Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 45 The question of death

The room was quiet at first.

Buyan covered his mouth with a coquettish smile and gurgled a few words that leaked out from his fingers, "I won't say any more."

"See the doctor." Huo Mou Shen threw away two words.

"It's you who sees the doctor?" Bu Yan's mouth 'oh' into a circle as he asks in shock, "Third brother, you're sick?"

The corners of Huo Mou Shen's lips twitch a few times invisibly twice, his anger slowing slightly, "Your third sister-in-law."

Bu Yan follows Huo Moushen's gaze to Song Zhi, who is sitting obediently in Huo Moushen's arms, and sees that she doesn't say a word, but just stares straight at him, staring at him at a loss, and tentatively opens his mouth to call out, "Third sister-in-law?"

Song Zhi did not move.

She just stared straight at Bu Yan's familiar doll face, her thoughts seemed to be broken up and pulled away.

Buyan, she remembered.

In her last life, before she died, Bu Yan died, a tragic death, a suicide.

Because of depression.

Because she remembers a day when Huo Mushan, dripping wet and drenched in alcohol, dragged her straight from downstairs to upstairs, yanked her and threw her on the bed, and no matter how much she begged for forgiveness, she didn't budge.

Huo Moushen was still muttering to himself in her ear over and over again, "Buyan is dead, you're all I have left, you can't leave me!"

In fact, before the death of Buyan, Song Zhi followed Huo Moushen to attend banquets, and occasionally met a few people, but at that time he was always hiding in the corner drinking alone, few words, isolated from the crowd, but not as he is now able to talk incessantly, chattering non-stop like.

Such an obvious contrast made Song Zhi's jaw drop and a little disappointed.


Suddenly a pain in the chin, the man's fingers like an iron clamp clamped her chin, forcing her to turn her head can only be on the man's dark and sinister eyes, Huo Mu sunk a face is indifference to look at her, lips pursed, the voice line cold and shivering: "He is more handsome than me?"

Song Zhi came back to her senses, her clear eyes revealing disbelief, tilting her head just in time to see the man's aggressive gaze, only then did she realize that she had just gotten lost in her thoughts, forgetting that there was a vinegar tank by her side.

She swallowed her saliva and shook her little head like a rattle drum: "No, no, no, my husband is the world's most handsome, no one can compare!"

When Bu Yan heard this, he also followed with a sigh of relief, luckily Third Sister-in-law didn't say he was handsome!

"En." The man's gaze cleared up a little, putting down her chin and gently rubbing it, "Then why are you looking at him and not me?"


Death question.

Unable to answer.

Song Zhi now feels that Huo Muxian's calm and ascetic exterior is a living 'walking vinegar tank', she has no choice but to sigh, tilting her head she kisses Huo Muxian's chin to appease the man's cranky and restless emotions, her voice is low with three parts petulance and seven parts coquettishness, "Hubby, I didn't look at Bu Yan , I was just lost in thought just now."


"Really." Song Zhu nods incomparably seriously, revealing a standard 'Song Zhu brand' smile.

Huo Mou Shen's eyes slightly converged, hooked his lips in satisfaction, reared his head, saw Bu Yan's stupefied expression, his mouth half-open, a look of disbelief, and his gaze shifted in an instant from soft and cold to ...... sinister and compelling directly.

"Eyes do not want?" Huo Mou Shen spoke quietly, his fingertips habitually tapping on the glass table.

Bu Yan busily dragged his chin down in a 'I didn't see anything' manner, grayly pulling over a stool to sit in front of Song Zhi and Huo Moushen, gradually recovering his generally decent appearance, "Third sister-in-law, what's going on here?"

"I ......" Song Zhi suddenly staggered, she still didn't know why she had to come, she was brought by Huo Muxian with a nervous face.

"She can't breathe and her ribs hurt a bit." Huo Mushen indifferently responds.

Bu Yan makes a note on the case and continues to ask without lifting her head, "Then when was the last time Third Sister-in-law's ribs hurt and she couldn't breathe?"

Song Zhu has two confused eyes, "......"

Huo Mushen lifts the wristwatch in his hand and says in a calm voice, "Forty-nine minutes and twenty-six seconds ago."

"......" How could she not remember?

"Because of what?" Buyan asked professionally while lifting his pen to 'swish' and write down a line of 'ghostly' characters on the paper like traveling clouds and flowing water.

"Kissing." Huo Mu Shen said with a calm, unperturbed face.


Buyan's pen character directly slashes, and a perfect case is directly cut in half.

Nima, this is not to see a doctor, this is to show love!

Song Zhi face is also embarrassed with an abnormal awkward red, but the man is full of calm, said as a matter of course, do not feel the slightest shame, the cold face is not even see a trace of embarrassment.

"Cough cough cough ...... picked up a few minutes?" Buyan asked again, with a few moments of curiosity in his tone.

"Ten minutes or so."

"Oh ...... what about the last few times?" Bu Yan quietly under the glass table to give Huo Mu Shen a thumbs up, did not expect the appearance of abstinence of the third brother in private actually so ferocious, they at first thought that never touch a woman of the third brother is gay, it seems that not not!

"Four times." Huo Mu Shen's deep eyes sank for a moment.

"Where were they all?" Buyan lowers his head even deeper, his arm resting casually on the table, his fingers nimbly playing with the signing pen, asking with interest.

Huo Mou Shen casually swept his eyes, and saw Song Zhi was looking at him, making a squeeze, the bottom of his eyes momentarily gloomy, touched her cheeks, whispered softly, hooked a trace of coldness: "There is the bed, the car, the balcony ......"

So powerful!

Recording recording recording, must record to the WeChat group, so that several other brothers know that Huo Mu Shen is a meat-eating wolf!


The powerful voice suddenly comes to an abrupt halt, and is replaced by an extremely grim, taut-throated threat: "If you can't cure Song Zhi, I'll make you as this stool!"

As soon as the words fell, Bu Yan felt a cold sweat on his spine, a powerful and vicious chill coming from all directions, followed by the wooden stool under his buttocks directly being cracked by Huo Mushan's kick.

Bu Yan was caught off guard and fell to the ground, and the cell phone in his pocket that was still recording was also dropped with a black screen.

Seeing the East Window come to light, Bu Yan awkwardly draws his lips together and pretends to be 'generally serious' as he repeatedly assures Huo Mushan, "Third Brother, don't worry, there's no patient who can't be cured when they come to me, unless she has no medicine to cure her."

"It's best to be so."

"Then let's do a color ultrasound and MRI first and check it out." Bu Yan immediately got up and went out to make arrangements for Song Zhi in order to show his sincerity.

Seeing his figure finally disappear into the room, Song Zhi let out a long breath, pushed Huo Mu Shen's shoulder, and pouted, "This kind of thing, you can't tell anyone else?"

"That kind of thing, kissing or ......"

As soon as Song Zhi heard that he was going to say the latter word, he immediately stretched out his small hand to cover Huo Muk Shen's mouth and struggled in his arms, "Don't say it!"

A touch of body fragrance unique to Song Zhi drifted into Huo Mu Shen's nostrils, and his cool, temperature-less eyes rolled up in an instant, even as his breathing gradually became thicker.

Soft, white, small hands covered his mouth, stopping Huo Muk Shen's voice.

But the next second ......

Without waiting for Song Zhi to let out a sigh of relief, he felt a warm, sticky wetness coming from his palm, itching.

In an instant, Song Zhi felt an electric current flow directly from the top of his head to his limbs and bones, and he simply couldn't move.

Song Zhi reflexively drew back his palm, and then heard Huo Mushan's teasing voice that seemed to be laughing: "Not allowed to say anything, Mrs. Huo I'm trying to talk about getting an MRI, it's hard to believe you're trying to talk about ......"


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