Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 51 What to do when your husband is not at home?

After a few seconds of pause, Gu Qingjia re-pressed the bright cell phone screen.

A touch of calculation dripped from the bottom of her eyes as she bent down and pulled Song Zhi's contact information from her phone, making false statements against her will without thinking.

"Song Zhi, I was wrong about what happened last time, I want to invite you out for dinner to make amends."


For up to ten seconds or so, the message was completely unresponsive like a stone sinking into the sea.

Gu Qingjia's face changed, her eyes jumped up in resignation, and she continued to bombard Song Zhi with bombs without dying.

She didn't believe that after so many years of being best friends with Song Zhi, Song Zhi's brain would become lucid in an instant.

"Xiao Ru, I really didn't know about what happened last time, it was Lu Huai Ke who sent a message saying that you guys were genuinely in love with each other, I thought that since your original relationship was so good, and we were classmates, I didn't think anything of it, and I was lied to by him, and that's what caused such a misunderstanding."


"Xiao Ru, we've always been best friends, we can't ruin our relationship just because of outsiders bullying. I am also sincere for your good, Xiao Ru, don't you think so?"


With no response at all, Gu Qing Jia's heart gradually lost its bottom, hanging in the balance lingering her heart, pulling up every inch of Gu Qing Jia's nerves.

"Xiao Ru??"

Gu Qingjia kept sending message after message, apologizing to Song Ru.

Ding ding ding ......

One after another, messages of apology popped up from her phone, yet Song Ru hung Gu Qingjia out to dry with no interest in taking one more look at the nonsense.

In her mind, she counted up how many times she and Gu Qingjia had gone out to eat, and how many times Gu Qingjia had colluded with Song Yanran to frame her behind her back. ......

A pile, a piece of ......

The pen moves with the heart, and when Song Zhi came back to her senses, she looked down and realized that the original clean and tidy paper was completely filled with the 'conspiracy' of them working together in adultery.

Song Ru surveyed her cell phone.

She looked at Gu Qingjia's invitation to dinner and directly replied, "You're inviting me to dinner ah, that's simply great! But I'll set the place for dinner."

After receiving the message, Gu Qingjia didn't look like she was originally furious, but instead raised her eyebrows in triumph as she quickly replied to Song Zhi, "Okay, you decide the place, tomorrow at eleven thirty, how about it?"

Now that Mrs. Huo's reputation is winning, she can also use this to raise her own price, and then ruthlessly smash Song Zhi!


Dropping a sentence, Song Zhe casually put down her cell phone.

Of course she knew Gu Qingjia's purpose, but she didn't mention a word about it.

It was better to learn more about professional knowledge than to listen to bitchy nonsense.

She wasn't a saintly mother, nor was she a stupid white sweetie, there was no reason to live two lifetimes and still let people pit their brains to the point where they stuffed them with flour and shook them into paste!

How could she not return what she owed her?

Song Zhi organized his thoughts before continuing to bury his head in the computer to find out about the professional design field of knowledge.

She never knew that the professional design field was so complicated and complex. Originally, Song Zhi's major was not design or law, but software engineering, which is, to put it bluntly, a programmer's ape.

Law and design were only minors.

Recently M & R Group is doing the project - E Star program.

Song Ru knew, but it was not specific, she could get the information from the Song family and the few documents and important program software design plans she stole back then.

She was lucky to know that the E-Star program would lead M&R to the international arena, and would allow M&R to rise overnight, while Huo Mushen would become the man standing at the top of the pyramid in Huacheng.

Song Ru's eyes sank brimming with light, looking to what she had searched on the internet, and directly making a good and simple program on the computer.

After doing this for two or three hours, Song Zhi rubbed her bleary eyes.

She was suddenly glad that she hadn't wasted a few years of college, being pressed and forced to study so that she wouldn't be too incompetent and ignorant to be worthy of Huo Mou Shen now.

Song Zhi finished adding the last bit of professional additions and finished the design before going to dial her cell phone, seeing her 'husband' in the call contacts and getting a little emotional.

She was ready to take a shower, turned around and opened the closet, three-quarters of the closet is her various colors and types of dresses, but most of them are more kept black, white and red, while Mr. Huo's shirts and suits only occupy a small compartment, aggrieved to hang hidden in the back.

There is no special checkroom in Huo Park, and everything she and Huo Muxian use is piled up in their master bedroom, which is a bit compact but reveals coziness everywhere.

Clothes, wedding photos, and her jewelry and Huo Moushen tie clip wristwatches all lay underneath the closet, each pair appearing in pairs and matching.

Moreover, Song Zhi was surprised to find that all of Huo Moushen's suits had a matching couple's professional outfit on the left side.

Song Zhi's lips lifted up a touch of sweetness, picking up the shirt that Huo Moushen had worn and putting it over his body, then tiredly collapsed onto the bed and turned off the bedside lamp.


Ten minutes later, Song Zhi as the spine of millions of ants in the climb, the heart itchy, tossing and turning a dozen times, eyes closed tightly but is not able to sleep, the mood is also low and lost, and even made a little temper.

The first thing you need to do is to get your husband out of the house.

Song rhetoric frowned, skimmed the corners of the lips, picked up the cell phone, late at night at eleven thirty, but half of the news of Huo Mu Shen are not.

If she becomes an official employee of M&R, and Huo Mushan doesn't know about it, then she can be by his side and struggle with him.

As her heart moved, Song Zhi lifted the covers, her eyes fell on the pitch-black night, and she sat back on the bed, always feeling that there was a hand clawing at her heart, making her fidgety.

She reached out and touched the bedside wall lamp.

The room lit up with a faint glow.

Song Zhi stretched out her hand, in the light, through the light through the finger cracks, saw the hexagonal diamond star diamond ring that symbolizes that they are husband and wife, the corners of her lips pursed, and then gently put it to her lips, and kissed it.

Really good.

Really good.

Song Zhi during the day lying on the body of Huo Mou Shen sleep more, this will not have Huo Mou Shen in the side of the company, but the whole sleepy.

Instead, she rolled out of bed, took out a thin windbreaker jacket and put it on, pulling open the dark, closed curtains.

Outside the villa was as gloomy as the color of ink, fitting in with the deep night spreading all around, boundless.

Song Zhi does not like the dark night, extremely dislike the dark night when she is alone, without Huo Mushan by her side.

She is fed up with huddling in the dark night, spine close to the cold wall, facing only a skylight night view, the rest of the only walls and vicious prisoners with friends, day after day to endure bullying and splashing dirty water.

She liked the floor-to-ceiling windows, which could be pushed open for an unobstructed view.

Song rhetoric staring out of the window for more than half an hour, from this point of view, has passed the peak of the work, not to mention that this itself belongs to the suburbs of the rich and powerful area, can only be seen in the far distance towards the stars of the car flashes, but none of them are driving back to Huo Park car.

Huo Mo Shen is still at work, not resting.

She thought, should she go to see Huo Mou Shen?

Or else, make a surprise attack and give him a surprise.

This thought had just climbed into Song Zhi's mind when she was called back to her senses by a bell that suddenly rang at first.

She reflexively jumped in shock and jerked towards the source of the sound, the cell phone on the bedside table emitting a buzzing vibration.

The ringtone rang a little sharply, just as sharply as the mood of the caller, echoing incessantly.

Even though it was only a few seconds, Song Zhi felt extraordinarily long.

Her sight was excellent to catch the two words jumping on the screen of the cell phone, her mood was like a roller coaster stepping into the clouds, extremely unreserved, as if seeing a little girl in love, one foot stepped on the corner of the quilt, the other foot used the force to take off, both hands to grab the cell phone.


Silk texture of the quilt is too slippery, Song Zhi stepped on a foot, the whole person will be uncontrollable straight toward the quilt planted down.

His head hit the headboard made of pear blossom wood in an unbiased manner.

In an instant, it hurt.

There was only one reaction.

Song Zhi's body was so soft that she sank deep into the mattress, and unfortunately, she actually pressed the hang up button.

She hung up on her husband!


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