Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 42 - I'll get you back everything you've lost.

Seeing her look of a miser, Song Zhe laughed more and more sarcastically, "You eat, wear, and use all of the Song family's money, and spending the Song family's money is spending my mother's money! Zhang Fang, you have to know that He Meiping has not earned a single penny in all these years of temporarily living in the Song family, what kind of thing is a woman who is a good eater and lazy, and she is still here to reason with me!"

"What do you mean by temporary residence? Mei Ping is the Song family's madam!" Zhang Fang's eyes swept over with hasty panic, dodging left and right to avoid Song Ru's eye-knives, roaring loudly to show off her momentum, "You, mom is the mistress, Song Ru, the whole of this Song family is our He family!

I should have killed you little girl in the first place, and let you and that short-lived ghost of a mom of yours die together!"

"Shut up!"

Song Zhe's pupils were stung by a few words, flushing red in an instant, and she stood up from the soft chair in a mischievous manner, clumps of anger popping out of her throat, enough to ignite all the fires of anger and make people fear fire.

Huo Mou Shen and Tang Shi were her bottom line!

"I forbid you to talk about my mother!"

"That mother of yours deserves to die!

The Song family should have been my sister's a long time ago, and your mother, who has occupied Mrs. Song's position for many years, should have died to make room a long time ago!

I advise you to hurry up and kneel down and kowtow ten times to me, and then give me your ring to make amends, maybe I can still put in a good word for you, so that you'll get a few less whippings in a little while, and two fewer starvations!" Zhang Fang usually didn't watch the news, she had been stuck in the impression that Song Zhi was at the mercy of He Meiping's rubbing and flattening, and she didn't take Song Zhi's anger seriously.

Song Zhi's aura around him changed, his eyes were cold and dark, the anger in his chest did not diminish and seemed to burn to the extreme.

"I told you to shut up!

Since you want my mother to die so badly, why don't you go down and accompany my mother, and make amends to my mother properly in hell!"

The little devil in Song Zhi's heart was suddenly aroused, and the hatred she had felt since she was reborn was stirred to the extreme by Zhang Fang's three words.

She had thought she could be calm, but she hadn't practiced as purely as Huo Muchen to be able to be joyful and angry, her taut face twitched slightly as she took a step forward, dragging Zhang Fang into hell with a single word.

"Uneducated little thing, wait a while to see your father come over and not whip you half to death!" Seeing her anger, Zhang Fang said with a smug brow, itching to see Song Zhi go down immediately.

"Go get someone to come out, I'll see if I'm in charge of the Song family, or if the surname He is in charge!" Song Zhi's lips shivered, unable to stop the hatred that was coursing through her body.

Her throat choked with a slight pain, the emotions she had suppressed to the extreme since she was reborn collapsed at this moment, her entire body was so enraged that she nearly couldn't stand.

In the instant she falls back, her waist is suddenly wrapped steadily by a long arm, her spine is pressed into a warm chest, and the familiar scent of sunken wood wraps around her, making her suddenly feel at ease.

It's Huo Mushan by her side.

"You're Yanyan's husband, right, I've seen you on TV." Zhang Fang recognizes Huo Mou Shen at a glance, smilingly pinching her waist, "You hurry up and ask your people to hold this Song Zhi down on the ground and kowtow to me for ten times, as well as the ring on her hand, and then get me another half a million dollars to spend, as a meet-and-greet gift for your filial piety to your elders."

Zhang Fang always heard He Meiping say that Huo Muchen was her son-in-law, Song Yanyan's fiancé, and she had also seen him in the newspaper, and he was indeed amazingly handsome.

At these words, the air falls into a dead silence, and the temperature around them plummets.

The moment Huo Mou Shen's stern and impetuous brows imprinted into his eyes, a heavy dangerous aura rose up around him, as if a tornado had struck the surroundings, and wherever it went, not an inch of grass was left standing.

"You want a diamond ring?"

The man's voice was grim, his breath cold and heavy.

A bloody storm was about to break out!

The diamond ring on Song Zhe's left ring finger was designed by Huo Mu Shen himself for nearly ten years and took three years to complete.

It is unique in the world, and only Song Zhi's hand can fit the ring.

Other than that, no woman will ever be able to wear a diamond ring designed by Huo Mou Shen himself, nor will anyone have the life to touch it!

Once worn, no one can remove the ring without Huo Mushan opening the mechanism, not even Song Ru.

It had to be said that the Song family's extreme relative had already touched Huo Moushen's bottom line.

The corner of Huo Muk Shen's lips hooked up in a cool smile, and he let out a deep thud of a heckle from his chest.

"What are you doing with your arm around Song Zhi, didn't you hear me?" Zhang Fang sees the two of them getting all mushy right in front of her, completely treating her as air, and gets so angry that she hangs her eyebrows and curses angrily, "Huo Mou Shen, if you dare to cheat on me when you're across the table from me, I'll turn around and tell Yanran, so that you won't be able to eat or walk around."

Tell Song Yanyan?

So all these years, in everyone's eyes, Song Yanyan is Huo Muk Shen's 'explicitly married' wife, and even the outside world thinks the same way?

In my last life, in this life ...... Song Yanran, what you snatched from my hands, and what you have, I will snatch it away, so that you can also taste the taste of nothing!

"Do you hear me, you and your mom are both juniors!"

At these words, Song Ru's face was so gloomy that it knocked over an ink stone, a burst of piercing sharp pain came from his nerves, his pupils steeply froze, something stabbed into the bottom of his eyes and cracked inch by inch, he jumped up and said angrily, "Watch this, this is my husband! Not Song Yanran's!"

"Nonsense! Every time Yanyan comes home, she tells us that Huo Mou Shen is obedient to her, and that you and your short-lived mom are the mistresses!" Zhang Fang scolded back, typically a long-winded woman.

"You seek death!" Song Zhi slammed the plate in his hand towards her, hitting it squarely.

Zhang Fang covered her head in pain and wailed.

Song Zhi's fighting spirit was aroused, rolling up his sleeves, he was going to charge towards Zhang Fang, if he didn't kill her today, he would write his name upside down!

Zhang Fang was smashed with a flinch, took two steps backward, directly stepped on an empty space, and fell to the ground in a state of disarray.

"Get lost and go back and tell your He family, and that good sister of yours, don't pounce on me like a mad dog every time you see me. I'll tell you, I'm no longer the Song Zhi that was casually abused by you more than ten years ago, if you keep biting me like that, I'll knock all of your dog's teeth out!

The master of Tang City is only my mother, and Mrs. Song only has my mother in her life, she's destined to be nothing but an unseemly mistress for the rest of her life!"

Song Zhi said too much in one breath, by the anger lived in the throat, the face suddenly white, that instant instead of a voice can not send out, can only gasp back and forth, a pair of black and white white eyes have long been covered with scarlet hatred.

"Okay, okay, I know the small resignation aggrieved, do not be angry, let the husband to, en?" Huo Muchen hugged her and soothed.

Song Ru was truly infuriated, her chest could never be calmed, it rose and fell up and down so much

This was the most emotionally devastated she had ever been since she was reborn, her body couldn't stop trembling with anger, her brain rumbled and she couldn't think at all.

Against Xiaozan and Xiaozan's backing group, what kind of reasoning, what kind of politeness and reasoning do you need, just beat it up!

"Xiao Ru, don't be angry. Leave everything to me, I'll help you get back everything you've lost." Huo Mou Shen carries the infuriated Song Zhi back to the rocking chair, wrapping one hand around her chest to smooth out her breath, and lowers his head to soothe her.

Song Zhi really collapsed emotionally, she lowered her head and buried it in Huo Mou Shen's chest, changing her face as if she were changing the sky, her voice with a sobbing tone, "She said that my mom, I'm very well behaved, I'm all brought up bad, Huo Mou Shen you believe me, I don't like to lie."

"I've always known that Xiaozhu is the most well-behaved." Huo Mou Shen's heart aches as he rubs her soft hair, kisses her cheeks lowly and holds down her trembling shoulders, his emotions seeming to be desperately suppressed, "How they mistreated you, I'll give it back, ten times a hundred times."

"Huo Mou Shen, I didn't want to go to nightclubs and bars when I was a kid, it was all because they encouraged me to go, you know that, you've always known that." Song Zhi wiped her tears dry again, not wanting to cry too abjectly, and stared at Huo Mou Shen's cold as frost face, "I won't lie to you, you have to believe me."

A sense of helplessness and insecurity erupted from Song Zhi's body, and she hugged Huo Mushen's strong waist, seemingly begging for something.

Huo Moushen looked down to see her like a newborn little milk kitten, insecure, pinched her shoulder, through the blinding sunlight to see the bottom of her eyes hampered and helpless, the corners of his lips gradually hooked out of the bloodthirsty arc, gently lifted up his fingers to the corners of the corners of her sour red eyes, slightly curved up the upright posture, thin lips pasted on the ear of Song Zhi, the voice line is cold but gentle to the bone: "Xiao Zhi, I believe in you, I've all been aware of it. "

Because, these more than ten years, in addition to going abroad for a few years, Song Zhi has always lived in his line of sight.

He just didn't expect that there were so many other unknown things that appeared on her.


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