Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 48 Huo Shao was wronged

Bu Yan didn't dare to imagine what to do if Huo Mou Shen would be taken by the secret people once he had his ribs!

He quickly handed over the cup of hot water, then sat next to him and whispered as softly as he could, "Third brother, do you want to give third sister-in-law a hypnosis one day, she is now in this situation it is easy ...... to go off the deep end, hey, it is a nightmare, in case of sleepwalking, it is not good."

"En." Huo Mou Shen holds Song Zhi's thin waist and strokes her fine hair behind her ear before he says to Bu Yan, "The person outside the door, offended me, you know how to deal with it."

The corner of Bu Yan's lips revealed a wicked frontal smile, "I know, I know, I'll go deal with it."

After he turns around and leaves the room, only Huo Mu Shen and Song Zhi are left in the room, the atmosphere is quiet and peaceful.

Song Zhi is so obedient that she is out of shape, Huo Mushan holds her warm body and gradually becomes sleepy, gently closing his eyes.


I don't know how long it took.

Song Zhi woke up again, dry mouth, always feel that they hold the stove, hot, her legs stirred directly kicked off the quilt, but her face in the cold 'pillow', smothered her breathing is difficult, burning in the throat.

After stabilizing her mind, Song Zhi opened her heavy eyelids with great difficulty, her small head tilted, squinted her eyes and looked around, but she could not see anything, and could only smell the faint smell of disinfectant.

The entire room was so dark that she couldn't see a finger, Song Zhi's pulpy brain slowly woke up, and could only rely on her body's instinctive conditioned response to prop up half of her elbow and stay away from the fireplace.

With her hair hanging low, she reached out to touch the bedside lamp, but in her haphazard way, she could only touch her face with hot air.

Song Zhi's fingers curled up slightly, her body unconsciously stiffening back to its original place, murmuring in a low voice, "I actually fell asleep on top of Huo Mu Shen."

She pressed her face sideways against his chest, listening to the 'dong dong dong dong' sound of his heart, only to feel that something was drilling straight into her cochlea, and that feeling made her entire body shiver straight uncontrollably, wanting to avoid and unable to avoid, feeling itchy and tingly for no apparent reason, and a pair of sour eyes suddenly misted with moisture.

Listening to the even breathing sound above her head, Song Zhi didn't dare to move, she could only carefully extend her arm to touch his cheek, and as if she was electrocuted, she hastily drew back.


Song Zhi's two eyelashes were so wet that they fluttered twice before she secretly sighed in relief.

Fortunately, Huo Mu Shen didn't wake up.

Song Zhi stayed in his chest for another two minutes, feeling her arms stiffen, and playfully reaching out from under the covers to point at his nose with her 'evil' little hand, seeing that he didn't react, her face 'swished' and flashed a touch of red, muttering a couple of words in a low voice: "Fortunately, didn't wake up."

Song Zhi had slept enough, and at this moment, there was absolutely no drowsiness, but she didn't dare to move around randomly, only wanting to let Huo Mou Shen rest properly.

Stayed another five minutes, Song Zhi bored lying on his chest long sigh, once again mischievous mind up, boldly reach out and grabbed the man's face, fine and soft index finger along the man's handsome rich brow slowly scratch to the man's eyelashes, fingertips gently touched the man's long black loving eyelashes, Song Zhi some consternation, I did not expect Huo Muk Shen's eyelashes are so long, really let a person envy and jealousy hate!

The index finger slowly went down ...... swept over the man's high and straight nose root, then to the thin corner of the lips, making Song Zhi's breathing slightly tightly knit.

She muttered in a small voice, "What a beautiful face."

Good skin elasticity and good looks, coupled with muscles and an inverted triangle body that gained a point and lost a point, really made all women spurt nosebleeds.

"Hmph, this is my husband, no one can snatch it away!" Song Zhi boldly pinched Huo Mushan's earlobe with her fingertips, and just as she was about to draw them back, she felt them suddenly being tugged by a large hand and wrapped in his palm.

She was so shocked that she shivered, then snorted delicately, "You're pretending to be asleep!"

"Disliking me like you do, I can feel it as long as I'm not dead."

Huo Mu Shen woke up as early as when Song Zhi moved twice, only he didn't move, he just wanted to see what Song Zhi wanted to do, he didn't expect that she would tenderly caress his face, she pleases to change so fast, so fast that he felt like forgetting what the original Song Zhi should be like?

"Woke up from your nap?"

He asked.


Sleeping any longer, she'll probably be able to become a piglet.

Huo Moushen raises his hand and presses open the bedside lamp, the room is enveloped by an orange halo of light, flooded with a charming atmosphere.

"Had a full night's sleep?"

Song Zhi wants to straighten up, then she feels a hand encircling her, and is steeply flipped over on the narrow hospital bed, being firmly pressed onto the bed.

Huo Mushen's black eyes, which are as deep as the sea, closed, and the corner of his lips faintly hooked up, "I didn't 'sleep' enough, Mrs. Huo, you should pay the interest."

Song Zhi brain buried in the pillow, a burst of dizziness, vision lax for a moment, almost can not see the man's face blocking their lips, the body's strength as if it was a clean, lift the finger feel powerless.

Song Zhi couldn't stop gasping for air at the corner of his lips, like a fish on the voltaic shore that was drawing a meager amount of oxygen from between his lips.

"Huo Mu Shen ......"


"I'm hungry ......," Song Zhi said in a petulant soft voice.

Huo Mou Shen's eyes burned with two clouds of anger, his bones were pinched and cackled, gritting his teeth, "Deliberately?"

"No, really hungry ...... Let's eat first, okay?"

"......" Huo Mo Shen grunted from his nose, seeing her soft and innocent watery eyes, his breath was taut for a split second: "Mrs. Huo, you owe three times, how do you want to pay back?"


This couldn't be picked up.

Seeing Song Zu's stifled face, Huo Mu Shen has the urge to erupt a volcano, he takes two deep breaths, stares at her in silence for a moment, bends over and rolls down from the hospital bed, and quickly walks towards the door.

"Ten minutes, I'll send you home, I'll go to the office today."

Song Zhi hugged the quilt with an 'oh' sound, those eyes relaxed and despondent, filled with contradictions.

Huo Mo Shen leaves the ward and heads straight to the top floor of the hospital, letting the night wind of Huacheng blow on his handsome face, and after a while, the agitation in his chest gradually calms down, looking out over the far reaches of Huacheng, with an unobstructed view of the city.

He was like a king, towering over the city, his brows untamed, trampling Hua Cheng underfoot.

But at this moment, Huo Mushen's mind is not thinking about conquering the world, but how to eat his wife dry?

It has to be said that the incomparable Huo Shao is aggrieved.


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