Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 44: The First Hacker Organization


Tang Lan glared at Ning Tian Lang with a scowl on his face, "What the fuck are you again, how dare you scold me?"

"I see he came in with Ling Xuanzhi, he can't be Ling Xuanzhi's boyfriend, right?"

Several people at the table had their families with them, so they didn't pay much attention to the plainly dressed Ning Tianlang at first.

Jiang He said with a mocking face:

"Definitely Ling Xuanzhi's man, look at the drop-dead gorgeous clothes he's wearing, what a perfect match for an orphan like Ling Xuanzhi!"

The crowd snorted in disdain again.

Indeed, amongst their group of brightly dressed people, Ning Tianlang was just too inconspicuous.

Hearing that Ning Tian Lang was Ling Xuan Zhi's boyfriend, the crow's feet at the corners of Tang Lan's eyes were all happy.

She was finally able to crush Ling Xuanzhi!

"Yo, Ling Xuanzhi, you also have a boyfriend? What a way for the sun to come out of the west!"

Tang Lan tightly sat on Pang Jia Yang's arm, bullishly saying, "But your vision for this is really too poor, to find such a poor hangman."

Ling Xuanzhi's gaze was cold: "What I find has nothing to do with you, you mind your own business."

"Me?" Tang Lan leaned her head onto Pang Jia Yang's shoulder and smiled smugly, "I'm a happy man!"

As soon as her words fell, someone immediately cupped their stinky feet in envy, "Tang Lan and Young Master Pang are the perfect couple, a match made in heaven!"

"That's right, Ling Xuanzhi that's a flower stuck in cow dung, even the best looking flower is made to stink!"

Pang Jia Yang was so flattered by the crowd that he was fluttering about, a pair of thieving eyes sweeping over Ling Xuan Zhi's body.

From the first moment Ling Xuanzhi entered, he was mesmerized.

The Tang Lan he held in his arms instantly became a dried up chicken rib bone, not smelling good at all.

He glanced colorfully at Ling Xuanzhi and seemed to say:

"Tang Lan is right, ah, women still need to keep their eyes peeled when looking for an object, finding one with no ability and no future is a waste of one's youthful years."

The implication seemed to be implying that Ling Xuanzhi, only following him, Pang Jiayang, was the right and wise choice!

Saying that, he then looked askance at Ning Tianlang, provokingly saying:

"What kind of work are you doing now? Don't think you can't even afford Ms. Ling's cosmetics, right?"

Ning Tian Lang leaned on the back of his chair with an icy expression, "I just got discharged from the army and haven't found a job yet."

"Pfft! So it's a jobless hobo!"

Tang Lan directly snorted out a laugh, her expression despised to the extreme.

The people next to him also muttered in whispers:

"Why is Ling Xuanzhi still falling for a hobo? Isn't this being a bitch?"

"I really didn't see it, she pretends to be high and cold on the surface, but she's actually a cheap bastard inside ......"

Pang Jiayang had a condescending look on his face:

"Kid, if you can't find a job, why don't you come to our company as a security guard. The monthly salary is only two thousand five, but it's not as bad as relying on a woman to support you."

"Hahahahaha ...... watching the gate is better than starving to death, don't you all think so?"

Tang Lan laughed with gleeful forgetfulness.

To be able to trample Ling Xuanzhi hard under her feet, she was simply too happy!

The crowd followed suit with a burst of laughter, mocking Ning Tian Lang for accomplishing nothing while flattering Pang Jiayang for being young and talented.

At this moment, Gao Guangyao pushed the door and said loudly, "What's so funny? I heard you guys laughing right outside the door."

Tang Lan wiped the tears of laughter from the corners of her eyes:

"We're laughing about Ling Xuanzhi's boyfriend, going to work as a security guard for my fiancé, hahaha ......"

Jiang He's sharp eyes saw the bruises on Gao Guangyao's face and was surprised, "Guangyao why is your face swollen? Got into a fight with someone?"

Gao Guangyao glared fiercely at Ning Tianlang, "Let the dog bite when I came here, it doesn't bother me."

He didn't want this group of classmates to know that he was injured by this punk Ning Tian Lang.

It was too humiliating! Tang Lan greeted Gao Guangyao and sat down, warmly saying, "Hey right, Gao Guangyao did you chase after Ling Xuanzhi before?"

"I was fucking blind in the beginning." Gao Guangyao rubbed his distended cheeks.

"If I had known that she was a slutty bitch who liked hangers-on, I wouldn't have bothered to chase her!"

Upon hearing this, the crowd couldn't help but look at each other.

What exactly was the grudge between them?

This Gao Guangyao was cursing too hard!

A trace of coldness crossed Ning Tian Lang's eyes as he said icily, "Gao Guangyao, repeat what you just said."

Gao Guangyao stalled, his lips wriggled a few times but didn't dare to say anything.

But Tang Lan was watching the fun, she couldn't wait for someone to stink up Ling Xuanzhi.

"Guangyao, say it again! I don't believe that a hobo like him would dare to do anything to you!"

Pang Jia Yang also nodded his head and said, "That's right, this young master is backing you up, you don't have to be afraid of him!"

Seeing that Young Master Pang had put his word in, Gao Guangyao instantly had the courage to point at Ning Tianlang and cursed:

"If you fucking want to hear it, I'll say it again! You're a stinking scoundrel, comparable to this little bitch Ling Xuanzhi ......"

Before he could finish his words, Ning Tian Lang had already picked up the tealight in front of him and with a flick of his wrist, threw it directly onto Gao Guangyao's mouth!


A crisp ringing sound suddenly came out!

Gao Guangyao's two incisors fell to the ground in unison along with the tealight!

"Well ......"

Gao Guangyao directly crouched down with his hands covering his mouth in pain.

Blood seeped out from his fingers and dripped onto the ground.

"Oh my god!"

"Kou Guangyao are you alright?"

The crowd was shocked to see the sight of blood and they all stood up.

Jiang He slammed the table, "Grass! You fucking dare to make a move! Do you know that we all come from martial arts training!"

Saying this, he showed his arms and sleeves and was about to charge towards Ning Tianlang.

"Jiang He, you can try your hand."

Ling Xuanzhi stood up violently, blocking in front of Ning Tianlang, a hint of murderous intent flashing through his demonic eyes, and

"You can all go together and see who can walk out of this house alive!"

Jiang He subconsciously took a step back, his face unsightly.

When the martial arts school had two golden flowers, it was not only because they were good looking, but also because the two of them had the toughest hands!

Coupled with the fact that all of these people had long since given up practicing kung fu and gradually became stiff and fat.

Jiang He really didn't dare to determine if they would be Ling Xuanzhi's opponents if they were to start fighting at this moment.

"What? Don't dare?"

Ling Xuanzhi's voice reached everyone's ears, causing the faces of these "successful people" in suits to become extremely embarrassed.

Just as the two sides were at a standstill, the door of the box was slowly pushed open.

A slender figure wearing a short pink dress walked in playfully.

Her high heels stepped on the ground, emitting a clear and crisp "da da da da" sound.

"It's the second Golden Flower who has arrived!"

"The little princess is here, everyone welcome!"

As if seeing a savior, everyone applauded.

Jiang He also quietly let out a breath and slowly sat back in his chair.

Having just positively felt Ling Xuanzhi's killing aura, his back was already drenched in cold sweat ......

"Sister Ling!"

As soon as the young girl who came in saw Ling Xuan Zhi, she immediately said excitedly, "Sister Ling, it's been a long time, I missed you so much!"

Immediately afterward, she saw Ning Tianlang beside Ling Xuanzhi.

"It's you?!" Her pretty face was filled with surprise, "Why are you here?!"

Ning Tianlang heatedly smiled, "Ms. Tu, what a coincidence."


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