Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

" Chapter 47 You will take me home, won't you!"

Time, minute by minute passed.

When Bu Yan finished all the index item checks and pulled Song Zhi out, he saw a bloodless face, his brows throbbing with nervousness, and reached out to pat and caress her shoulders, "Third sister-in-law, you ......"

Before the latter words are finished, Song Zhi violently pushes Bu Yan away and stumbles away from the hospital bed, desperately pulling the door open.

Next door, Huo Mou Shen sees Song Zhi crumbling and running out, and also quickly turns around and walks to the door, just in time to be bumped into by Song Zhi.

"Huo Mushan, you'll take me home, you'll take me home won't you!" Song Zhi asked as she grabbed his arm, her breath knitting tightly.

"En, I'll take you home." Huo Moushen holds the nearly unconscious Song Zhi, and says to Bu Yan who runs out after him, "She's been scared today, I'll take her home first, and when the report is checked out, you'll send it to Huo Garden."

Leaving behind a sentence, Huo Mushan turns around and disappears at the end of the hospital corridor with a steady and swift stride.

Along the way, Huo Mou Shen is tending to her emotions, constantly lowering his head to kiss the side of her face, "Xiao Zhi, tell me, what did you see?"

"I saw that I was killed, you were right outside the door saying that you would take me home, and I didn't wait ...... I'm going to die, Huo Mou Shen. I was killed by them." Song Zhi told Huo Mou Shen directly the secret hidden in her heart, and the tears she had been holding back just now flowed in an instant.

When she cried, she suddenly lost her voice ......

Huo Mou Shen's eyes crumbled, and when he looked down, he saw Song Zhi, who had directly passed out, and hurriedly carried the person back to the emergency room.

Bu Yan saw Huo Mou Shen returning, and glimpsed Song Zhi in his arms in a deep coma, his brows heaved up, and after carefully checking Song Zhi with his stethoscope, the heart in his throat slowly returned to his chest.

"It's nothing, it's just qi depression attacking the heart, commonly known as back qi, fainted."

Huo Moushen inclined his eyes, half-dragging Song Zhi into his arms, painfully touching her cheeks for a moment.

The fingertips rubbed over her delicate skin, and the familiar scent of sunken wood gradually stretched Song Zhi's brows.

"En, when will she be able to wake up?" Huo Moushen asked in a low voice.

"Tomorrow will be able to wake up, don't let her suffer in the future." Bu Yan pulls back a stool and sits down, reviewing the cases while asking flirtatiously, "Third brother, it's now possible to diagnose Third Sister-in-law with a mental illness, and that she experienced some kind of inhumane treatment or abusive encounters when she was young or when. I remember that Third Sister-in-law's mother has already passed away, right, so Third Sister-in-law is so miserable, if ......"


The man's protruding throat knots rolled a bit, unceremoniously interrupting Bu Yan's words.

Buyan silently lowered his head, well it was disliked again.

"Is there any way to make her better?" Huo Mu Shen speaks expressionlessly.

"There is, but it still requires psychotherapy, and I really don't know what Third Sister-in-law went through as a child?" To be honest, Buyan somewhat sympathized with Song Zhi encountered, obviously living openly and capriciously in front of people, but living ...... a miserable life after people.

Probably unconsciously touched the man's unpleasant point, he directly dialed the phone.

"Hello ~" Jiang Jing Xing, who was buried in a big case, impatiently returned.

"It's me." Huo Mou Shen feels Song Zhi curl her body into a ball is arching towards his arms, then as if she were a cat, she finds a comfortable position in her master's arms and falls back into a deep sleep.

Jiang Jing Xing picked up a cigarette, spitting out the smoke, flirtingly responded, "I thought you were immersed in the gentle countryside, not caring about your company! If M & R Group loses money, Lao San, you remember to spit out all of the money I invested in the company to the old man/son!"

"Big brother, you know that's impossible!" Huo Muchen was hurtful and never did money-losing deals.

He had wanted to speak directly to Song Ru, but was turned directly to work by a few words from Jiang Jing Xing, so he asked in passing, "Was it Old Six who said that to Big Brother?"

"En, Old Six is afraid that you'll turn into King Shang Zhou!" Jiang Jing Xing clamps both fingers on the lit cigarette, biting out a smoke mark in his white fangs, sneering at Huo Mou Shen through the screen, "But now see that you're still clear-headed enough, I've asked people to stop going to break the Lu family's roots, the Lu family can't be broken right now, I've got a big case here that needs the Lu family."

"Good, I can step in if necessary." Huo Mou Shen said dryly.

"Lao San, when did you get warm-hearted!" Jiang Jingxing stared at the screen and squeezed his cell phone tightly, "You watch out for dying on Song Zhi, say it, what are you looking for me for?"

"I want to find out what Song Zhi went through in the Song family during the years I wasn't in Huacheng?" Huo Mushen said in a low voice.

Jiang Jingxing spat, "Fuck, I knew you didn't have anything good in mind when you were looking for Laozi! I heard Lao Liu say that the Song family's cooperation with you broke the capital chain, if you really want to fill that loophole, I'll crash you with a wooden barn!"

"Big brother, I didn't invest in the Song family's funding program, it was Xiaozhu who told me." The corner of Huo Mou Shen's mouth twitches, and seeing that Bu Yan is about to put his ear to his face, he disgustedly pulls out a tissue and wipes the edge of the cell phone touched by Bu Yan, then turns his back and continues to make phone calls, "The M&R project is still ongoing, and Xiao Zhi is also very well-behaved."

There was a pause of a few seconds on the other side of the phone before Jiang Jing Xing's voice came, "Just wait, when will you bring the person to us to see, I'll help you again, I still have work, hang up!"


Bu Yan scratches his ear on the side, as soon as he sees Huo Mou Shen put his cell phone down, he hurriedly puts his face over, "Third brother, what did big brother say? I just heard him say you're going to die on Song Zhi."

Huo Moushen looks at a cold and stern look, then points to the door, "Go out, it's too noisy outside."

Saying that, Huo Moushen lifts the sheet and lies on the bed with long arms and legs, looking a bit cramped, but Huo Moushen doesn't feel anything wrong, instead he directly puts Song Zhi in his arms, letting her comfortably lie on his chest, pulling his hands around his waist.

"Third brother, aren't you a clean freak? How come I haven't seen you touching Third Sister-in-law and having to sterilize it." Bu Yan muttered in a small voice, "I also don't know how Third Brother, with your foul temper, Third Sister-in-law puts up with you."

After saying this, Bu Yan turns around and pushes open a small gap in the door of the room, and the miserable screams squeeze in through the crack.

Huo Mou Shen sees Song Zhi frowning uneasily and stares at Bu Yan, "Get out and close the door."

Buyan's eyebrows jump in shock, lifting the signing pen and hanging it on his white coat, he turns around and walks out, not a minute later he's back again, carrying a bucket of hot water and a glass in his hand.

"Third brother, you say there is no fun, the woman outside the door also do not know who offended, head knocked out a huge incomparable bag, teeth were all pulled out, tsk tsk, you did not see the whole face is swollen into a pig's head, look at it all can not see who ...... is."

"Offended me, if you talk nonsense again, I don't mind letting you and her a downfall." Huo Mou Shen's voice is light, but when he hears Bu Yan's ears, it's thick with shock and coercion.

Bu Yan's playful smile withdrew, squeezing the hot water cup tightly, "Offended you?"

Third brother, more ruthless than he thought!

However, Third Brother has always been gentle and resilient, even if a person messes with him, he can be a smiling tiger to tolerate you for two more seconds, and then ruthlessly stab you in the back a few times, so that the person doesn't even have time to retaliate, and then not move to make you completely disappear from this world.

Three brothers can not taut emotions and means, directly to the people whole dead, that is certainly touch the bottom line of the three brothers!

Three brother's bottom line is ......


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