Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 44: Mr. Huo, can you see if I've wiped myself clean?

Song Yanran furrowed her brows and walked straight to the second floor wanting to find her father to ask for clarification, but just as she walked upstairs she saw that both her and her mother's rooms had been opened and all the valuable things inside had been taken away, leaving only empty boxes and half-open, half-closed cupboard doors there single-handedly blown by the hot winds, making rattling noises as if they were mocking something.

Her pupils tightened and she slammed the cabinet door shut with a thud, walking to the second floor credenza and lashing out downstairs, "Butler, get your ass up here!"

The butler heard the sound and walked up to see Song Yanran's delicate makeup covered in hideous thunderous rage.

He walked up without humility and asked, "Miss Song, what are your orders?"

"Where are the things in the cabinet, and my jewelry? Who gave you guys permission to touch my things! You guys are sick of living, aren't you!" Song Yanyan's anger rushed to her head, and her sanity completely collapsed.

She was already in an extremely bad mood because of the scandalous incident, and when she came back and saw that all the things she had snatched from Song Zhi had been 'ransacked and looted', how could she not be angry?

The housekeeper is completely unconcerned and continues, ''It was Huo Shao who ordered this.

Huo Shao said that all the things about Lady Song in this house only belong to the young lady, no one can touch them, they are too dirty, and now all the jewelry has been ordered to be sent to be cleaned."

"What!" Song Yanyan seemed to be irritated by 'dirty', her eyes tinted with a dark color.

How could her mother allow such a thing to happen when she was at home?

An unsettling premonition pulsed through her, and she directly rushed over to tug on the housekeeper's collar, "What about my mother?"

"He Meiping has now been sent back to her hometown by Mr. He, and Miss will also take back all the money spent on the He family." The butler always looked at Song Yanran with a calm face, did not move and drew the collar back from Song Yanran's hands, made a show of patting it as if he was afraid of being infected with some plague as well, "Of course, this is what Mr. personally ordered, Miss Song can look for Mr. if she has any dissatisfaction."

This action, deeply pierced into Song Yanran's pupils, she pointed at the butler and angrily yelled down, "Get out! Get the hell out now!"


The butler was happy to see it, and walked down the second floor gracefully.

Seeing his back, Song Yanran bit her lower lip tightly, turned around and returned to her room, slamming the door shut with a bang.

She saw the empty room, her eyes once again surged with anger, like a madman smashed in front of her eyes can see, only a few remaining picture frames, dressing mirror ......

But everything that could be seen in the room, none of them were spared, all of them fell in pieces in a wretched manner and lay pitifully on the floor.

"Song Zhi, Song Zhi ......" Song Yanran silently recited her name, gritting her teeth and opening her teeth in a manner that she couldn't wait to eat Song Zhi.

She dropped down in front of the vanity mirror and looked at herself in the broken mirror, raising her hand to touch her face, "Song Zhi, I won't let you go! Didn't you rely on that face, that body to seduce Huo Mushan, I'll see if you're dirty, Huo Mushan will still want you a watery thing!"

Possibly being scolded twice, Song Zhi sat on the co-pilot and sneezed twice in a row, causing the man driving on his side to furrow his brows, "Close the windows, if you catch a cold again this time, I don't care about you."

Song Zhi directly rubbed the tip of her nose with her hand and honestly rolled the window up, lazily saying to the man, "When did Mr. Huo have a hard mouth?"

Huo Mou Shen's afterglow sees that she didn't even use a tissue to wipe her nose, and his extremely cleansed forehead tendons can't help but throb, "Didn't Mrs. Huo just taste it?"

The corners of Song Zhi's mouth twitched twice, and she rubbed her lips again.

"Take a tissue and wipe your nose, who raised you with this stinky problem." Huo Mu Shen scolded lowly.

A cleanliness-obsessed Huo family's great young man, but he has a little slovenly wife.


This contrast is so strong.

It is also really ...... hurtful.

"Then you dislike it, you don't kiss me next time!" Seeing the man's face full of disgust, Song Zhi snorted coldly, but was still good enough to go get disinfectant paper towels to properly 'disinfect', and at the end, pouted towards Huo Mou Shen and said mischievously, "Mr. Huo, would you look at me to see if I've wiped it clean?"

Huo Moushen saw Song Zhi's mischievous eyes in his afterglow, and said nothing, staring ahead in silence.

Only the speed of the car, which was originally unhurried, was suddenly accelerated by Huo Muk Shen's foot on the gas.

Song Zhi because of inertia directly toward the back seat fell a bit, looking toward the man throat knots rolled two times, think tease over it.

Again and again and again and again, she is repeatedly taught, repeatedly taught again and again!


Police uncle, save me, there is a big bad wolf here to eat the white rabbit, and also steamed, fried, fried and boiled, the kind of different positions to eat!

Song Zhi guessed right.

The car was quickly driven by Huo Mo Shen's skillful driving to the VIP underground parking lot.

The entire parking lot is empty and cold, with no one in sight.

And in the cramped car, Song Zhi tightly pressed against the car door, feeling a hint of coldness squeezing into her spine from outside the car door, but in front of her was a man as hot as fire, tugging at his meticulous tie, leaning down towards her and pressing on her.

"Hubby, let's hurry up and get out of the car okay, we have to go home for dinner later." Song Zhi panicked and touched the door handle, her wrist snapped a few times but it didn't move, immediately reacting back to the fact that the man was locking the car door.

She clasps her hands to her chest, her eyes watery and moist, innocently looking at Huo Mushan.

"Come, let hubby check if you've wiped clean!" Huo Mushan stretches his arm, not allowing Song Zhi to dodge for a moment, and directly touches the switch behind Song Zhi's seat back.

In an instant, Song Zhi falls into the back of the chair, she directly hugs the man in the middle of his neck in a startled cry, her lips directly onto the man's throat, a low gasp coming from her ears.

"Mrs. Huo, this is you taking the initiative to throw yourself at him?"

Song Zhi raises her head and meets Huo Mushen's smiling but not smiling eyes, chagrined, she inclines her head, she actually loses twice in one face!

Beauty is confusing!

Huo Moushen lifted her chin and clasped it tightly, just lingering on her lips, but did not go any deeper, but took off his suit and carried the person directly across to the hospital's private elevator.


The elevator opens.

Huo Mou Shen holds her and walks straight towards him into a specialist clinic, kicks the door open with his toes, and sees the man who was originally lying on the table writing a report suddenly jump up from his chair is, and poses in a Golden Chicken Independence: "Who is it that is coming!"

Song Ru was filled with question marks, instantly feeling that she had traveled across the world, how could there be such a strange man beside Huo Mu Shen!

"Wow, Third Brother, aren't you bringing someone here a little too fast! It took less than half an hour for you to send me a message just now!" A man in a white coat put down his 'Golden Chicken Independence', instead, he pretended to organize his white coat, and took out the small mirror in his pocket to take a look at himself, shook his head, and spat out, "Third Brother, I just finished the surgery and couldn't even organize myself properly, if I had known that you were bringing Third Sister-in-Law with you, I would have dress up properly, at the very least a suit and a hairstyle, not too embarrassing, you say ......"

"Besides, I'll make you look like a dog!" Huo Mou Shen frowns and interrupts him without mercy.

"Third brother, you don't love me anymore, you used to favor me the most, you really forgot about your brother when you had third sister-in-law."

Huo Mushen hugged Song Zhi and sat on a chair, letting her sit around his lap, reaching out to pick up the signing pen on the desktop.

With a 'crunch', the signing pen, broke!

"Buyan, if you say one more word, I'll make you share your name for the rest of your life!"


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