Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 49: Your Majesty Arrives!

Half a minute later.

Tian Kui reported back, "Boss, according to Xiang Chen's consumption record, he just opened a presidential suite in Baolai Hotel ten minutes ago. Do you want me to bring my men to ......"

Before he could finish his words, Ning Tian Lang directly hung up the phone and drove off in a dusty car!

At the same time.

The presidential suite on the top floor of the Baolai Hotel.

An Yiqiu was lying on the luxurious big bed, her eyes tightly closed, her red lips slightly open.

She has fallen into a deep coma.

Xiang Chen stood next to her, shaking the red wine glass in his hand, his eyes full of greed and lewdness.

His naked gaze traveled back and forth over An Yiqiu's concave and convex body, as if he was admiring a stunningly beautiful humanoid work of art.

He licked his lips and muttered:

"Grass, this An Yiqiu is a fucking natural beauty! Just looking at it makes one's blood boil!"

He undid his tie with one hand and tugged his collar from side to side:

"Little bitch, aren't you not accepting subterfuge?"

"I will directly break your innocence today!"

Saying this, he drank his glass of red wine in one gulp and casually threw the glass on the high-grade carpet at his feet ......

Xiang Chen gasped under his breath and couldn't wait to roughly unbutton An Yiqiu's shirt.

"It's so beautiful ......"

He was just about to appreciate the gelatinous skin ......



A thunderous bang suddenly came from the direction of the doorway!

"What's going on? Which ungrateful one dares to disturb this young master's pleasure!"

Xiang Chen sat up straight in displeasure and shouted angrily.

Suddenly, his face changed as a bad thought surfaced in his mind.

He hastily put on a piece of clothing and hurriedly ran out from his bedroom to check the situation-

He had clearly arranged a dozen bodyguards to guard the door!

Could it be that someone else dared to break in?

He had just come to the sofa in the living room, when he saw that the gorgeous double doors were already wide open.

One of them has even been shaken!

Xiang Chen's face showed horror, Baolai Hotel is a five-star standard!

This presidential suite's door is definitely not something that can be crashed open by human power alone!

He called out to his bodyguard captain in a loud voice: "Xiao Wang? What happened? Little Wang?!"

As soon as the words fell, a burly man in a suit was thrown violently through the door.

"Boom" sound!

It smashed hard on the ground!

It was none other than Xiang Chen's bodyguard captain, Wang Hu!

Xiang Chen was shocked out of his wits, "What happened? Where are the others?"

"The brothers ...... have ...... all been put down" Wang Hu spat out a mouthful of blood and said weakly, "Young Master... . you run ...... quickly."

After saying that, he directly fainted with a roll of his eyes.

Xiang Chen was stunned, and his two legs could not stop trembling.

Including Wang Hu, his bodyguards are all veterans!

Each one of them can take on ten men at a time!

At this moment, they were all knocked down!

This means that the other party has come at least a hundred people!

"Who the hell is ......?"

Xiang Chen backed up step by step, his brain racing.

How could he not figure out which side of the power bigwigs he had offended!

The next second.

In his horrified gaze, a tall and upright figure slowly walked in from the doorway.

"Ta, ta, ta ......"

Every step seemed to step on top of his heart!

"Is ...... it you?!"

Xiang Chen recognized that the person in front of him was Ning Tianlang, who had caused havoc at Xiang Zhongyuan's birthday banquet!

He stared incredulously, "You ...... you came alone?"

He couldn't believe that Ning Tian Lang was able to beat down all of his dozen or so expert bodyguards with his own strength!

Ning Tianlang came to Xiang Chen in big strides, grabbed him by the collar and roared, "Where is An Yiqiu?!"

His body was boiling with killing intent!

It was like a raging lion!

Xiang Chen's face turned white with fear.

Shivering, he raised his hand and pointed towards the bedroom, "In ...... in the house ......"

Like carrying a chicken, Ning Tian Lang picked Xiang Chen up with one hand and flew towards the bedroom!

From the living room to the bedroom.

It was only a distance of a few dozen meters.

But in his mind, it seemed as if it was as long as a thousand miles.

How is Fifth Sister doing?

Will she have been insulted by Xiang Chen?

Is she hurt?

Is she scared?

Ten thousand thoughts instantly flooded into his mind ......

He was mentally prepared for everything.


When he saw An Yiqiu lying on the bed in disheveled clothes, he still couldn't control his frantic rage!

"Seek death!!!"

Ning Tianlang roared angrily!

He violently slammed Xiang Chen to the ground!

The next second!

He raised his right foot and ruthlessly stepped between Xiang Chen's legs!


Xiang Chen tore his heart out and let out an un-human-like scream!

Directly foaming at the mouth!

Slipping into fainting!

Ning Tian Lang yanked a thin blanket from the side and tenderly covered An Yiqiu's body.

And only then did he turn his icy gaze back to Xiang Chen.

He came to Xiang Chen's side, squatted down, folded his two fingers, and tapped three times in a row on Xiang Chen's Eyebrow Charge Point.

"Ah ......"

Xiang Chen groaned in pain and slowly opened his eyes.

Immediately afterward, the pain between his legs spread anew ......

He was in pain and sweating coldly as he trembled, "What ...... do you want to do?"

"I want to kill you."

Ning Tianlang's low voice was full of killing intent!

"I ...... haven't offended you ......" Xiang Chen trembled in fear and cried out in pain.

"Why do you want to kill me? Why do you always have a problem with me!"

"Her!" Ning Tian Lang pointed at An Yiqiu on the bed and said angrily that

"If I had arrived one step later, would you have had to lay your hands on her?!"

His eyes were crimson, and a murderous aura like substance emanated from his body!

"You ...... are doing this for this woman?"

Xiang Chen cried out with a sad face.

He never dreamed that he would have his life ruined because of a small model!

"Big brother, you said it earlier! If you have your eye on her, why don't I just let you play with her first? But it's just a little pussy, why are you so ruthless ......"

Before he could finish his words, Ning Tian Lang had already kicked him in the mouth!

"This dog's mouth of yours! Don't even bother!"


A mouthful of neat white teeth fell out in full!

That blood-filled look was simply three times more terrifying than an evil ghost!

Xiang Chen was dumbfounded, he had already gone soft, why did he still need to be beaten up?

Ning Tian Lang's gaze was like a blade as he said icily:

"At Xiang Zhongyuan's birthday banquet, I said that I would give your Xiang family a month's time to move out of the Xiang Mansion! How are your preparations going?"

Hearing this, Xiang Chen's eyes rolled up in fear.

How could they have prepared anything?

The entire Xiang Family treated Ning Tian Lang's words as farts!

"Looks like you guys didn't take my words to heart."

Ning Tian Lang sneered as he stood up and picked An Yiqiu up by the waist, saying without looking back:

"There are still six days left until the appointed time.

If you haven't moved out of Xiang Gong Gong Mansion after six days, then, let's settle the old and new scores together!"


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