Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 53: Baby, Be Good

Mrs. Huo was not expecting to be taken by Mr. Huo.

She wracks her brain to hold back a sentence, "Newlyweds have to sleep together every day, you put a flowery little dainty wife at home, are you willing to give up?

What if one day the little petite wife accidentally, under Mr. Huo's words, climbs the wall with red apricots?"

"Then I'll teach her again the consequences of climbing the wall?" Huo Muxian's tone is solemn, without the slightest hint of joking.

"Mr. Huo, has anyone ever said that you're too unsmiling, so rigid that you don't even have any humor cells." Song Ru coldly snorted, in her eyes, Huo Mou Shen is a 'can't smile' star.

"Song Ru, has anyone ever said that as a wife with a husband, you flaunt to commit wildness, and your humor cells are a bit played out too much, flaunting too much."

Huo Mu Shen leans his body lazily against the wall, the gold-framed eyes between the bridge of his nose half-hanging down, revealing the man's flawless brows.

"Re! It's as Huo Mou Shen's woman that I'm able to flaunt my humor cells to excess!" Song Zhu was proud and proud of his words.

The person who dares to say that Huo Mou Shen is wrong in Huacheng, Song Zhi is none other than you!

Her words succeeded in pleasing Huo Mou Shen, the man's eyebrows natural and saw the phone came in another call, see clearly after the caller, his face instantly cold, voice whisked through the silk killing intent: "These days no matter what the Song family to you, are not allowed to agree to what you ask, listen to the words, en?"

At these words, Song Zhi's pupil eyes steeply condensed, closed his mouth tightly, just from the nasal cavity issued a monotone syllable: "En."

Huo Mou Shen's eyes floated over the doting, fleeting: "Baby, good boy."

Afterward, he directly hung up the phone.

Song Zhi immersed in the last few words of Huo Mou Shen, suddenly felt a current from the soles of the feet straight up to the brain, circling for a few seconds after the steep explosion, face abruptly burst red, her eyelashes hang water droplets, flickering, she urgently needs cool water to flush face.

"Ma'am, what are you doing?"

Suddenly, a voice came from behind her.

Song Zhi was exempted from being startled, and with her face covered in cold water, she turned her head to see the housekeeper's face before dropping her shoulders and letting out a sigh of relief.

People scare people to death.

"I ...... am hungry, so I came to find something to eat." Don't say you're not hungry, mention it and you're hungry, Song Ru touched her parched stomach and really felt the hunger coming on.

"Mistress you want to eat?" The housekeeper's eyes lit up, more dazzling than the table lamps in the hall, rolling up his sleeves and walking forward, "Mistress, it's great that you want to eat, Mistress first go and sit next to me for a while, I'll make some hometown rice balls, it'll be ready in a moment."

Song Zhi leaned against the refrigerator door, staggered at his elation, "Why are you so happy ah?"

"Mistress mustn't be unaware, young master came back a while ago and was angry every day, letting the maids make a table of things not to eat, just starve, and starved and lost a lot of weight in a month of living hunger, and then we realized that it seemed like Mistress hadn't been out of the country for a month in that period, and she had also been starving all the time."

The housekeeper's 'dexterity', in no time at all, made rice balls, the shape was so cute that it was like coaxing a child, handing them to Song Zhi: "My grandson has always loved to eat them, don't mind if you don't mind, ma'am."

Seeing the star rice balls and rabbit rice balls in the center of the plate, Song Zhi's nose turned sour, it felt good to be cared for silently.


The night passed.

Song Zhi because she slept late, when she woke up it was already nearly eleven o'clock, reached out and touched her cell phone to see WeChat from Gu Qingjia and WeChat groups that had already been blown up, and of course the phone calls were all from the Song family.

She lazily ignored it and clicked on WeChat, skimming through the WeChat messages.

"Song Zhi, have you decided where to go?"

"Are you up yet?"

"Why don't we go to the left family's small residence that we used to frequent, where the environment and there's no disturbance."

"...... Song rhetoric, are you playing with me, don't want to come out with me, at the expense of me treating you as my best friend!"

The messages started at 9:30 and averaged every half hour, from the beginning of eager concern to impatient urging to ...... the final unpleasant questioning that the plotting and scheming hadn't succeeded.

Song Zhi rubbed her brow, she is quite want to be a pigeonhole, but then thought of the small fire beating in her chest, the corners of her lips tautly tautly can not help but hooked up with smugness, she was so happy that she was brushing her teeth humming a little tune, in front of the dressing mirror to draw a light makeup, tied a casual pill head, just wearing a simple body blood shirt and jeans, a full ten college students.

It was close to eleven thirty before she returned a sentence to the cranky Gu Qingjia: "Huayinju, you set the box, I'll go over now."


When she received Song Zhi's message, Gu Qingjia's tightly touched and taut nerves were viciously touched by the cuts of miso.

She lowered her head and clicked on the message, when she saw the three words 'Hua Yanju', a powerful resentment surged out from the eyes of her throat, and her long nails went deep into her palms, her eyes glaring to the point of snapping in anger, itching to tear Song Zhi apart.

"Hua Yan Residence, Song Ru I'm not happy if I don't get five million dollars from you today!"

Hua Yanju, Hua City's most expensive and luxurious restaurant, only receiving fifty tables a day, going to business negotiations, Hua City's non-rich or noble upper class people, and in which a meal is as light as hundreds of thousands of dollars, and as heavy as up to millions of dollars.

The people who go in to eat are not for eating, they are talking about business and making connections.

And the boss behind Huayinju doesn't know what kind of person he is, it's just a rumor that he is so powerful that he can't be offended.

Song Zhe had asked Gu Qingjia to stay at Hua Yan Ju, clearly to make Gu Qingjia spill her guts.

When Gu Qingjia stood under the sun and managed to book a table, her makeup was all lined up.

Not far away, a Maybach was parked, the interior of the car was cool and silky, not in the least attacked by the hot, rolling summer breeze.

Song Zhi sat on the back seat, lowered her eyes and looked at her wristwatch, twelve twenty, very patient?

She narrowed her eyes and looked at Gu Qingjia, the corner of her lips hooked up with an icy and long smile, the little devil made a mistake: "Driver big brother, in a while, I ate dinner and got on the car straight away, no matter who comes up you don't open the door, we'll just drive fast and furious, and we can end up raising dust."

The driver's eyelids jumped, "Yes."

Song Zhi put on his sunglasses, hooked his lips in satisfaction, pulled open the car door dressed in a normal student cap, walked over to Gu Qingjia, tilted his head and said, "Qingjia, let's go."

Gu Qingjia was a little angry when she saw Song Zhi having come with a leisurely step.

She said word for word, "Song Zhi, I've been here for almost over an hour lining up here, why are you just coming?"

"Oh, Qing Jia I thought you knew the rules of Hua Yan Residence, every time you make a reservation you can only go in after an hour, can't it be that you don't know?" Song Zhu said slyly.

"...... "Gu Qingjia bit her lip and became even angrier.

Nonsense, of course she didn't know, every time she made an appointment with Song Ru here, it was Song Ru who paid out the money and took a card to go straight in.


She remembered that Song Zhi had also given her a secondary card, which she would just spend until Song Zhi spat blood in a moment!

Seeing her face colorful, Song Zhi walked over, patted Gu Qingjia's shoulder, his gaze fixed on her pursed straight lip line, revealing a deep and long smile.

"You look as if you want to eat me."

"I was just waiting for you for too long and was a little too anxious to be slightly annoyed, where did I want to eat you?" Gu Qingjia laughed, inhaled heavily, and followed Song Zhi's footsteps into Hua Yan Residence.

In fact, she couldn't wait to eat until Song Zhe went bankrupt!


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