Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 41: Knightly Reprimand!

"I say Ling Xuanzhi, back then you were one of the two golden flowers of the martial arts school at any rate, how come you've fallen to this demeanor now?"

"What kind of behavior have I fallen into?"

Ling Xuanzhi's pair of bewitching fox eyes narrowed slightly, her voice already carrying a hint of killing intent.

Gao Guangyao pointed at Ning Tianlang:

"Look at this kid's demeanor, similar to a hanging poor college student. Back then, Tang Lan, who couldn't even compare to your toes, now found a bullish fiancƩ and flew straight to the top!"

Saying that, a lewd smile appeared on his face:

"You're an orphan who always has to rely on a man, why don't you just follow me, and I'll make sure that you wear gold and silver ......"

Before he could finish his words, Ling Xuanzhi coldly interrupted him:

"Gao Guangyao do you want to be shameless, your woman is still beside you, you want to step on two boats?"

"My woman?" Gao Guangyao pinched at that sexy beauty's waist and laughed.

"This is the little bitch that I casually play with, I pay for it, she contributes, that's all."

For this kind of insulting words, that woman was as if she hadn't heard it at all, just leaning on Gao Guangyao's body, smiling charmingly and coquettishly.

This time, even Ling Xuanzhi was speechless.

She had never seen such shameless dogs and men!

"Ling Xuanzhi, consider what I said, in this society nowadays, when will you be able to get ahead by relying on your own efforts? Why don't you know better and take a shortcut!"

Ling Xuanzhi was so angry that she clenched her hands and almost couldn't control herself from slamming her fist into Gao Guangyao's face!

Ning Tianlang gently pressed her hands, stepped forward, and faintly said:

"Gao Guangyao, right? I advise you to apologize to my third sister immediately now, otherwise, I will let you know how to write the word regret."

"Hahahahaha ...... threaten me?" Gao Guangyao laughed disdainfully and coldly, "Do you fucking know what I am? Just dare to threaten me?!"

"What kind of person, tell me."

"Let me tell you, old me is the general manager of the investment and financing management department of Rhyme Court Department Store! The money that walks away from me every day is a huge amount that you wouldn't be able to earn in ten lifetimes! How dare you threaten me, you fucking little yakuza who is no shit?!"

Upon hearing these words, Ning Tianlang and Ling Xuanzhi both laughed.

Rhyme Court Department Store?

Wasn't that their big sister Wen Ruyun's company?

Ning Tian Lang had originally planned to have Zhuang Yucheng step in to deal with this person, but now it seemed that there was no need to go through that much trouble at all.

"Hehe, I thought you were much of a bully." Ning Tianlang grinned.

"Didn't you say that women have to rely on men to take shortcuts? Come, I'll let a woman clean you up now."

"You mean Ling Xuanzhi?" Gao Guangyao scornfully bristled, "I admit that she's very good at fighting, but in this society nowadays, what does being able to fight count for ......"

Ning Tianlang didn't pay any attention to him at all, and directly took out his phone to call Wen Ruyun.

Wen Ruyun was in the middle of a meeting, and when she saw her brother calling, she hurriedly called off the employees who were speaking and walked out of the conference room with her cell phone.

"Hey, Tian Lang, what's wrong?"

"Big sister, someone is bullying me."

Ning Tianlang's voice just came out, and Wen Ruyun's willowy eyebrows went up.

"Who? Who dares to bully you, big sister will help you take revenge!"

When it came to Ning Tian Lang, she could care less about anything!

Ning Tian Lang grinned and glanced at Gao Guangyao, "It's someone called Gao Guangyao, he said that third sister is an orphan and called me a little yakuza!"

"Gao Guangyao?!"

Wen Ruyun was like a calf-protecting cat, and in an instant, all her fur exploded!

She gritted her teeth and asked, "Is it Gao Guangyao from our company's investment and financing department?"

"Yes, big sister, it's him."


After saying that, Wen Ruyun hung up the phone.

Gao Guangyao looked at Ning Tianlang's gloating demeanor and said in shock, "Kid, what are you laughing at? Who were you just calling?"

"Curious? Your phone is about to ring too."

Just as Ning Tianlang's words fell, Gao Guangyao's cell phone rang.

Upon looking at the caller ID, Gao Guangyao immediately cleared his throat twice and picked up the phone in a serious manner, "Hello, Chairman." This solemn appearance was in stark contrast to his earlier clamoring and rampant appearance.

Immediately after, Gao Guangyao's smile suddenly froze.

Unbelievably, he slowly turned his head towards Ning Tian Lang, his expression as ugly as if he had eaten expired shit.

Just a moment ago, he had received an official notice from the chairman of the board-

He had been dismissed!

"Chairman, Chairman ...... What's going on here? You have to give me a reason even if you want to dismiss me, right? How can you suddenly ...... Hello? Hello? Hello?!"

Holding the phone that had already hung up, Gao Guangyao was dumbfounded.

Ning Tianlang laughed: "What's the matter, lost your rice bowl?"

Gao Guangyao: "......"

He froze for half a minute before gradually regaining his senses.

"It's you! You were just calling the chairman?!"

Gao Guangyao pointed at Ning Tianlang with a fierce expression on his face.

"Just who are you and what is your relationship with our chairman?!"

Ning Tianlang swept Ling Xuanzhi over his shoulder and hehehe laughed, "She's our big sister, why, do you have a problem with that?"

He couldn't tell you how happy he was in his heart right now.

In these ten years, he was used to weaving in and out of gunfire, wandering back and forth on the edge of various dangers.

There were no relatives and no one to rely on.

Now that there was suddenly someone to back him up and act as a backer, this feeling gave him a sense of long-lost happiness.

"Your big sister?" Gao Guangyao's eyes were gloomy, "I see, you are all orphans from an orphanage!"

"I pooh!"

Gao Guangyao spat on the ground.

"Wen Ru Yun, she's an orphan adopted by the Wen family, she's just a puppet, does she really think she's an onion?

When I go to find Wen Zixu tomorrow, I'll see who dares to fire me!"

Hearing him frequently mention the word orphan, the killing intent in Ning Tian Lang's eyes was on the verge of condensing into substance!

He took a step forward and said in an icy voice, "You say what you just said, say it again."

"Hahahahaha ...... Even if I say it a hundred times a thousand times again, it's not a problem!" Gao Guangyao laughed wildly.

"You guys are just a bunch of fucking stupid orphans, you don't even count as a fart, and you still dare to show off in front of my old man, I'll grass you ......"

Before he could finish his words, Ning Tianlang had already violently slammed his fist into his face!


A sound of bones rubbing together came, and Gao Guangyao's entire body directly flew out horizontally!

"Oh my god ......"

"What's going on? How did they start fighting?"

The surrounding pedestrians who were shopping in the street stopped and began to look at the lively scene.

Gao Guangyao shook his head vigorously, only feeling the sky spinning, as if he had just been knocked over by a truck.


He spat out a mouthful of bloody foam and stumbled up from the ground, as if he had drunk too much, his feet swaying left and right.

"Kid, how dare you fucking do it, I have to skin you today!"

Gao Guangyao was just about to rush forward and make a move when a man wearing a suit uniform walked out from the luxury brand store next to him.

He said with a cold face, "Two gentlemen, your fighting here has seriously affected our store's image and other customers' shopping experience. Please leave this place or I will have to call the shopping center's security."

Gao Guangyao looked up at the plaque of this store, and in an instant, his anger subsided.

This plaque was also stationed in the Rhyme Court Department Store, and he was very clear about the strength and background of this store!

He wouldn't dare to act arrogantly here!

"I'm sorry, this store manager, we'll leave here right away ......"

Gao Guangyao had a curt face and a very humble tone.

In contrast, Ning Tianlang just indifferently swept his eyes at the man's name tag - store manager, Lu Feng.

"Store Manager Lu, right?"

He casually pulled out the unlimited gold card from his pocket, threw it into Lu Feng's arms, and said indifferently:

"How many sales have you been delayed today, just swipe it off the card!"


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