiu finished speaking, he left the office in a hurry.

Only Song Ci was left alone in the office, dazed for a few seconds before he realized it!

"Jiang Jiu, you actually..."

She lowered her head and touched her face, her face was so red and hot!

Song Ci washed his face before sitting back and continuing to work. The design took three days to complete, and the procedure was the difficulty. Although Huo Muchen gave her a grace period, the Huo family's many eyes would not give her a chance to stand up !

Especially after going through this incident, every pair of Huo family's eyes are trying to pick out her faults, and use it to discredit Huo Muchen!

With this in mind, Song Ci did his work little by little, and stayed up until noon before there was a knock on the door.


Chu Huaibei opened the door and came in: "Madam, Mr. Huo asked me to tell my wife that my wife chooses to go to the president's office to eat, or the president will pick you up on the 16th floor to eat upstairs."

"Is there a difference?"

Song Ci tilted his head and asked back.

"There really is no difference."

Chu Huaibei nodded sincerely.

"Has he finished his work?" Song Ci asked after packing up the documents and following Chu Huaibei into the elevator.

"No, Mr. Huo has been working since he came back to the office. He has dealt with the five companies in the morning. However, after the Su family apologized, the Huo family deliberately slapped the president in the face and made Vice President Lu and the Su family get engaged." Chu Huaibei truthfully road.

Song Ci felt that the dirty water from last time had already been poured out. The Yan family was responsible for the blame, and M&R got the benefits. Both the Su family and the Huo family should be cleaned up and behaved. Unexpectedly, the Huo family did not give up!

What is Huo Xishen so attached to the Su family?

"Su Xuening is not good enough for Lu Ziyan." Song Ci said calmly: "Is there no way to make them not get engaged? If they are really engaged, wouldn't Lu Ziyan be allowed to eat shit?"

The corners of Chu Huaibei's lips twitched, and he cursed in his heart: "This is really similar to what Vice President Lu said! No matter what, Su Xuening is still a young lady of the Su family, so she shouldn't be equated with shit!"

But he didn't dare to say this!

He was afraid that his neck would be cut off by Huo Mo's Shen Lingchi gaze!

"I don't know about that, Madam can ask Mr. Huo." At the door of the CEO's office, Chu Huaibei knocked on the door and sent him in, "Here, Mrs. Huo will be happy to answer any questions you have. "

Song Ci's expression changed.

Even if she wanted to know, she didn't dare to ask Huo Muchen!

For example, she wants to know about Yan Baichuan for a while now, but unfortunately she dare not ask, not at all!

"Don't come in, wait for me to hug you?"

A cold and low voice pulled Song Ci's nerves!

After she reacted, Huo Mu's tall and straight figure was already standing in front of her, a shadow shrouded her head, and he looked at her deeply with his black eyes: "What are you thinking?"

"Yan...color, I'm wondering what color to fill in the design drawings?" Song Ci made a twisted sound before reluctantly shifting the first word away, looking up at Huo with a sweet smile. Mu Chen: "Husband, you have been dealing with work all morning, and I love you dearly."

Huo Muchen held Song Ci's back with one hand, and held her shoulder with the other hand, which was neither light nor heavy but could not allow Song Ci to break free, and pressed heavily into her arms.



The door behind him was pushed heavily, and Song Ci pressed his back against the cold door panel, staring at Huo Muchen who was gradually approaching her, his face slowly boiling red.

"I want to eat... woo..."

Before the word 'rice' came out of her mouth, it became a low sound in her throat, and there was a faint coquettish sound from her nasal cavity.

Song Ci opened his eyes wide, staring blankly at the man in front of him, who suddenly kissed him deeply.

After a while, he pinched her chin, looked down at her, and a flame ignited in his deep black pupils: "Satisfy you."


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