Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 48 Before the storm!

He was not good at hitting women, but the little security guard who had been slapped twice had ten thousand reasons to do it!

Guo Le was so scared that his face turned white and shook his head vigorously:

"No ...... no ...... I still need this job to earn tuition for my sister to study ......"

"Don't worry, I'll find you a better job."

Ning Tianlang promised.

Hearing his words, Qi Xiaoyun snorted disdainfully:

"Being a security guard in our company is five thousand dollars a month! He's a little kid who hasn't even graduated from college, where else can he find such a good job?"

Guo Le looked sad and said to Ning Tian Lang, "This gentleman, I know you mean well, but I really can't ......"

Before he could finish his words, Ning Tianlang said indifferently:

"Kunlun Group, I'll introduce you to Kunlun Group as a security guard for ten thousand a month. If you want to intern in another position, I can also arrange that."

With a single word, the entire first floor hall went quiet.

The crowd looked at me and me at you, with a sneer on their faces.

What kind of existence was the Kunlun Group?

How many sons and young masters of powerful families had squeezed their heads into a frenzy just to go to the Kunlun Group as a small bottom-level employee?

But Ning Tianlang just promised to arrange a position at random!

Everyone took him for a braggart, and no one believed his words at all.

"Hahahahaha ......"

Qi Xiaoyun laughed his head off:

"You can't be thinking that if Mr. Tu takes pity on you once, you'll really be able to enter high society, right?

Let me tell you, even the Tu family wouldn't dare to say such big words in front of the Kunlun Group!"

Ning Tian Lang ignored her and directly sent Guo Le's name to Zhuang Yucheng.

It was easy for Kunlun Island to find out an ordinary person's file, and not a moment later, Zhuang Yucheng's message came back:

"Guo Le's household registration is in Lin Cheng Village, Qing'an City, and he is currently a junior college dropout. His father is paralyzed in bed due to a work-related injury, his mother left home, and he has a younger sister who is in high school.

His family is clean and his character is excellent."

Ning Tianlang immediately issued an order, "Transfer his file into Kunlun Group and recruit him as an official employee, position to be determined."

Watching Ning Tian Lang keep fiddling with his cell phone with his head down, Qi Xiaoyun said impatiently:

"Auntie I don't have much time to waste with you, if you don't kowtow to me and apologize, I'll find someone to clean you up!"

Ning Tianlang didn't even look at her squarely, but threw his cell phone into Guo Le's arms:

"This is the Kunlun Group's official website, look at the latest personnel recruitment information."

Guo Le looked puzzled, but still clicked on the personnel notice as instructed-

Mr. Guo Le is hereby hired as an official employee of the Kunlun Group. Position to be selected when reporting for duty.

"This ...... this is ......"

Guo Le was trembling with excitement, "Is this Guo Le me?"

Ning Tianlang lost his smile, "Besides you, who else is called Guo Le?"

"I ...... I've really become an official employee of the Kunlun Group? I'm not dreaming, am I?!"

Guo Le cried out in joy and shouted at the top of his voice!


As soon as he heard his words, the entire hall of the Shengge Mansion shook!

Everyone took out their cell phones with unbelievable faces and frantically searched the Kunlun Group's official website.

"It's ...... true ...... I saw the personnel transfer notice ......"

"I also saw ...... the official website won't fake it ......"

"God, you can still report to choose the post, this is not the meaning of randomly picking ......"

The crowd present!

There was one counting one!

All of them were shocked beyond words!

Those sons and daughters of high-ranking officials and young masters of worldly families could break their heads for a clerk position in the Kunlun Group.

And the little security guard they've always looked down on can even choose a position at random!

It was simply a case of seeing a ghost in broad daylight!!!!

Ning Tian Lang smiled slightly and said to Guo Le, "What are you hesitating for, take revenge!" Guo Le only hesitated a little before lifting his steps to Qi Xiaoyun and said word for word:

"All men are born equal. But you have never treated me as a human being. Today, I'll let loose for once, as a way to finish the first half of my humble life!"

As soon as the words fell, he directly swung his fist and violently slammed it towards Qi Xiaoyun's face!


A heavy blow!

Qi Xiaoyun's entire body fell and flew out!

Blood sprayed wildly from his mouth!

The left side of his face swelled up high at a speed visible to the naked eye!

"Hiss ......"

Seeing this, the crowd sucked in a breath of cool air.

If an honest man was bullied hard, he would be even more terrifying!

However, there was not a single person who was willing to stand up for Qi Xiaoyun, and there were even some small models who showed gloating expressions.

Seeing that Guo Le stood still after throwing a punch, Ning Tian Lang wondered, "Why don't you continue?"

"This punch is to repay her for all the insults she has inflicted on me." A clear light flashed in Guo Le's eyes.

"But if I were to do it again, it would be indulging myself in giving vent to my dark emotions, and it would change its nature ......"

Ning Tianlang looked at the youth in front of him appreciatively and nodded, "Very good, I didn't look at the wrong person."

After a long while, Qi Xiaoyun was able to slow down, she fell to the ground and roared in frantic rage:

"You fucking dare to hit me! Come on people! Kill this little bastard for me!"

There were security guards beside her who had already gathered around, but they all stood in place in fear, not daring to come forward.

"What are you guys afraid of him for? You don't really think he can enter the Kunlun Group, do you?!" Qi Xiaoyun spat out a mouthful of blood foam and hissed.

"You guys use your brains to think about it, what makes a cat or dog like him get into the Kunlun Group? By dreaming?!"

Hearing her words, those security guards were all vaguely shaken ......

Just then, a shapely model came forward and timidly asked:

"My name is Yin Shu, a friend of Yi Qiu. Is that ...... you here to look for Yiqiu?"

Ning Tianlang glanced at his watch, "That's right, is her work finished?"

"She left a long time ago!" Yin Shu said anxiously.

"Just now, I saw the chairman call her to his office, and not long after, she was unconscious and was carried out by Duke Xiang's men and taken to the car to be pulled away ......"

Mr. Xiang?


Carried away?

These few words were like wild winds and waves, hitting Ning Tian Lang's mind!

"When did this happen?!"

"About half an hour ago......I just heard you say you were looking for Yiqiu, and I wanted to tell you right away, but......"

Halfway through her sentence, Yin Shu looked at Qi Xiaoyun in awe and didn't continue.

Half an hour?

Ning Tian Lang's eyes were dripping blood!

Damn Xiang Chen, how dare he use such underhanded and dirty tactics!

Simply seeking death!!!

Seeing his gloomy expression, Guo Le immediately said, "Sir, if you have something important to do, go ahead, I can handle it here!"

Ning Tian Lang swept his eyes at the stupid security guards and frowned, "Can you deal with them yourself?"

"Don't worry, I grew up doing farm work, my physical fitness is no joke! Don't let me delay your big event!"

"Good, then I'll leave first, see you at the Kunlun Group!"

After saying this, Ning Tianlang directly darted away!

He didn't dare to delay!

Not daring to delay for even a minute!

He didn't dare to imagine what sordid things Xiang Chen would do to An Yiqiu after he mesmerized her and took her away!

Running out of the Shengge Mansion, he immediately made a call to Tian Kui and roared:

"Within a minute! Find out Xiang Chen's location for me!!!"


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