Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 42 :Battle

"How many of your sales have been delayed today, just swipe it right off the card!"

The moment these words came out, the entire room exploded!

Everyone looked at Ning Tianlang with a shocked face, unable to believe their ears-

This men's clothing store was a famous luxury brand in the Xifa Empire, and just about any piece of clothing was above five figures!

This man dared to make a bold statement and let the store manager swipe away a night's turnover, it was simply too rampant!

Lu Feng held his bank card and was stunned for a while.

As the store manager of the brand store, he naturally recognized the pattern on this gold card.

This was an unlimited gold card co-branded by twenty-seven countries!

There were only five of them in the world!

But like Connie Shu, he had only studied it theoretically, and had never seen the real thing at all.

At this moment, he stared blankly at the golden card in his hand, his blood boiling with excitement, almost about to cry out!

Seeing Lu Feng standing there dumbfounded with the bank card in his hand, Gao Guangyao covered his stomach and laughed:

"Hahahahaha ...... Ling Xuan Zhi your brother can't be a fool, just throw a random bank card and you want to pretend to be a bully? Simply to tease me to death ......"

The crowd of onlookers followed a burst of laughter when they heard Gao Guangyao's words:

"Crap, just now looking at this man's confident expression, I really thought he was a tycoon!"

"Look at the clothes he's wearing, they're definitely Taobao nineteen ninety-nine dollars! How can he have so much money!"

"Hahahahaha, I didn't realize that there are people in the world who can pretend to be this good, I've really had an eye-opening experience."

Hearing the crowd all mocking, Gao Guangyao snorted out in triumph:

"Kid, next time you pretend to be a pussy in a different way, your crappy savings card reveals itself with a casual swipe, it's not humiliating enough!"

Even Ling Xuanzhi felt his face burning and whispered:

"Tian Lang, what are you up to? So many people are watching, if you can't swipe out the money, how embarrassing!"

"Hehe, you know it's embarrassing too?" Gao Guangyao despised.

"Ling Xuanzhi, seeing as I once pursued you, I'll advise you that in the future, it's best to spend less time with this kind of brain-dead person, it's easy to get infected!"

"You ......"

A cold light flashed in Ling Xuanzhi's eyes, itching to end his life on the spot!

Gao Guangyao ignored her ugly face and said politely to Lu Feng:

"I'm sorry, Shopkeeper Lu, it's affecting your business, we'll leave now."

Lu Feng was jerked back to his thoughts by his words and came back to his senses in a trance.

He held the gold card in both hands and handed it back to Ning Tian Lang, respectfully saying, "This gentleman, the card is returned to you."

Although he knew that this card had no limit, he didn't dare to swipe it at all!

The person who could hold this card was definitely an extraordinary person of great power!

How could he, a store manager of a small luxury brand, dare to offend such a big shot?

"Store Manager Lu, you can also see that that broken card has no money, right?" Gao Guangyao sneered.

"If you ask me, there's no need for you to be so polite with him at all, just call the security guards from the shopping center and throw him out!"

"Should I call the security guards?"

Lu Feng spoke out and asked.


The object of his inquiry was Ning Tian Lang.

Gao Guangyao was dumbfounded, "Store Manager Lu, what do you mean by asking him? He's just a stupid ......"

Before he could finish his words, Lu Feng sidestepped his body, pointed his palm upwards at the store, and respectfully bowed to Ning Tian Lang:

"If you don't want to call security, you can move inside the store at any time. Our store is very spacious and equipped with constant temperature air conditioning, making it an excellent venue for fights. If you want, we also have three 5'8" strong staff members who are always at your disposal. I myself am a 9th degree black belt, so I will have no problem at all in taking this man down for you."

Gao Guangyao: "......"

Crowd: "......"

How could they not figure out how the store manager, who had coldly shooed people away a few minutes ago, had willingly given Ning Tianlang a beating in the blink of an eye?

"Lu ...... Lu Store Manager ......"

Gao Guangyao had a face that was hard to accept.

He even had some doubts that Ning Tianlang had used some kind of demonic art to manipulate Lu Feng's consciousness!

Ning Tian Lang looked at him coldly, "What's the matter Manager Gao, do you want to go with me to blow the air conditioning and move your hands?"

"You ...... you ...... count yourself as ruthless! When we go to the Golden Water Restaurant, we will settle the score!"

Gao Guangyao looked at the cold and frosty Ling Xuanzhi, and then looked at Lu Feng who was rubbing his fists, knowing that he could definitely not get any favors here, he directly flung his sleeves and left in a hasty manner.

"This gentleman, I don't know if there's anything else I can help you with?"

Lu Feng asked respectfully.

"You wait a moment."

Ning Tianlang turned to Ling Xuanzhi, "Third sister, how many people are in your party today?"

"Male and female together probably around twenty people." Ling Xuanzhi looked puzzled, "Why are you asking?"

"To give you a long face."

Saying that, Ning Tianlang threw the gold card back at Lu Feng, "Take the best belts in your store and pack thirty copies."

Lu Feng forced himself to hold back his surprise and said respectfully, "Our brand has a total of sixty-eight men's belts, and the price of the best one of them is eighty-eight thousand dollars."

"Hiss ......"

Upon hearing this price, the surrounding crowd all sucked in a breath of cool air.

For a belt to cost more than eighty thousand dollars, this was equivalent to an ordinary person's salary for one or two years!

Even Ling Xuanzhi was smacking his lips for a while, "Eighty thousand dollars, that's the price of killing a c-rank target ah ......"

"Good, we'll take this one, prepare thirty copies, pack them well, and send them to the Golden Water Restaurant in a while."

Ning Tianlang waved his big hand, quite a hint of waving gold like dirt.

"Good ...... well, you wait a moment ......"

Lu Feng smiled so much that he could see the corner of his throat.

He held Ning Tianlang's gold card in both hands and ran back to the store.

The crowd was astonished:

"Crap! Did I hear it right? Thirty copies? Wouldn't that be more than 2.6 million dollars?!"

"Good lord! More than two million dollars can buy a luxury car, and this guy just buys a few belts?"

"Couldn't he be making a spoof video? That bank card wouldn't be a prop, right?"

In the midst of the people's murmurs, Lu Feng ran out again with a spring in his step, bowing and handing back the gold card, respectfully saying:

"Sir, I will personally bring someone to deliver the goods to the Golden Water Restaurant in a while, I don't know how you are addressed, and which compartment specifically?"

"My surname is Ning." Ning Tianlang pushed the bewildered Ling Xuanzhi, "Third sister, which compartment are you gathering in?"

"The 6th floor ...... Mellow Pavilion." Ling Xuanzhi subconsciously replied.

"Yes, Mr. Ning, please rest assured that we will definitely deliver the goods to the door with the highest specifications ......"

Lu Feng bent down deeply again and respectfully escorted Ning Tian Lang and Ling Xuan Zhi away.

Once the crowd of onlookers saw Lu Feng's attitude, they all knew that the bank card wasn't a fake.

One by one, their mouths opened wide in shock, and they looked at Ning Tianlang with both envy and admiration ......


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