Novel Name : Master of warcraft in another world

Chapter 20

Chapter 19 Zhang Yifeng squinted his eyes slightly, looking intoxicated.
When he summoned his undead army, the entire dwarf tribe was excited. They had seen Zhang Yifeng summon 300 skeleton warriors and more than 50 skeleton magicians at the same time, and thought this was his limit. Unexpectedly, a thousand skeleton soldiers were summoned at this time.
A thousand skeleton soldiers?
What concept is this? It is five times as many as members of the Sam dwarves.
Mu Shen opened his eyes wide and stared blankly at the neatly arranged skeleton soldiers in front of him. No wonder the other party could lead the dwarves to a new golden age. Just relying on these one thousand skeleton soldiers was enough. Resisting any small-scale human army, if your tribe has their protection, do you still need to be afraid of those hateful mercenary groups?
Although Zhang Yifeng is not an expert in urban design, he is still a person from the past in modern society, so his knowledge is naturally much higher than that of these dwarves. Besides, he has never eaten pork, and has seen pigs running around. Not to mention that he has traveled to many cities and towns, large and small, during his summer vacation, and he knows what is needed to build a town. , how to plan, so he first roughly sketched out a simple town design, let Long Yi and the other ten team captains take a look at it, and then started large-scale construction operations.
Zhang Yifeng's plan is very simple, which is to expand the size of the existing Sam dwarf tribe by four to five times. In this way, other dwarf tribes can be absorbed on a large scale, thereby forming a powerful dwarf force. Coupled with the strong defense of the town, it can basically resist the attacks of some powerful mercenary groups.
More than two hundred skeleton warriors led by Long 1, Long 2, and Long 3 began to build simple city walls with stones from the mountains, while Long 4, Long 5, and Long 6 led their own teams to build the existing dwarfs' walls. Those simple houses were demolished one by one, and then the solid houses were repaired one by one with stones. Long Qi and Long Ba led their teams to carry the stones, Long Jiu led his teams to build streets, and Long Jiu led his teams to build streets. Ten's team of magicians are responsible for destroying the trees around the tribe in preparation for the expansion of the town.
A thousand skeleton soldiers in ten squads were all busy, but they were orderly, without any chaos, and their movements were as flexible as those of the dwarf youths. They were stunned and amazed.
At this time, Zhang Yifeng had his legs crossed, enjoying a massage from the dwarf beauties Allen and Bessie, while sipping delicious Mai Si wine. The afternoon sun was shining on his body, making him feel warm, and the hair all over his body seemed to be stretched. Come.
"Dear patron saint, please eat a grape! Moisten your throat." Allen took out a grape from the fruit plate on the stone table and gently placed it on Zhang Yifeng's lips. She is just sixteen years old this year, and she is pretty. Her apple-like face is filled with a youthful smile. She is already an adult among the dwarves. However, because she is not tall, her personality is a bit shy, a bit like an immature child. Loli makes people look a little bit impatient.
Zhang Yifeng smiled slightly, took the grape from the other person's white and tender hand, put it to the other person's lips, and said with a smile: "I'm almost full from drinking, why do I need to moisten my throat? It's you two. , after massaging me for so long, I’m afraid my throat is dry and my hands are numb, right? Sit down quickly, eat some fruit, and take a rest.”
Allen's face was slightly red. When he saw the "Lord Protector" actually feeding him grapes, he immediately panicked and quickly shook his head and said: "Dear Lord Protector, this, this is not allowed, I, I..."
Zhang Yifeng didn't pay attention to that, but fed the grapes into her mouth, then took their little hands and asked them to sit down next to him, and then he shouted carelessly: "What kind of protector are you? It's all bullshit. , you are not allowed to call me the respected Lord Protector from now on, such a long name makes my ears calloused, uh, just call me boss from now on."
"Boss?" Allen and Bessie were both surprised.
"Yeah, it's simple and trouble-free, and it sounds pretty cool." Zhang Yifeng felt narcissistic.
"Then, let's call you, boss?" Bessie was a little more courageous, so she asked tentatively.
"Well, that's right. Let me reward you with a fruit." Zhang Yifeng took an unknown fruit with a smile and stuffed it into the other person's little hand. Beixi's little face was also flushed, a little redder than the fruit.
"Boss, it's good for you, let us be coolies, but you are here to pick up girls, God is unfair!"
I saw little Mole Orr and his wife jumping on his shoulders, protesting dissatisfiedly, and the two of them were covered in dust, as if they had just emerged from the soil.
It turned out that Zhang Yifeng asked them to help dig the foundations of the city walls and houses just now. This was a heavy task, and the two little moles were so tired that they couldn't stand up.
He quickly grinned, poured them a glass of Maisi wine, and said with an apologetic smile: "Isn't this the hard work of those who can? Think about it, our Lord Orr is a master among the masters of digging. If we don't rely on you this time , What do the Sam dwarves use to defend themselves? What do they use to build towns? So, the Sam dwarves can make a big difference, and your contribution is the first. The last one."
Orr drank two gulps of Maisi wine in a row, and then exclaimed triumphantly: "That is, who am I, Al? I think that I, Al, was the best of the mole clan back then, otherwise I wouldn't be able to marry such a Beautiful wife, uh... It seems that I have been fooled by you again, don't think that you can fool us with just a few nice words, I want to eat braised lion meat tonight!"
"But we don't have Huoyun lion meat anymore, what do you want me to cook for you?" Zhang Yifeng looked puzzled.
"Stop talking nonsense. I saw two Fire Cloud Lions, three Gale Demon Wolves, and six Earth Violent Bears in your savings ring yesterday. It's really strange that they didn't break down." Orr Directly expose his background.
"Uh..." Zhang Yifeng blushed, and "consoled" this cunning little mole hundreds of times in his heart.
Orr had a sinister smile on his face, and swept away all the fruits on the stone table, then stroked his protruding stomach, hiccupped, and shouted: "Boss, this day is really comfortable, Don't worry about monsters, there are such delicious and delicious things, it's so comfortable, wife, come and give me a kiss... Ouch, help..." It was immediately beaten by his wife.
Seeing Orr's miserable appearance, Allen and Bessie covered their mouths and laughed coquettishly, and relaxed a lot.
At this moment, I saw Abu and Ham leading more than forty other dwarf youths striding towards Zhang Yifeng, followed by dozens of skeleton soldiers. They all knelt on the ground in unison, and shouted respectfully: "Respected Lord Protector, on behalf of the fifty fighters, can we give you some advice?"
Zhang Yifeng was taken aback for a moment, then opened his eyes, glanced at them, and said with a smile: "Call the boss, don't call him a god of shit, ok? Okay, okay, tell me, what's the matter?"
Abu looked angrily at the dozens of skeleton soldiers standing beside them, and said, "Our dwarves have brave warriors and powerful fighters. We don't need these skeletons to train us."
"Oh? Why?" Zhang Yifeng asked with half-closed eyes.
Ham snorted, "We naturally have our training methods, and we don't need to let them train us."
Seeing their unconvinced looks, Zhang Yifeng immediately understood that in their eyes, his skeleton warriors, like those ordinary skeleton warriors, were nothing more than killing machines, without thoughts or brains at all. way to train them. He nodded with a smile: "Yes, yes, do you think you are better than them?"
Abu and Ham glanced at each other and nodded in affirmation.
Mu Shen also seemed to have heard the news, hurriedly led several tribesmen over, glanced at Abu and dozens of them, and angrily said: "Abu, Ham, what are you doing? How dare you blaspheme our great patron saint?" My lord, go back to me, do you hear me?" His beard couldn't stop curling up in anger.
Zhang Yifeng waved his hand towards Mu Shen, indicating that he didn't care. At the same time, he smiled and clapped: "Okay, as long as you have confidence, how about we have a simple contest this time? If you can't defeat these skeletons of mine, Warriors, you have to accept their training from now on, you can't have any complaints, if you win, then you train yourself, I won't interfere."
"Is this true?" Abu and Ham asked with puzzled expressions.
"One word from a gentleman, four horses are hard to follow." Zhang Yifeng nodded affirmatively.


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