Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 41 - The vinegar bowl is broken

However, from Huo Mou Shen's mouth to say the word 'asshole', or let Song Yuancheng surprised, after all, Huo Mou Shen talk is never a gun with thorns, words hide meaning.

After all, Huo Muchen's speech has never been characterized by a barbed tongue and hidden meanings in his words.

Huo Muchen saw Song Yuancheng's eyes flash with dismay, and his eyes showed impatience as he said, "Xiao Ru wants to take a nap, I'm going to go and take someone to rest."


Song Yuancheng was still lost in thought when he suddenly heard Huo Muchen's words and hurriedly looked up, only to see Huo Muchen's slender and upright figure, disappearing in the doorway.

Huo Mushan's last warning still lingered by his ears, his eyes jaw-dropped wide, his hands trembled, and he slowly gazed up with a frown, uneasily dialing the phone and ordering ......

In the corridor, Xiao Zhi's room is still open, and the sunlight leaks throughout the corridor, shining on Huo Mukong, lengthening the man's figure and shrouding the entire corridor.

He threw Song Yuancheng a few 'verbal promises' and casually returned to the bedroom at the end of the corridor with a lazy stride.

There were countless packing boxes under the bed, and as far as the eye could see, there were dozens of them, and some of them were still not sealed and packaged.

He stepped over, casually bent down and picked up a small delicate photo frame, on the photo is Song Zhi naive smiling face, next to it also stood Tang Shi.

In the box, there was also a whole student album, a thick pile of diaries, and at the bottom of the box were all Song Zhi's books from elementary school to university.

Song Zhi is extremely talented, but young and rebellious, no one to teach her, she does not understand.

It doesn't matter, he will teach her to be a wife and mother.

Huo Muchen swept a touch of favor under his eyes, which passed in an instant, and continued to flip through the photo album.

"President, when did you come back? All these things were ordered by the wife to pack away from the Song family, they haven't been packed yet, I'll ask someone to pack them away in a moment."

Chu Huaibei turns around to open his mouth to pack the things away, but he is called back by Huo Mushan, "Leave it here first, wait for Mrs. to come back and then let her make the decision."

After saying this, he fishes out the student memorial book from the box with a long arm and casually flips through it.

The title page reflected a line of words.

The handwriting is beautiful.

Huo Mo Shen's face clears up a little, and his mind conjures up Song Zhi's aggrieved face when she doesn't write properly and is slapped on the palm of her hand, with tears in her eyes, but she doesn't dare to cry.

The corner of his mouth pulled up a touch of favor, remembering that time, Song Zhi went home and was forced to write a few more calligraphy books, which he had his mother specially send.

Auntie Tang liked it and was even more satisfied with him.

Eyes slowly moving downward, the man read the line clearly.

''I hate Huo Mou Shen the most.''

Huo Mou Shen took a deep breath, holding back the anger that was brought up, his fingertips without thinking I flipped towards the back, it was the kindergarten a large group photo, he instantly found Song Zhi who was wearing a double ponytail and a pink cake dress in the group photo.

However, the next second ......

A combed back hair, wearing a straight little suit is standing behind Song Zhi, but also in the top of her head than a 'yeah' gesture.

This scene was reflected in a certain big man's eyes, his eyeballs jumped a few times, and he really wanted to snap him off with a small knife.

The incomparably high and mighty president was doing battle with the boy who was smiling happily with Song Zhi in the photo!

"Wow, what a cute little kid, and the little girl in front looks like a good match, a pair of cute kids." Chu Huaibei completely missed the shadow cast under the man's eyes and couldn't help but compliment.

"A good match?" Huo Mushen casts a sidelong glance and opens his mouth grimly.

Seeing the president raise an eyebrow, Chu Huaibei hurriedly said, "Matching!"

He was mindful of a thousand dollars, completely forgetting the age difference between Huo Mushen and Song Ru, and that the boy standing with Song Ru in the photo definitely wouldn't be the president, so after a sentence fell, he side-stepped it without just emotion and reminded, "Today, Mrs. took an inventory of all of He's mother's and daughter's things, and was especially pleased to take away her own mother's things, but also said a lot of good things about the president ...... But in the end the one thousand dollars that Mrs. took away, isn't it next month's salary can be reimbursed back?"


Huo Mushen was in the midst of his irritation, when he suddenly heard Chu Huaibei's words, he didn't even think about it and directly threw out two words!

Chu Huaibei was stunned, his heart aching at first.

But then, he saw Huo Mushen's thin lips pursed, and was moving his fingertips to snap the album's head, so childish!

Oh my god, the pupils of his eyes contracted sharply before he suddenly realized that it wasn't the president, he had just said that the wife and the little boy were compatible, wasn't that bumping into a gun?

Chu Huaibei no longer dared to mess with the big brother and 'love rival' to do battle, silently withdrew.

He didn't know that in Huo Mou Shen's eyes, even if the kindergarten and Song Zhi had any contact with a boy, he hated to chop off his hand!

There was silence in the air.

After a few seconds, Huo Moushen's brows knit up, the bottom of his eyes deep as the sea, staring at his chest inexplicably irritated, fingertips picked, a page was ruthlessly folded over.

The next page, again playing with boys in elementary school!

One after another, several more pages pass, Huo Mo Shen's exasperated gaze falls on the boys in each photo!

His ancient well-like gaze is swept up in a ripple as he bangs the album shut, takes a few deep breaths, and simply throws the album right back into the cardboard box, leaving it lying in a sorry state on the floor.

Seemingly not relieved, Huo Moushen pulled out another bunch of albums, still with the combination lock.

He rubbed his fingers twice and directly entered Song Zhi's birthday, the ninth day of July.

There was no response.

Huo Mu sank his eyes like the sea, gently closed his eyes, and tried several passwords one after another, snorted from his nose, and finally tried his own birthday.


The diary album suddenly opened!

The bottom of Huo Mou Shen's eyes flashed a trace of consternation, fleetingly, he opened the album, it was Song Zhi's diary, flipping the title page was another sentence, "I hate Huo Mou Shen the most, and I'm full of him again, what should I do?"

"Oh ......" the man coldly hooked lips, he turned over one page after another, as many as possible are the photos of him and Song Ru, she or do not like, or do not remember ...... the bottom of the man's eyes rolled out of the silky Tenderness, "Little thing."

Being called 'little thing' Song Zhi was enjoying the afternoon sunshine, drowsy.

Suddenly, an ear-piercing noise pierced into her eardrums, so coarse that it directly dispersed Song Zhi's weary sleepiness.

She furrowed her brows and heard the woman who came from the doorway, cursing 'high-pitched' all the way.

"Tell Song Yuancheng to get the hell out of here! What does he mean by this, in the beginning he dragged my sister, got together and even got a child out. Now when the scandal came out, he kicked my sister to the countryside, you ungrateful man!"

The bloated woman was none other than He Meiping's sister-in-law, Zhang Fang, who looked out of place as she stuffed her bloated body stiffly into her gorgeous clothes, and her face was heavily made up and even more vulgar, cursing as she walked in.

"Just a hundred thousand dollars, your Song family as paying off a beggar!"

"Is not that your ex-wife born little bitch encouragement, said that little, wave, hoof, son did not have good intentions, everywhere against my sister! Let's see if I don't clean her up and dare to slander Yanyan!"

"Song Zhi, come out here, what are you!"

Song Zhi pulled out his ears and lazily sat up from the rocking chair, "What dog is barking, noisy?"

Zhang Fang sniffed, saw Song Zhi leisurely and cozy like, and remembered He Meiping was dragged and sent to the countryside woe, full of cross-face suddenly hideous, revealing a mouthful of yellowish grooved teeth, rushed to Song Zhi screaming wildly barking: "Who do you say is a dog?"

"Who screams, I'll say who?"

"...... Song Ru, I have to tear you apart today, to teach you a lesson you have a father born and not a mother raised bitch!" Zhang Fang came out from the countryside, it was not easy for her to follow He Meiping to live a life of wealth and prosperity, suddenly she was packed up overnight and sent back to the countryside, completely unable to accept being poor again.

She lunged towards Song Zhi with her body full of fat, just before she could touch a piece of her clothes, she was kicked out viciously by the black-clothed bodyguard who was in the shadows.

Zhang Fang fell hard to the ground, her body full of fat trembling.

She slumped to the ground, gritting her teeth in a wretched manner, ''Song Zhi, He Meiping was sent to the countryside, was it you who messed up? She's now the Song family's madam, you actually dared to do this to her!"

"What wouldn't I dare!" Song Zhe half reclined on the rocking chair and said word by word, "You remember well, in the Song family, there is only one madam, and that is my mother, Tang Shi!

From today onwards, the Song family will no longer give your He family living expenses, as well as all the gold, silver and jewelry you have on you were spent on my mother, spit them all out for me as well!"

Zhang Fang covered her earrings and bracelet and screamed, "Song Zhi, are you still being reasonable, these are all the money He Meiping gave us, what does it have to do with you! What you eat, drink, and use is all Song family money too!"

"Be reasonable?"

"What reasoning with a mistress?"


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