Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 50 Shameless

Song Yanyan is two years older than Song Ru, before entering the Song family in addition to the countryside to know some words have not been to school.

At the beginning was He Meiping brought into the Song family, Song Yuancheng in order to let He Meiping rest assured, coupled with Song Yanyan foundation is extremely weak, so directly and Song rhetoric on a class.

Only later, no matter how much effort He Meiping put in, she was never as good as Song Ru, who had been carefully cultivated by Tang Shi.

Song Yanran also struggled to keep up, but she could dress up and pretend to be White Lotus making everyone in the class follow her heart.

"Yeah, how dare Song Ru come to our high school reunion.

Who didn't know back then that she cheated and stole our Yanyan's midterm scores to get in."

Someone at the bottom echoed Zhao Li.

Song Ru lazily listened to their mockery of himself, and looked towards the news still festering online, finding the scarf that Song Yanyan had posted, and seeing her bursting into tears of aggravation, he smiled coldly.

People cheap to invincible.

Back then she was not doing her job, but couldn't help but be taught by her mother to have a good base.

Plus I don't know who would be so kind, always kicking her to tutoring, so her grades have always been high.

She remembered He Meiping once pulling her hand in a serious tone.

She said, "Xiao Ru, you don't have to study at all, can't the Song family still support you? If you want to go to any school, your father can let you go with a wave of his big palm."

Listen, he sounded so nice.

Most importantly, Song Zhu remembers that later she really had the idea of dropping out of school, turning in blank papers on her exams, and her grades falling from the top ten in her grade all the way down to the bottom one in her age, making her the laughingstock of the whole grade.

And because of 'chasing' Lu Huaike to make a fuss, the image is as bad as it gets!

At that time in school, if she was the dog-tailed flower, then Song Yanran was the white moonlight in the hearts of the boys, gentle and generous, understanding, like a flower.

All the good belongs to Song Yanran, and all the bad, naturally belong to her.

But no one knows, Song Yanyan can come in the academic performance is to replace her name, so in the high school list of all Song Yanyan's grades belong to her!

She didn't care too much at that time, it didn't matter how many grades were, so she didn't care too much, even if the midterm grades were replaced, it didn't matter.

Just this time ...... what she lost, what was robbed by Song Yanran, to get it all back at once!


Ding Ding.

Someone in the WeChat group sent another message.

"Gu Qingjia, aren't you on the best terms with her?

Go ask her if she's coming, don't say that my son Zhao bullied her then!"

Zhao Li, a typical male son, always mixing with the nightclubs in Huacheng.

People also hang around, a 'heaven and earth are not afraid, the oldest' look, but Song Yanyan full ten 'lick / dog'.

Zhao Li has helped Song Yanran victimize her many times, how can this kind of person let go?

Song Ru narrowed her eyes, but when she remembered these lovely classmates, a trace of intense coldness rose in her heart, gradually spreading throughout her heart.

She casually wrote 'Zhao Li's' name on the paper, and heavily punched a big cross with a red pen!

"Xiao Ru, they're really bullying you, why don't you stop going."

Gu Qingjia kindly consoled, but in her heart, she couldn't wait for Song Ru to hurry up and agree.

The corner of Song Ru's lips lazily hooked up a hint of a hidden arc, and quickly replied with his finger, "Go, how can I not go to this kind of high school reunion?"

Gu Qingjia excitedly replied with her finger, "Good then, see you at the high school reunion."


Seeing the firm reply, Gu Qingjia dialed the phone to Song Yanran, unable to stop the excitement and the thrill of wanting revenge in her words, "Yanran, Song Zhi has already promised to go to the class reunion this Saturday."

"She promised." Song Yanran's voice was sinister.

She scraped hard at Song Zhi in the photo with her ochre-painted fingernails, "Is there any more of that psychosis-inducing drug you prepared last time?"

"You still want that one?"


"The amount that was put down is too much, will it let people find out, and that kind of drug belongs to illegal behavior. Yanyan, why don't we not give it to Song Zhe ......"

"Shut up! Gu Qing Jia do you think it's too late to talk to me about this now! Don't you forget, if I don't become Mrs. Huo, you won't get a penny!" Song Yanran interrupted her.

Gu Qingjia was stunned.

Song Yanran's vicious voice also came out, "And you cheated her out of so much money and almost disfigured her face, do you think she'll let you go?"

Although Song Zhi didn't tear her face off with them, Song Yanran was very sober, Song Zhi wasn't that sober to be cheated, and she also took away the Song family's daughter that belonged to her time and time again, as well as her Mrs. Huo!

If there was no Song Zhi, she would be the rightful, all-seeing Mrs. Huo!

Instead, she would have been the rightful, high-profile Mrs. Huo, instead of the mistress that everyone on the internet was shouting about!

Gu Qingjia felt nothing but trepidation as she listened.

If Song Zhi had fully sobered up and really found out about all the hookups she had done in the past, she definitely wouldn't let her off the hook!

"I can get you as much more medicine as you need, but you must keep me safe." Gu Qingjia wasn't afraid of Song Zhi, but she was afraid that she would be retaliated against by Huo Muk Shen when things were exposed.

Especially after she witnessed Huo Mushan kicking Lu Huaike's calf alive, she felt a vague pain in her bones.

"All of it, enough doses to keep Song Zhu awake for the rest of his life!" Song Yanran's face was livid, her lip line tight, her face brightening and darkening.


If she hadn't personally heard Song Yanran calculating Song Zhi, Gu Qingjia wouldn't have known that Song Yanran would hate Song Zhi so much.

She paused, and a hint of malice surfaced on her face as well, "Good!"

"And the medicine between a man and a woman, there's no need for me to remind you, you all know what to do, right?" Song Yanran reminded slyly, her voice low and sinister, "Gu Qingjia, we are now grasshoppers on a rope, you should understand!"

Gu Qingjia's heart shrunk, sensing the seriousness of the situation, clenching her fists, "I understand, Yanyan but I don't have any money lately, and those medicines are also in need of money, can you give me five hundred thousand dollars first?"

Song Yanyan sniffed, hold back the anger that spewed out of her mouth, heavily closed her eyes, half a long time before she reopened them, coldly hooked up her lips in a smile.

Around but Gu Qingjia but her side of a dog, still want five hundred thousand?

Not self-importance!

She made a snap decision and responded officially.

"One hundred thousand."

"What, only one hundred thousand?" The dress Gu Qingjia had spotted at the luxury store cost nineteen hundred thousand dollars, plus she spent a lot of money every month, and with only a measly one hundred thousand, did Song Yanyan really think she was dealing with a barker?

She was dissatisfied and bargained again, "Yanyan, only one hundred thousand is too little, can you give me a little more, even if it's two hundred thousand?"

Hearing this, Song Yanyan snorted coldly and spat silently, "Bastard!"

"Yanyan?" Gu Qingjia bared her teeth and took a deep breath, softly opening her mouth to test the waters, just like a beggar asking for money.

"Gu Qingjia, based on the fact that you messed up my plans last time, it's already good enough that I don't teach you a lesson, if you give an inch and don't help me clean up Song Ru, you won't get a dime!" Song Yanran's eyes pulsed with two clusters of flames as she squeezed out the words of coercion from between her teeth.

Gu Qingjia's heart flinched as she clenched her teeth, clearly taken by Song Yanran.

She pondered for two seconds before weighing the benefits, "Fine, you call me over one hundred thousand dollars first. I'll help you get the medicine out of the way, and I'll make sure that Song Ru doesn't even have a chance to turn over a new leaf!"

"You better not screw up my plan this time, or don't blame me for picking your skin!" Song Yanran's complexion tightened as she angrily and arrogantly gesticulated at Gu Qingjia before hanging up the phone.

Tut tut tut-

"What the hell!" Gu Qing Jia, hearing Song Yanran's commanding tone, was almost so enraged that she smashed the phone, and snorted coldly: "What's so godly about it, but it's just the daughter of an escort girl who rose to the top."

She is at least the daughter of an ordinary decent family, upright, and Song Yanyan is just a junior to the top, and now she wants to learn her mother to continue to be a 'junior' to the top, really delusional!

She is going to ask out Song Zhi to come out and buy clothes again, use all those drugs on Song Zhi, and get out a few more millions to try!


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