Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

" Chapter 50 Xiang Zhongyuan, get out!"

Xiang Chen was sent to the hospital by emergency vehicle and went directly into the operating room.

It was only after several hours of surgery that the attending physician shook his head and said to Xiang Zhongyuan:

"I'm sorry Xiang family head, the young master's injuries are too severe, I'm afraid that aspect of his function may be ......"


It was like a bolt from the blue!

Xiang Zhongyuan sat down dejectedly.

In an instant, it was as if he had aged a dozen years!

After being stunned for a full ten minutes, Xiang Zhongyuan gradually came back to his senses.

He clenched his teeth tightly and said to the housekeeper beside him with a grimace, "Old Chen, make a phone call and tell Zhao'er to come back quickly!"


The next day.

Xiang Zhongyuan picked up Xiang Chen back to Xiang Gongfu Mansion.

And hired the best private doctor in Qing'an City.

He was afraid that his youngest son would have any further failures.

Xiang Zhao, the youngest master of the Xiang family who received the news, also rushed back overnight.

Looking at his younger brother who was lying weakly on the bed, Xiang Zhao's eyes were bloodshot with pain.

"Dad, this matter absolutely cannot be tolerated! We must avenge our brother's death!"

Xiang Zhao clenched his fists tightly, his expression chilling, "We must make that Ning pay for his blood!!!"

Xiang Zhongyuan's face was similarly gloomy:

"That kid surnamed Ning has such vicious methods, I suspect that he might be a person on the road, to move him, I'm afraid that we must find someone from the jianghu."

"Find someone from the jianghu?" Xiang Zhao's eyes flickered.

"I know, I will contact Chang Xiaorong in a moment! With the Underground Irregulars in attendance, no matter what kind of cow ghosts and snakes he is, he definitely won't be able to turn over a single wave!"

Xiang Zhongyuan suddenly frowned slightly as if he thought of something:

"But ...... before Mr. Tu stepped in to help that brat, I'm not sure whether it's because Mr. Tu took pity on him, or whether he really has a relationship with the Tu family."

"Shengjing Tu Family?" Xiang Zhao was first stunned, then he waved his hand and said.

"Impossible. Haven't you already found out that that kid is an orphan from the Airen Orphanage? How could an orphan like him be related to the Tu Family?"

Xiang Zhongyuan nodded, "It's possible that I'm overthinking it."

"Don't worry, Dad, I'll arrange everything!"

As soon as Xiang Zhao's words fell, Butler Chen walked in quickly and respectfully, "Master, Young Master, someone just delivered a letter."

"What letter? Bring it over."

Xiang Zhongyuan took the envelope and opened it, his brows immediately furrowed.

The letterhead clearly reads-

"A deadline of five days to move out of Xiang Gongfu! If not, this seat will personally come to your door to settle the account!

Ning Tian Lang shows!"

Xiang Zhao heavily slammed the table and angrily shouted:

"Outrageous! A mere orphan dares to ride on my Xiang Family's neck to shit and piss! Simply not putting my Xiang Family in your eyes!

I'll call Chang Xiaorong right now! Five days from now, I'll make sure that kid doesn't come back!"

Xiang Zhongyuan was also so angry that his face turned blue.

It was the first time he had been threatened by someone stepping on his face after so many years in the business world!

If this could still be tolerated, where would the face of the Xiang family be?

"That kid must be thwarted. But the people around him cannot be spared either!"

Xiang Zhongyuan's face is gloomy, "I've already found out that the person who came out of the orphanage with them is also Wen Ruyun, the adopted daughter of the Wen family!"

"What do you mean, Dad?"

"I want to bring down Wen Ruyun's Rhyming Court Department Store! Make everyone around him pay for his rampage!"

Upon hearing this, Xiang Chen, who was lying on the bed, revealed a hint of a scowl as he clenched his back teeth and said:

"Yes, get everyone related to him dead! Get them all killed! Execute all nine clans!!!"

Xiang Zhongyuan took out his cell phone and pressed the dialing button while saying grimly:

"As far as I know, the Zhu Family has always had business dealings with Rhyming Court Department Store, I'll call the Zhu Family Head right now and ask him to teach Wen Ruyun a lesson!" "Good, then I'll also immediately call Chang Xiaorong and tell him to consolidate his manpower and prepare to get rid of that Ning Tian Lang five days later!"

The father and son of the Xiang family looked at each other, their expressions all sinister!

Four days later.

In Wen Ruyun's villa.

The smoke was curling up, and dinner was already prepared.

"Tian Lang, Yi Qiu, come eat."

Wen Ru Yun set the dishes in place and called out in a loud voice.

An Yiqiu sat down at the dining table, "Big sister, why isn't fifth sister back yet? She's been going to the next city for several days, right?"

"Maybe ...... the task this time is more tricky ......"

Wen Ruyun was also a bit worried.

"Don't worry two sisters." Ning Tianlang took a bite of the dish.

"After I finish dealing with the Xiang family tomorrow, I'll go check on fifth sister."

"The Xiang family?" An Yiqiu frowned, "What are you going to the Xiang family for? Tian Lang, you'd better stay away from those people!"

Ever since the last incident, she was already a bit allergic to the word "Xiang family"!

"Going to avenge you." Ning Tian Lang hemmed and hawed, "They bullied my dear fifth sister, how can I let them go?"

An Yiqiu was shocked at his words, "Tian Lang, you mustn't do anything foolish! The Xiang family is very powerful, you can't afford to mess with them!"

"That's right, the Xiang Family is considered a first-class family in Qing'an City." Wen Ruyun put down her chopsticks and said seriously.

"Tian Lang, after I solve the company's problems, I will personally go and negotiate with the Xiang Family. You mustn't get carried away."

In the past two days, Zhu Group, the biggest partner of Rhyme Ting Department Store, suddenly withdrew its investment.

The entire Rhyme Court Department Store was directly plunged into a crisis of broken capital chain.

She had been busy in order to pull investment to make up for the deficit.

Wen Ru Yun rubbed her temples, "Tian Lang ah, big sister is really busy lately, wait for me ......"

Before she could finish her words, Ning Tian Lang's cell phone rang.

It was Tiankui calling.

Ning Tian Lang stood up, "Big sister, fifth sister, I'm full."

After saying that, without waiting for his two sisters to say anything else, he directly took his cell phone and ran back to his room in a huff.

"Hey, Tian Kui, what's up?"

"Boss, 50,000 elite warriors from the military region under the Western Phoenix Province have already assembled on the outskirts of Qing'an, and can launch an attack on Xiang Gongfu at any time!"

"Good, have them stationed on the spot and wait for military orders!"

"Yes! Kunlun!"

Tian Kui responded and continued immediately afterward:

"Also, we've monitored that a lot of jianghu characters are pouring into Qing'an City, most of them are Chang Xiaorong's men.

I speculate that it might be related to tomorrow's operation, should we set up a temporary martial law barrier to intercept them all outside the city?"

"No need." A hint of coldness crossed Ning Tianlang's eyes, "Since they want to seek death, then I'll give them a ride!"

These words came out!

The night wind suddenly rose!

The wind and clouds stirred!

A majestic aura that lifted the sky and subdued the sea, vaguely stirring in the sky above Qing'an City ......

And under the night.

Vanguard lights are still quiet-

Chang Xiaorong wrapped his arms around two beautiful women and drunkenly pushed his way through the wine table;

Xiang Zhongyuan and the Zhu Family Head sat opposite each other, plotting to divide up the Rhyming Court Department Store;

Qi Xiaoyun is wearing a newly bought diamond ring, smiling daintily as she sends a single grape into Xiang Chen's mouth;

Xiang Zhao is sitting in his study, having a video conference with the group's top management ......

As if, everything is as usual.


None of them had noticed the storm that was hidden underneath this calmness!

No one knows what kind of miserable end they will end up in after this night!!!!


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