Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 52 - Pigeon Fairy

Doo doo doo doo ......

The man held the phone that was hung up, his eyes were light and cold, his eyebrows revealed reserved detachment, casually putting down the phone, calmly looking up, "Continue."

"Third brother, you wouldn't have called third sister-in-law? How people let you off the hook?" Lu Zi Yan's mouth owed, half-teasingly leaning back in his rocking chair.

Even at twelve o'clock in the night, he didn't see any fatigue, instead, his gaze revealed excitement like a cheetah on the hunt.

The entire conference room is filled with acquaintances, and only a few people know about the M&R program, so naturally there are no taboos when it comes to talking.

Huo Mou Shen saw the corner of Lu Zi Yan's mouth hooked up with a hint of mockery, and was not angry, just casually and lazily lit up a cigarette and took a drag, his eyes on Lu Zi Yan's face, slightly raising his eyebrows, "You're done with the Yan family's engagement!"

"Fuck, Third Brother, you love pinching people's seven inches!" Lu Ziyan has seen Huo Muk Shen's mouth poisonous and hit the nail on the head, and is also annoyed to light up a cigarette.

In no time, the entire room is filled with a dazzling smoke, and Huo Mushen's handsome face is shrouded in blur, hiding his complexion.

He didn't care that Lu Ziyan was talking, his dark ink-like eyes staring at the screen of his cell phone as he smoothly handled document contracts on his computer.

"Third brother, you really have two minds at once, after I read the designs you gave me this morning, every one of them works, and all of them are more creative than what the creative department did, are we going to use them?" Lu Ziyan asked.

"Don't use it first." The man's posture was slender, so he lazily leaned back in the black swivel chair, but his body exuded a reserved aura.

"Don't use it yet?AK's people are already urging us and threatening us." Lu Zi Yan looked sycophantic, selfishly, he didn't want Third Brother to use his love for Song Zhi to the core.

"En, what did AK say?" Huo Mou Shen raised his eyes and asked.

"What else could it say, but it's just threatening us with lowering our profit percentage." Lu Ziyan disdains such business tactics and lowers his head to click on the document.

Because of the time difference between the two countries, M&R Cooperative AK's E-Star projects were all carried out at night.

They were like wolves, walking in the wasteland desert without fear.

"En, let them talk, don't worry about it." Huo Mou Shen's remaining light sweeps over the black screened cell phone, and his vision pauses for a few seconds.

After a while, Lu Ziyan's lips hooked up in a big smile, pointing at the marked red line in the screen and making a neck-wiping motion, "Third brother, as expected, the Song Yuan Cheng project was gutted by us.

After the capital chain is broken, all the shares are forced to fall, estimate ...... no need to go out tomorrow, Song Yuancheng this old fox is going to step down with his tail between his legs."

It's really a great pleasure!

Huo Mou Shen eyes without half a ripple, even the eyebrows have not moved, just sweep two eyes cell phone, and converge back to their own line of sight: "Zi Yan, in the online release of the M & R call for E star design project LOGO."

"En?" Lu Ziyan listened to Huo Mou Shen's urgency and asked in disbelief, "This isn't to help Song Yuancheng cover up a scandal, third brother, you won't be moved to compassion because Song ...... third sister-in-law is a member of Song's family."

"No." Huo Mushen responded in a low voice.

Lu Ziyan's hanging but unsettled heart falls uneasily, his gaze vibrates, once again puzzled: "Third brother, whichever woman you want is fine, but you absolutely cannot let a woman become your soft underbelly, seeing as Tang City and the Tang family industry are about to be incorporated into our resources, for you to withdraw your hand now is like letting a tiger return to the mountain."

Huo Mou Shen lifts his eyes to look at him, silently for a few seconds, his lazy posture gradually straightens, pulls up a chart on his computer, and points his fingertips at a few places, "Isn't acquiring Tang City better than destroying him? The Song family's flow today is just enough to strike a theme for M&R's E Star project."

Lu Ziyan suddenly realized, his eyes sharply contracted, revealing disbelief, "You mean ......"

"En, as you imagined."

Huo Mou Shen responds to his thoughts, then his afterglow sweeps the screen to light up for a split second, he doesn't miss a second, picks up his finger and walks quickly towards the balcony.

Lu Ziyan looks at Huo Mushan's figure that is gradually sinking into the night with eyes that worship in horror bordering on terror.

He felt that what he was looking at was not a person, but ...... a devil.

Song Yuancheng being in the headlines was completely expected by Huo Moushen, and his earlier obedience to Third Sister-in-law's wishes of agreeing to cooperate with the Song family was also to hollow out Song Yuancheng.

And Third Sister-in-law's antics in front of the media were nothing more than a catalyst.

If the third brother didn't know that Song Yu was greatly aggrieved, I'm afraid he wouldn't have acted too quickly, which is touching the third brother's soft underbelly.

But how did he feel that all Huo Muchen wanted to do was to take it out on Song Zhi?

Third brother's head is made of non-humans, he wants to dig it up and take a look.

However, a certain big brother, can only use the posture of looking up to see.


Huo Mou Shen walked to the balcony, turned his head and used the tip of his shoe to bring on the balcony sliding door, his posture immediately blended with the night color, leaving only a long figure on the glass window.

"Husband ......" Song Zhi leaned against the refrigerator door, using an ice pack to compress the red and swollen bag on his head, and carefully said, "I just fell asleep and didn't receive your call, you . . didn't get angry."

"Not mad."

That's a lie.

Huo Mou Shen hears the pain in her tone, his eyes gradually going from calm to waves of darkness, his hand gripping the handrail revealing veins as he asks, "But, I don't like it when you lie."


Song Zhi suspected that Huo Mu Shen was a human lie detector.

Her heart pounded violently and abruptly twice, one hitting her internal organs in pain while the other pried her throat open to gush out of her chest.

"Am I wrong?" Huo Mo Shen asked rhetorically.

Song Zhi exhaled a deep breath of turbid air and exhaled it heavily, she hurriedly turned on the faucet and splashed her face with tap water twice with cool water before she was slightly awake: "I'm going to say I sleepwalked, do you believe me?"


"Didn't you say that whatever I say, you will believe me?" Song Zhe snorted coldly.

She still had palpitations, and just now for a split second, she was forced by Huo Mushan to nearly spit out the secret of her rebirth as well.

"Provided you're obedient, what you've lost, I'll help you get back one by one!" Huo Muchen's murderous hatred surfaces under his eyes, "What you want, I have, or I don't have, I can help you get it back."

Huo Muchen stood on the balcony, heard the opposite side in silence through the screen, and suddenly had some difficulty facing Song Zhi.

She has seen his true colors, not the gentle and considerate she imagined.

Her husband: Huo Muchen is vicious and ruthless, tricky and merciless, not even mercifully out to his family.

Will she accept it?

Just after more than ten seconds of silence, Song Zhi didn't want the atmosphere to continue to be stiff, she swallowed half a mouthful of truth, playfully playing a trick, making a tantrum: "Husband, I just didn't sleep, I've been waiting for you to come back from work, I've been standing on the balcony and waiting for you to ...... and then listen to your phone call, I'm too excited, too anxious, this is considered a work injury Is it?"

"...... As Mrs. Huo, it's called an obligatory injury at best." Huo Mou Shen throat light heave, hooked his lips, there is a stone in the bottom of his heart also gradually landed: "The next time I do not come back all night, I must report to Mrs. Huo, eh?"

"Well then, I forgive you." The corner of Song Zhe's lips hooked up as he smiled faintly.

"Where did I do wrong, Mrs. Huo, tell me?" Huo Mo Shen spilled a low laugh from his throat.


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