Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 46: An hour, is that enough?

"No, no, no, I didn't!" Song Zhi raised his chin and his voice rose steeply, "I didn't."

"Didn't what?" Huo Mushen's lips hooked up, in an extremely pleasant mood, teasing Song Zhi.

"Want to do it with you!" Song Zhi uttered angrily.


Song Zhi heard a sound of a door hitting the wall behind him and turned around violently to see Bu Yan standing in place with a face full of confusion.

"That, Third Brother and Third Sister-in-law do I need to leave out time for you guys." Bu Yan's right eyebrow raised, slanting his lips in a hook, "Third brother, see if I give you an hour long enough, not long enough I can wait longer, only after two hours, the hospital is off duty."

Song Ru: "......"

Nima, misunderstood!

And is leaving an hour long enough?

Huo Mou Shen's stamina for tossing her around could be described as all night long.

Song Zhi's mind had just swept over this thought when she heard Huo Mushen's low, magnetic voice: "One hour, is that enough?"

"Not enough."

Ah, blah blah blah!

Song Zhu counts 'snap' to his face, how is it that when he hears Huo Mou Shen speak, it's just like taking roll call in college days, one must answer reflexively!

Bu Yan exclaims, the corner of his mouth reveals a wicked smile, and with a bit of a gangly air, he says, "Then I'll give up my office to Third Brother and Third Sister-in-law." After saying that, he really did directly close the door thoughtfully.

Song Zhi was stunned, her face was so embarrassed that she couldn't lift it up, then she directly buried it back into Huo Mushan's chest and pouted with dissatisfaction, "Huo Mushan, I blame you! I'm now ashamed of all the disgrace to the home, why do you have to call me, you do not know that you call me, I will reflex answer? Finished finished, I haven't seen anyone yet, I have no face."

"Heh ......" Huo Mou Shen looked down at the small head rubbing around on his chest and gently hooked his lips, "Mrs. Huo, don't rub it, rub it again and something will really happen."

After hearing this, Song Ru really obediently did not dare to move again, and could only sullenly say, "Then what to do now? Do we really want to sit here all night, or go home?"

Huo Mou Shen's eyelids jumped, this girl is really stupid or on purpose!

He picks Song Zhi up and puts him on a bench, turns around and walks towards the door with his long legs, then he sees Bu Yan sitting on the bench concentrating on playing with his cell phone, his long legs take a few steps and crosses over in front of him, casually pulling away his cell phone, glancing at the contents of WeChat for a few moments, his voice picks up a tone of sarcasm, "Want to see Song Zhi?"

"Yes, I was just arguing with big brother, I feel that the third sister-in-law is definitely not like big brother's mouth and the media mouth said uneducated, but very like third brother, I saw her look at the eyes of the third brother are full of love it." Bu Yan speaks sourly, pauses, and adds, "Third brother, now that you've married third sister-in-law, when exactly are you going to officially introduce Song Zhi to us?"

Huo Mo Shen's eyes return to a clear coldness after a short period of gloom, and finally gradually fall silent: "Wait for a while, she's still injured and not very convenient."

Hearing the word 'ambiguous', Buyan looks over with seeming understanding before he narrows his eyes and says, "Third brother, with my years of professionalism as a doctorate in psychology, just now third sister-in-law was definitely thinking of something bad when she looked at me, did you talk to her about me before?"

"No." Huo Mou Shen throws two words over.

Buyan is a bit curious and says in disbelief, "Impossible, I look at people's micro-expressions, I usually don't make mistakes, third sister-in-law must have seen me before and was surprised by me, if it's the first time we meet, people will be wary or unable to put up with it, but third sister-in-law is familiar with it as if we've seen each other before, third brother, you're really sure that this is the first time third sister-in-law has seen me?"

"I'm sure."

Huo Mushen responds in a low voice, but is convinced by Buyan's words that Song Zhi knows and doesn't know him very well, even to the point of a drastic change in temperament.

"Then does she have any abnormal symptoms?" Buyan asks.

Huo Mushen ponders for a moment and doesn't shy away from it, "She was sick with nightmares before and has been crying out in pain."

Bu Yan calmly analyzes, "It looks like it might be related to a mental illness, then it's better to give third sister-in-law a checkup first, I might be able to find out by observing more details about third sister-in-law."

Huo Mushen raises an eyebrow, "You still want to scrutinize my wife?"


Being sprinkled with dog food.

How dare he, "Third brother, I wouldn't dare to look at third sister-in-law more closely."

At the end, he added, "Though, third sister-in-law looks pretty though."

But it's much prettier than that Su Xue Ning from M country!


The two men favor each other unspokenly, and then Huo Mushen takes Song Qi to do the MRI.

"Third sister-in-law, you can just lie on it." Bu Yan, wearing a white coat, walked around, pulling the curtains closed and clearing away all the idlers.

Song Zhi looked towards the cold operating table-like hospital bed in front of her, her palms gradually broke out in a weak sweat, her long fingernails pinched into her palms, her breathing became abnormally tight, and she tramped in place, not moving for a long time.

Bu Yan turned back to see the pale face of Song Zhi standing in place, the frequency of her breathing messed up, frowning this scene silently note down: "Third sister-in-law, you go up, it's fine, there is no effect on your body, just a simple check of your chest cavity is there any problem?"

"I ...... don't have any problems." She subconsciously touched her ribs.

"Third sister-in-law, you can't be afraid, right, I'll go ask third brother to come in and accompany you?" Bu Yan's eyes were sharp enough to stare at her subtle guarded movements, reinforcing the fact that Song Zhi must have experienced some bad encounter.

Song Zhi sniffed and looked apprehensive, moving her lips slightly to stop him from turning around, "No need! I can go up by myself."

"Alright then." Bu Yan silently cast his meaningful gaze onto one of the glass walls of the examination room, and then motionlessly withdrew his gaze, pulling out the hospital bed and letting Song Zhi lie on it, soothingly saying, "Third sister-in-law, don't be nervous."

Song Zhi's footsteps were weak, and when she bent over as she fell onto the bed, she deliberately protected both sides of her waist, where the two kidneys were located, and subconsciously touched her lungs and stomach ......

Bu Yan's brows were heavy, he felt bad, this was a healer's concern for the patient, nothing else.

"Third sister-in-law, don't be afraid ......"

"En, I'm not afraid." Song Zhe's voice is extremely light, but her words are cold and absolute, revealing an unshakeable determination, "Huo Mou Shen is waiting right outside the door for me to go home, no one can stop me from going home with Huo Mou Shen anymore, no one can!"

Her words are clearly and unobtrusively transmitted to the ears of the men in the observation room.

There was a crack in the depths of Huo Mushen's indifferent eyes, growing larger and larger until the darkness that pressed into the blackness of the abyss flooded his entire pupil.

Song Zhi doesn't realize that Huo Mushan is right next door, she's covered in a cold sweat when she's pushed in by the machine, it's clear that the room is hot, but her shirt dress is wet with sweat, so sticky that it clings to her spine, making Song Zhi feel uncomfortable all over.

She even once again felt like a tidal wave of death used to, there were two miscreants who were manipulating poor quality scalpels to cut her skin, digging out her only remaining kidney alive.

Song Ru also remembered being snubbed by Song Yanran into signing a body donation letter, allowing Mrs. Lu to take away one of her kidneys to save Lu Huaike, and then having the second one scooped up alive in prison, persecuting her so much that she clearly heard Huo Mushan's voice, heard him wanting to take her home, and felt the wisp of hope clearly coming towards her, but couldn't do anything about it.


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