Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 47 Crazy Rage!

After the party that night, Ling Xuanzhi went straight to the next city to do a commission.

She said that when this commission was over, she would be able to buy a new car for Ning Tian Lang.

It was more than half a month in a flash.

Ning Tian Lang went to the Kunlun Group once in a while to discuss the annihilation plan with Tian Kui Di Yu.

However, the contact site that Denchuan Kangping had confessed to last time, Kunlun Island's technological soldiers had never been able to break through.

They could only press on, not daring to scare the snakes.

On this day.

Ning Tianlang sat in an office in the Kunlun Group's internal Building 18 and said in a deep voice:

"Tiankui, notify the technical department on the island to speed up the speed of the breach!"

Tiankui looked embarrassed, "Boss, their core technology is twenty years ahead of ours, it's impossible to break through the other side's firewall for a while!"

"The Sunset Empire's technology did start much earlier than Grand Xia." Ning Tianlang frowned, "If we can't, let's find foreign aid."

"Foreign aid? You mean, go get help from the Hidden Ones?"

The Concealers, was the number one hacker organization that had recently risen in the Grand Xia Empire.

The strength was extremely powerful.

It was one of the top five hacker organizations in the world right after its debut.

At the same time, it was mysterious to the extreme!

Its organization boss, members, specific location, etc. etc. ......

No one knows any of this information!

Tian Kui worried: "Boss, the identity of the hidden people has not been found out, I'm worried that they can't be relied on."

"Unreliable is still better than not having any clues at all." Ning Tianlang looked at Earth Specter, "Can you contact them?"

Earth Specter nodded, "Our Chenyang Province Military Region and the Hidden Ones cooperated once before, I can contact the other side."

"Good, hurry up and make arrangements."

Right at this moment, Ning Tianlang's cell phone vibrated.

It was a message from his fifth sister, An Yiqiu:

"Tian Lang, I promised to treat you to dinner at Xiang Gong Gong, but I haven't been able to find the time during this period of time. It just so happens that the photo shoot this afternoon has been temporarily rescheduled, so I'll treat you to dinner!"

Ning Tian Lang unconsciously curled up the corners of his mouth and returned, "Yes, what time do you finish work, I'll pick you up from the company."

"It ends at two o'clock in the afternoon. Our company is the Shengge Times Modeling Agency, it's in the Shengge Mansion on Star Entertainment Street, I won't see you there~"

"Okay, wait for me."

Ning Tian Lang pressed the send button and raised his head, right into Tian Kui Di Yu's surprised gaze.

Tiankui had an odd expression, "Boss, the smile you just had ......"

"Too sweet." Earth Specter added right after him.

Ning Tianlang looked at his watch, "Don't be poor, grab the contact with the Hidden One, I have to go beforehand, keep in touch at all times."

"Aye! Kunlun!"

Tian Kui Di Yu regained his seriousness for a second and saluted to see Ning Tian Lang off.

It was just half past one when he arrived at the Shengge Times Modeling Agency.

Ning Tian Lang walked into the Shengge Building, ready to find a random place to wait for An Yiqiu to get off work.

Just then, a sharp female voice suddenly shouted, "Security! Where's the security guard?!"

Ning Tianlang turned around and saw that it was none other than the Qi Xiaoyun that he had seen in Xiang Gongfu Mansion before.

Since the last time she was kicked by Ning Tian Lang and spat out blood, she had been lying in the hospital for a full week before she came back to work.

Not only did she miss an important brand endorsement, but she was also robbed of several resources by other models!

When she saw Ning Tian Lang at this moment, she simply hated him so much that her teeth were about to be clenched!

Hearing Qi Xiaoyun's shouts, a young man in a security uniform quickly ran forward, "Ms. Qi, what is it that you need?"

Qi Xiaoyun pointed at Ning Tianlang and said angrily:

"How do you work as a security guard? How come you let everyone in? Do you know that there are a lot of crazy fans and perverted perverts that are trying to find ways to blend in here?"

"This ......" the security guard scratched his head, "It's not like he's doing anything out of the ordinary, I can't stop him from entering, right?" "Pah!"

Qi Xiaoyun slapped the security guard's face and scolded, "Did the company hire you to come here for a free meal? If we wait for him to do something, won't it be too late?!"

The security guard was not very old, and appeared to be a poor kid who came out to work early.

Being beaten by Qi Xiaoyun like this, his eyes directly turned red.

But he didn't dare to resist.

Qi Xiaoyun was Xiang Chen's mistress, and the Xiang family was one of the investors in the Shengge International Modeling Agency.

He didn't dare to offend this auntie.

Looking at the small security guard's aggrieved expression, Ning Tian Lang's eyes turned cold and he forced his anger to say, "I'm here to look for An Yiqiu, it has nothing to do with you."

If it wasn't for the fact that this was Fifth Sister's workplace, he would have already made a move to clean up this dog-fighting woman!

"Haha, what's the matter, do you want to kick me again?" Qi Xiaoyun clasped her arms and pointedly said.

"There's no Mr. Tu to back you up now! If you dare to make a move, I'll make sure that you'll be left in the lurch!"

As she said this, she came closer and provocatively waved her hand in front of Ning Tianlang, "Do it if you can! Do you dare?"

Ever since she fell for Xiang Chen, she has been arrogant and domineering in the company.

Even the chairman of the board here has turned a blind eye to her.

At this moment, she was even more reckless, certain that Ning Tian Lang wouldn't dare to make a move on her turf, her appearance was wild to the extreme!

There were already a lot of employees around, and there were even a lot of models with beautiful figures who were watching from the side.

"Who is this person? How dare he provoke Qi Xiaoyun in our company?"

"Hehe, who knows. But Noble Consort Qi will definitely not let him off easily, wait and see the show."

That small security guard saw that more and more people were gathering and hurriedly spoke out to persuade them:

"This gentleman, I think you'd better wait outside, this Miss Qi can't be messed with ......"


Qi Xiaoyun violently raised his hand and gave the small security guard another slap, cursing:

"Why the fuck are you so full of crap! If you dare to talk too much again, I'll pull your tongue out!"

Let him go out and wait?

Then how else was she going to avenge what she did that day at Xiang Gong Gong?

What's more, she hasn't played her cards right yet!

The little security guard's cheeks were red and swollen from the beating, and he clenched his teeth in aggravation, itching to cry out.

"What do you mean by that expression?" Qi Xiaoyun glared at the little security guard, "Aren't you happy to be beaten by me?!"

"Highly ...... happy ......"

The little security guard didn't dare to contradict her.

He needed this meager salary.

"Hahahahaha ......"

Qi Xiaoyun laughed triumphantly and said to Ning Tianlang, "See, no one dares to mess with Auntie at all in Shengge International!"

"If you don't want An Yiqiu to be bullied by me like this as well, hurry up and kowtow to me three times! Apologize for what happened at Xiang Gong Gong!"

Ning Tianlang's eyes flashed with killing intent, "You've bullied An Yiqiu like this?"

"Hehe, what's wrong with bullying her? I just can't stand to see her fake noble demeanor every day!"

Qi Xiaoyun clasped her shoulders with an arrogant look on her face.

"Even refusing to accept subterfuge, and who will back her up! Being bullied is also being bullied for nothing!"

Ning Tian Lang clenched his fists tightly, itching to punch her hard on her smug, ugly face!

However, he was a Kunlun War God, so he couldn't make a move on a woman in plain sight just because of a verbal dispute.

He turned back to that small security guard:

"You come over."

The little security guard was unsure and cautiously walked forward.

"What is your name?"

"I ...... am called Guo Le."

Ning Tianlang pointed at Qi Xiaoyun:

"Go, slap those two slaps back just now!"


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