Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 46 People are born equal!

Everyone was stunned when they heard Lu Feng's words.

Everyone looked at each other, "Mr. Ning? Is there anyone in this room with the surname Ning?"

Just then, Ning Tianlang slowly raised his hand and said to Lu Feng, "Shopkeeper Lu, good work."

Lu Feng respectfully bent his head to Ning Tian Lang, "No hard work, I look forward to your return visit, Mr. Ning."

After saying that, he left the box backwards and respectfully closed the door again.

In an instant, the box was dead silent.

Everyone's eyes were focused on Ning Tian Lang's body, their eyes flying out in shock!

All these expensive belts in front of them were actually bought by this hangman?

Their mouths grew unbelievably wide, and they were all as dumb as if they were dumb, their faces full of stupefaction!

It was only after a long time that Tang Lan was the first to react, shouting in annoyance, "No! This is impossible! He definitely can't afford something so expensive!"

Just now, she had overplayed her hand in pretending!

It had long been difficult to ride the tiger!

Even though Lu Feng had clearly stated that the purchaser was Ning Tian Lang, she was still unwilling to believe it!

"Right, how could he, an orphan, possibly come up with more than two million dollars?!" Jiang He's face was grim.

"The way I see it, that person just now must have been someone he found to put on a show! These belts are all fakes!"

Everyone nodded their heads at these words.

This explanation was most in line with common sense!

Only Gao Guangyao had remained silent.

He knew that Lu Feng was the actual store manager and it was absolutely impossible for him to send fake goods!

Ling Xuanzhi's pretty face turned white, her expression somewhat unnatural.

Just now, Ning Tian Lang had told her that these things were all high imitations.

If she let them see the clues, she would never be able to raise her head again!

At this moment, Tu Yangyang stood up, "My housekeeper has always worn this brand of clothes, I can tell the authenticity at a glance."

Saying this, she directly opened a packing box and took out the belt for a closer look.

A moment later.

She repositioned the belt, looked around at the crowd, and said in a single sentence, "I've examined it, it's definitely genuine."

Tang Lan's face was unsightly as she stalked her neck, "You and Ling Xuanzhi are good sisters, who knows if you're helping her cheat people?"

"Are you questioning this young lady's words?!"

Tu Yangyang's pretty face sank, her voice as cold as ice!

She was the Tu family's second miss!

It was the titular Major of the Shengjing Military Region!

Under the burst of her aura, the entire room was silenced!

"I ...... I don't dare ......"

Tang Lan was so scared that she almost became incontinent!

All the people present, counting one, all sat stiffly in their seats, their souls scared out of their wits!

"Alright, don't always lose your temper at such a young age."

Ning Tianlang's faint sentence instantly broke the horrible atmosphere in the seats.

"Well, listen to you."

Tu Yangyang knew that her grandfather had given the Northern Dragon Order to Ning Tianlang, and had long since looked at him differently.

Moreover, she didn't dare to disobey her grandfather, and even more so, she didn't dare to disobey the holder of the Northern Dragon Order!

Crowd: "......"

The Tu Clan's eldest miss was actually so obedient to this man!

What exactly is his identity?

Jiang He, Gao Guangyao, and Tang Lan, all three of them were stunned!

Now that they thought about it carefully, the person who could borrow a room in the Tu family, wouldn't he be an ordinary person?

And they had actually bullied and humiliated each other for a night!

Wasn't this a rat licking a cat's batch - looking for death?

Ning Tianlang's pair of hazel eyes looked at Tang Lan fixedly, and said in a cold voice, "Just now, I seem to have said that I'd let you apologize to my third sister on your knees."

"I ......"

Tang Lan was shaking like she was having a stroke, shivering and shivering, she said to Jiang He, "Jiang He, why don't you say something, help me ......" Jiang He was also terrified, stuttering, "I . ...I'm a clay Bodhisattva myself, how can I help you ......"

"None of you three should help anyone." Ning Tian Lang smiled coldly, "Come on, kneel in a row and apologize together!"

Tang Lan looked at the people in the gallery for help.

But, those who had just touted and flattered her all avoided their gazes.

There was even someone who whispered, "Tang Lan you guys quickly kneel, don't drag us into this ......"

"I ...... will kneel ......"

Jiang He was the first to compromise.

With a pale face, he came directly in front of Ning Tian Lang and Ling Xuan Zhi and knelt with a loud bang!

Immediately afterward, Gao Guangyao and Tang Lan also trembled as they walked over and knelt in a line with Jiang He.

"Xuanzhi, I ...... was wrong, I shouldn't have been targeting you ...... all this time."

Tang Lan cried until she couldn't catch her breath, "Please forgive me ......"

Jiang He and Gao Guangyao also both hung their heads and whispered, "I'm sorry, we apologize to you ......"

Looking at them kneeling at his feet, Ling Xuanzhi's expression was icy cold as he said indifferently, "There's no need to apologize, I have no intention of forgiving you."

Ning Tianlang spread his hands, "My third sister isn't satisfied, what should I do?"

With that, he stood up and picked up a belt from the table.

While weighing it in his hand, he smiled:

"I really like Miss Tu's Seven Star Whip, so I plan to follow suit today and play with the whip as well."

"What do you ...... you want to do?"

Jiang He's eyes were horrified, as if he had already seen his miserable end.

Ning Tianlang pointed to the twenty-nine belts on the table and said to the people present:

"These are all given to you by me. Come, take one each."

No one dared to disobey him, and all of them shivered and took a belt in their hands.

"Ten lashes for each person, and those who finish can leave.

Anyone who doesn't want to do it, kneel here and enjoy the same treatment as the three of them!"

The moment Ning Tianlang said this, everyone was stunned.

There was silence for a full half minute.


The sound of a belt pumping flesh suddenly came.

A burly man in a suit took the lead!

He showed no mercy and viciously smacked Jiang He's back.

The flesh on Jiang He's face twitched in pain, and cold sweat crackled down.

Someone took the lead and everyone moved.


"Snap! Snap! Snap!"

With red eyes, the crowd greeted Tang Lan's trio viciously!

Dead Taoist friends don't die of poverty!

As long as they could get away, they didn't care if Tang Lan and the others died or not!

Before long, Tang Lan's clothes were smashed.

Revealing large swathes of skin, blood stained.

"Third sister, how is it, relieved?"

Ning Tianlang asked Ling Xuanzhi smilingly.

Ling Xuanzhi stood up, "Tian Lang, let's go, we've seen enough."


Ning Tianlang swept his eyes over the crowd, "Ten lashes per person, not one less."

After saying that, he looked at Tu Yangyang, "Miss Tu, are you leaving with us?"

"No, I'll supervise here." Tu Yangyang smiled heatedly, "I still have to go to the military region of Xifeng Province after it's over, so you guys go first."

Ning Tianlang was puzzled, "What are you going to the West Phoenix Province Military Region for? Aren't you a major of the Shengjing Military Region?"

Tu Yangyangyang's cheeks were flushed and her eyes were mesmerized:

"I heard that my male god has come to Xifeng Province from Kunlun Island, I want to go and try my luck to see if I can meet him ......"


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