Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 45: Fight Back!

This young girl in a short pink dress was none other than Tu Yangyang!

Ning Tian Lang patted the empty seat beside him, "Miss Tu, come and sit here."

Tu Yangyangyang sat beside him with a puzzled expression, "What's going on? Why are you here? Who did you come with?"

Saying this, she was suddenly stunned, "It can ...... t be Sister Ling, right?"

"Yeah, she's my third sister." Ning Tianlang moved closer to her and whispered, "This pink skirt is much better looking than that black leather jacket."

"Nasty, who cares if you think it looks good or not!"

Tu Yangyang lightly hit him, her brows filled with pout.

Seeing this scene, everyone froze.

The Tu Yangyangyang in their impression had always been the image of a high and mighty princess.

Other than Ling Xuanzhi, they hadn't seen her get so close to anyone!

Jiang He's eyes were already about to spit fire!

He hadn't gotten married until he was in his thirties just for Tu Yangyang!

Only that he was so far from the Tu family's class that he could only secretly hide in the shadows and fantasize about her.

At this moment, when he saw that Tu Yangyang was so intimate with a hangman, his lungs simply exploded with anger!

He himself had never even touched Miss Tu's hand!

Tang Lan's eyelids also jumped, "Sheepish ah, you recognize this person?"

Unlike her treatment of Ling Xuanzhi, she couldn't even bring up the slightest bit of jealousy towards Tu Yangyang.

The Tu Family was the number one family in the north!

The Pang Family was not even an ant in front of the Tu Family!

Tu Yangyang Yang shrugged her shoulders, unconcerned, "Recognize, he slept in my room last night."

Tang Lan: "......"

Crowd: "!!!"

The moment these words came out, the entire box fell silent.

For a while, it was as quiet as a pin!


Jiang He only felt a tightness in his chest, a fishy sweetness surged to his throat, and he was directly angry enough to spit out blood!

"What ...... what ......?"

Tang Lan pointed at Ning Tian Lang with a shocked expression, "Isn't he Ling Xuanzhi's boyfriend? How could he be sleeping with you?"

At this time, Gao Guangyao spat out blood and frothed as he rose from the ground, saying in a vicious voice, "What boyfriend! This kid is Ling Xuan Zhi's brother in the orphanage!"

Upon hearing this, everyone's expressions became even more odd.

I didn't expect an orphan to be favored by the Miss Tu family.

Is there any justice in heaven in this!

Pang Jia Yang's face turned even whiter.

The look of superiority just now was completely gone!

He couldn't wait to slap himself directly.

How dare he ask the Tu family's son-in-law to work as a security guard for him, he simply didn't want to die!

Seeing Pang Jiayang shaking like a sieve, Ning Tianlang smiled faintly:

"Young Master Pang you don't have to be afraid, I don't have any relationship with Miss Tu. Last night, I was merely borrowing the Tu family for the night."

Hearing this, everyone was relieved for a moment-

"I told you, how could an orphan like him be with Miss Tu!"

"Scared me to death, I really thought he was a phoenix man who flew to the top of the branch!"

Everyone patted their chests in celebration and exclaimed ......

Only Pang Jiayang's face was already ugly to the core!

It was really too humiliating just now!

He had actually been scared to the point of trembling by a hangman!

Although no one laughed at him, he already hated to find a crack in the ground!

"I still have things to do, so I'll excuse myself."

Pang Jia Yang's face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

He couldn't sit still any longer after losing so much face.

Tang Lan felt a little embarrassed on her face and whispered, "You're leaving just like this? What about me?"

"I'll have Xiao Liu drive over to pick you up later."

Pang Jiayang forced out an ugly smile and said to the crowd, "I'll treat this meal today, everyone have fun."

Hearing Pang Jiayang say so, Tang Lan then regained a few smiles, "Then you go first, be safe on the road ah."

Pang Jiayang pulled open the compartment door and suddenly paused for a moment.

Immediately afterward, he jerked his head back and said viciously to Ning Tian Lang:

"Kid, I'll remember you! You'd better not fall into my hands!"

After saying that, he slammed the door with a bang. After freezing for a while, someone snorted and said, "Tang Lan, thanks to Young Master Pang for the treat."

"Yes, yes, it's true that you're worthy of being the young master of the Pound Group, you're just generous."

For more than twenty people to have this meal at the Golden Water Restaurant, it would be close to twenty thousand dollars anyways.

The crowd marveled at Pang Jia Yang's trenchant handiwork.

Tang Lan smiled smugly, "That's natural, my Jia Yang is very willing to spend money for me."

She glanced at Ling Xuanzhi, "It's a pity, it's all because of this kid Ling Xuanzhi brought to make Jiayang angry! Originally, he had promised to take us to Chunhao International to sing!"


ChunHao International?

That was a place that ordinary people couldn't even get into!

The crowd looked at Ning Tian Lang and Ling Xuan Zhi angrily.

"Ling Xuanzhi! Look at what you've done! For nothing, we lost a chance to see the world!"

"That's right, the minimum spending for a box there is half a million dollars! If it wasn't for Young Master Pang's treat, when else would we have had such an opportunity?!"

Everyone rose up and attacked, almost as if they wanted to eat Ning Tian Lang alive!

Ling Xuanzhi and Tu Yangyang simultaneously looked cold.

They were just about ready to step forward and speak.

Just then, they heard, knock, knock, knock ......

The sound of knocking on the door rang out.

All of them had a look of resentment, ''Who is it! Isn't the food not ordered yet?!"

In the next second, the door to the box slowly opened, and store manager Lu Feng stood at the door with three tall and handsome clerks, respectfully saying:

"Everyone, excuse me, we're here to deliver the order."


All of them were stunned.

They all saw the brand logo and name tag on Lu Feng's chest - the store manager of Gouwei Luxury!

"Hiss ......"

Someone sucked in a mouthful of cool air in surprise:

"Goodway Luxury? This is the world's premier menswear brand! I've heard that there's no clothes in his house that are under five figures!"

Amidst the crowd's astonished gazes, Lu Feng waved his hand, "Bring the stuff up."

As soon as the words fell, the three sales clerks behind him immediately placed the beautifully packaged boxes in their hands, carefully placing them on the large round table.

Each person held ten copies, totaling thirty!

"This ...... is ...... this."

Jiang He's eyes widened in disbelief, "This is one of the best belts from Gu Wei Luxury, one costs eighty-eight thousand dollars!"


"Gosh ...... so expensive ......"

Eighty-eight thousand dollars was not a lot of money for all these people here.

But to spend thirty eighty-eight thousand dollars on just a few belts, they couldn't help but be shocked!

Jiang He looked at these belts with greedy eyes and asked Lu Feng tentatively, "This ...... these are for us?"

"That's right, it's that one ......"

Lu Feng nodded, and before he could finish, Jiang He excitedly stood up and addressed Tang Lan:

"Tang Lan, Mr. Pang is also too generous! It's not enough to just treat him to dinner, but he even gave him such an expensive gift!"

With these words, the crowd all came to a sudden realization.

One after another, they said to Tang Lan:

"It's true that you are worthy of being Pang Shao, your outbursts are just different from ordinary people!"

"Thank you so much Tang Lan, if I were to buy it myself I definitely wouldn't be able to part with it, I'm so grateful to you and Young Master Pang ......"

Listening to everyone's admiration that was both envious and grateful, Tang Lan was also a bit bewildered.

Pang Jiayang, however, had never mentioned this to herself before ......

But as she scanned around the table, other than her own fiancƩ, there was really no one else who could have such a handiwork.

Only then did she put her heart down and giggled, "Aiya, Jiayang really loves me too much, always trying to find ways to make me happy!"

Saying this, she proudly looked at Ling Xuanzhi and Ning Tianlang and dejectedly said:

"I guess orphans like you can't afford this kind of thing even if you save up for a few years, so I'll be merciful and give you one."

Before Ling Xuanzhi could say anything, Tu Yangyang first became furious: "Who says he can't afford it! I'll buy it for him!"

"Hehe, in the end, it's still a woman?" Jiang He's eyes glowed red with jealousy, sneering and mocking, "If you have the patience to earn the money to buy it yourself!"

As soon as his words fell, Lu Feng spoke out with an inexplicable face:

"What are you guys talking about? These belts were all paid for by Mr. Ning!"


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