Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 259

Song Ciren was so weak from the kiss that she felt half-conscious and dizzy. Her cheek touched his palm, feeling hot and feverish.

"Xiao Ci, I have something to give you."

Huo Muchen held Song Ci with both hands, and Song Ci hung it on his neck: "Mobile phone?"

"No, I asked Huaibei to buy the same type of mobile phone, and I'll give it to you later in the evening." Huo Mushen lowered his head, and put his nose close to Song Ci's neck, rubbing against Song Ci's neck lightly, with an ambiguous expression: "Now it's a gift for you."

The skin on Song Ci's neck was red from Huo Muchen's rubbing back and forth. The veins hidden under the skin were beating constantly, revealing a strange breathing rate.

He kissed her thinly and pressed her to the sofa, his hands sliding along her shoulders to her wrists.

When the fingers were interlocked, Song Ci's heart trembled violently, and his free hand hurriedly grabbed his tie, and the lipstick mark was carved right into his shirt: "Mu Chen..."

"Huh?" Huo Muchen raised his head and suddenly hugged the person and sat him on his lap.

Song Ci suddenly suspected that the gift he wanted to give was himself!

Looking at the very handsome face, Song Ci gritted his teeth: "Boss Huo, it's lunch time now, and I have to go back in the afternoon, if I let others see me, I'll be... embarrassed, give it to me when I get home, okay? "

"You can choose not to go out to work. I'll let Huaibei take your work to the eighteenth floor." Huo Muchen smiled half-smile, raised his brows, played with her fingers, and let out a lazy voice: " What did you want to say just now?"

Song Ci choked, but because of panic, he subconsciously said what he was thinking: "Yan Baichuan."

Three words jumped out of the lips, and the atmosphere suddenly became extremely tense.

Song Ci's eyes widened, and he lowered his voice little by little, until it was as thin as a mosquito's voice: "I just don't want to be tricked by someone last time. Although you support me, my husband, you are still angry. Obviously I didn't provoke him, so I came here Set against me."

"Hehe." Huo Mu smiled angrily, looked at the little milk hair curled up on his chest, and said, "The Yan family wants to settle in the E-star project and reach an agreement with AK, but they can't pass my level, so they will Threaten me with my reputation."


Song Ci gasped: "That's it!"

Her little head was spinning wildly: "It turned out that the Yan family wanted to settle in the E-star project and share a large profit. After calculating with Su Xuening, Huo Muchen was the only one left.

Huo Muchen disagreed, so he started with her. No wonder Yan Baichuan hated her so much!

After all, he didn't succeed in his last life, so of course he still had to help Su Xuening vent his anger!

If Su Xuening marries Huo Muchen, she can successfully enter E Star! "

She widened her eyes again, and looked at Huo Muchen in disbelief: "The purpose of Su Xuening's marriage to you is to enter Star E, and that's not to help the Yan family hollow out the Huo family... But now Su Xuening is the next best thing, Is it the same purpose to get engaged to Lu Ziyan?"

Huo Muchen rubbed her head: "Are you worried about Lu Ziyan?"

"I only care about it for your sake, otherwise who would care?" Song Ci deliberately raised his head and snorted coldly.

For two lifetimes, Lu Ziyan has been Huo Muchen's right-hand man and has never found his family, but he has never heard of who he married?

After living a new life, Song Ci realized that she could not only change herself, but also change the trajectory of the people around her. Could it be that she could change Buyan's death!

"The sixth child won't marry, but his adoption agreement is in Huo Dong's hands, and there are still necessary things. You need to go back to Huo's house to get them back, understand?" Huo Muchen's thin lips curled up, and his smile turned cold.

Song Ci was not surprised but shocked.

She tried to grab her hair, but Huo Muchen grabbed her fingers.

"So, even now, even though Huo Muchen is strong enough to stand at the top of Huacheng, the third house of the Huo family is still shackling them!" Song Ci shuddered after trying to understand everything.

Huo Muchen hugged her and comforted her: "Don't be afraid, I'm still at Huo's house.

Although we are on the opposite side of the Huo family, the Huo family tree still has your name and mine. They will not allow me to become independent, but it will not affect my husband's protection of you. "

Yes, M&R is so huge, how could the Huo family allow Huo Muchen to become independent!

Even though they were all on the opposite side of the Huo family, the Huo family didn't issue a single statement, not even blaming M&R!

Song Ci's eyes gradually became gloomy, he clenched his fists, and gnashed his teeth: "Hok Dong is too much! Let it be if I don't give you my dowry, and send Ye Mei and Su Xuening to you. What good will it do him to calculate me like this!"

Huo Mu's deep and thick kiss fell on her hair, his eyes were gloomy.

He knows the reason, but he won't tell Song Ci.

To be the top decision-maker of the Huo family, one must be ruthless and not have weaknesses.

Song Ci is his weakness, Huo Mochen never admits it, but it is also his armor!

"Cooperate with AK to open up the Huo family's overseas market. Although the Huo family has a century-old foundation, most of them are entrenched in China." Huo Muchen said one of the reasons, calming Song Ci's restless heart.

"So that's how it is!" Song Ci sneered: "Dong Huo has never investigated in depth that Su Xuening is just the vice president, can't he influence what the president of AK will do?"

AK and M&R cooperated with each other, but I haven't heard of AK since then.

In Song Ci's limited memory, AK has only cooperated with M&R, so Huo Dong's dream will be shattered after all!

"Xiao Ci, what do you know?" Huo Muchen pinched her chin and raised her eyebrows: "Are you very familiar with AK?"

Although it was a question mark, the tone was firm.

Song Ci choked: "I'm not too familiar with it, but when I was preparing to go abroad in college, I made up for foreign knowledge. Who knows that I didn't succeed in going abroad in the end."

Huo Mo's eyes froze: "Do you regret it?"

"En? What do I regret?"

"I regret marrying me on the eve of going abroad and not being able to continue my studies." Huo Mochen hugged her and put her on the sofa beside him, looking at her seriously and said.

Song Ci thought for a moment, and then seriously replied: "It was a pity that I was ignorant at first, but I never regretted it."

"My little words are so good. After the Huo family is finished, if you want to practice, I will accompany you."

Huo Muchen patted her on the back, and didn't tell her about the Yan family and the Huo family.

Some things, some darkness, just let him face it by himself.

He calmly took out the exquisitely carved wooden box placed beside him, and opened the crescent lock on the box with his fingers. A simple and simple bracelet carved with gardenia patterns appeared in front of him.

A flash of surprise flashed in Song Ci's eyes.

Huo Muchen gently picked up the improved black glass bracelet and gently clasped it on her wrist.

Black and white, sharp contrast.

Black represents Huo Muchen, while white is like Song Ci himself.

"Does it look good?"


"Then wear it and don't take it off."

"Did you do it yourself?"

"The thing my mother left for you, I ordered someone to clean it last time, picked it out, and I re-engraved the texture." Huo Muchen said calmly.

Song Ci was so beautiful that pink bubbles appeared, which infected Huo Muchen: "Thank you, husband."

She raised her wrist, and the black light reflected it in the sunlight. It was dazzling and she couldn't bear to look away: "Why is my husband so great? He knows everything!"

The corners of Huo Muchen's mouth curled up slightly, but the next second...


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