Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 43: Ancient Medical Techniques

After leaving the Guiyun Shopping Center, Ling Xuanzhi wondered:

"Tian Lang, what happened just now? Why was that store manager so respectful to you?"

Ning Tian Lang scratched his head, "That ...... he's the younger brother of one of my comrades in arms, he just accompanied me in a play ......"

The sisters all knew that he had been a soldier in the army before, so he simply pushed anything to his imaginary comrade-in-arms.

"A comrade-in-arms' younger brother?" Ling Xuanzhi furrowed his brows and said, skeptically.

"And what about those thirty belts? You're not really going to buy them, are you? That's over two million dollars!"

Ning Tianlang scratched his head:

"He ...... ostensibly works as a store manager in a luxury store, but actually secretly sells high imitation fakes, the ones I just bought are fakes, and thirty of them are only more than eight hundred dollars."

"Fake goods?!" Ling Xuanzhi stared, "You wouldn't be trying to send fake goods to those people at the martial arts school, right?"

"They are all masters who have eaten and seen before, they can recognize real goods and fakes at a glance!"

"Don't worry, Third Sister, the high-fake high-fake is definitely more real than the real thing!"

Seeing that Ling Xuanzhi still wanted to pursue the question, Ning Tianlang hurriedly changed the topic and said:

"Right, Third Sister, just now if I didn't pull you, do you really want to kill that Gao Guangyao?"

"I won't kill him." Ling Xuanzhi gave a bewitching smile, "I have to charge for killing, I definitely won't do it for nothing."

After Ning Tian Lang interrupted like this, Ling Xuanzhi also stopped pursuing what happened just now.

It wasn't that she wasn't willing to pursue the matter to the end, it was just that just like Wen Ruyun, she chose to unconditionally believe her brother's words.

They believed that Ning Tianlang would never lie, and even if he did, it would definitely be a well-intentioned lie ......

It was very close from the Guiyun Shopping Center to the Golden Water Restaurant.

It only took ten minutes to drive.

At this moment, in the Mellow Pavilion's box, twenty or so richly dressed young men and women were sitting around an oversized round table, chatting very enthusiastically.

"Tang Lan, you're getting prettier and prettier now!"

The person who was speaking was in his thirties, named Jiang He, and was the oldest of the martial arts school students.

He bragged to an average-looking woman, "Tang Lan, after not seeing you for a few years, you're more hydrated than even the two golden flowers back then!"

Tang Lan feigned shyness and covered her mouth with a delicate smile:

"Maybe it's because I often go to high-grade beauty parlors to do my face, it looks like I'm a few years younger than my peers, giggle giggle ......"

Jiang He forced himself to hold back his nausea and laughed along with him twice, then his eyes turned to the man beside Tang Lan:

"This Fontana handsome man, is your fiancé, right?"

"Yes." Tang Lan leaned toward the man's arms and said happily, "Jia Yang and I are getting married next month."

"Congratulations ......"

"The two of you are truly a perfect match ......"

The crowd was in a state of admiration.

Everyone knew that this Pang Jiayang was the young master of the Pound Group and was worth more than a hundred million dollars.

As long as you can get attached to him, the rest of your life will be basically worry-free.

Jiang He rubbed his hands together and very humbly said to Pang Jiyang:

"Mr. Pang, I'm currently working as an accountant at Imperial Holding Enterprises, although the job is stable and the benefits are quite good, the salary is really a little bit less, I don't know if you can ......"

Before he could finish his words, the door to the box was pushed open.

Ning Tian Lang and Ling Xuan Zhi walked in together.

"Whew! It's one of the two golden flowers, Ling Xuanzhi, who has arrived! Everyone applaud and welcome!"

Someone whistled, and the atmosphere immediately warmed up. Ling Xuanzhi had a bewitching look and an icy temperament, and although her family lineage was no match for these people, she had been considered a star in the martial arts school since she was a child.

At this moment, her arrival immediately made these men's eyes light up with excitement.

Jiang He, on the other hand, had a trace of grimness in his eyes.

He had just almost climbed onto Pang Jia Yang!

But by Ling Xuanzhi stirring things up like this, he completely missed the perfect opportunity!

Ling Xuanzhi pulled Ning Tianlang to her seat and smiled, "Everyone, long time no see."

Her appearance directly drew all of everyone's attention.

Even Pang Jiayang stared blankly at her pretty face, a little out of breath.

Tang Lan was so furious that her face turned white, she snorted coldly and said in a conspiratorial manner:

"Ling Xuanzhi I heard that after you left the martial arts school, you entered some small, unheard of company, and now you have a monthly salary of three thousand?"

She couldn't compete in looks and popularity, so she could only compete in wealth now.

Ling Xuanzhi gave a demonic smile, "It's Nandou Technology Company, there is no monthly salary, it all depends on business commission."

This was nothing to hear in other people's ears, but Ning Tianlang heard it plainly -

The so-called Nandou Technology Company was probably the external disguise of a killer company.

As for the business commission, it's the reward for killing people. ......

"Che, what kind of trashy little company, I've never even heard of it!"

Tang Lan rolled her eyes and mocked.

Ever since she was a child, she had never been able to look down on Ling Xuanzhi.

Obviously a worthless orphan, he relied on his sultry looks to win the favor of all men.

In front of Ling Xuanzhi, she was like air and would always be ignored!




She couldn't wait to trample Ling Xuanzhi under her feet and then tell everyone that she was the best one!

Seeing Tang Lan's face not looking good, Jiang He hurriedly helped out:

"That's right, Ling Xuanzhi what kind of bullshit company is that of yours, it doesn't have a name at all! You still have the nerve to say it, it's not embarrassing!"

The women present all shared Tang Lan's dislike of Ling Xuanzhi's bewitching looks, and couldn't help but snicker along.

And although the men coveted Ling Xuanzhi's beauty, they were afraid of offending Tang Lan and her fiancé, so they also responded:

"Ling Xuanzhi is just a good-looking face, in terms of strength, it's still not as good as Tang Lan."

"That's right, having a bad background and still being aloof and indifferent, I guess this life will be spent at the bottom of society."

Hearing that the crowd was on her side, Tang Lan was smug.

She looked askance at Ling Xuanzhi condescendingly and said contemptuously:

"In fact, instead of working in a small company, you might as well become one of those ladies! It's not a waste of your siren-like skin, but you can also earn a lot of money to supplement your family."

Saying this, she covered her mouth with a feigned gesture:

"Oh, sorry, I forgot, you're an orphan without a home, so you won't have to subsidize your family, heh heh heh ......"

As soon as the words fell, the crowd burst into laughter.

Ling Xuanzhi looked at Tang Lan coldly, the coldness between his brows already calling out!

Ning Tianlang held Ling Xuanzhi's cold little hand under the table, swept Tang Lan an expressionless glance, and said in a cold voice:

"Ugly people make a fool of themselves!"

"Roll over! Kneel down and apologize to my third sister!"


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