Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 54: Hubby, I'm sorry, I'm a loser.

Without taking a few steps, the waiter opened the door for them.

Gu Qingjia instantly felt a gust of coolness hit her.

She was 'invited' in by the waiter with her head bent and bowed, and even her posture was as arrogant as a flower peacock in full bloom with no one in sight.

"We're going to sit at the table by the window." Gu Qing Jia walked ahead through the hall, arrogant as if she was the dazzling center of attention in the main arena, and threw a scowl at waiter.

"I'm sorry miss, the cost of that table doesn't quite match your prepaid deposit, so the only area you can choose from is these tables." The waiter was politely bending over, wearing a white shirt with a small black tie, reaching out and pointing in the direction he went but causing Gu Qing Jia to immediately blacken her face.

Song Li did not say anything, his eyes faintly swept towards her, his line of sight lingered between Gu Qingjia and the waiter, looking towards the tables not far away, there are only two total options, clearly in the restroom a left and a right, are not the best choice.

The waiter was undoubtedly not saying that Gu Qingjia was a pauper!

Gu Qingjia's vanity swelled in her bones, and she opened her mouth to curse, "What do you mean by that! I've been waiting in line outside for over an hour and I'm still just reserving a spot next to the restroom?"

"You can increase the price and upgrade your seat." The WAITER was in no way annoyed at being scolded, and didn't even divulge a hint of his half-hearted dissatisfaction, but Song Zhi could see a hint of contempt swept across the bottom of the WAITER's eyes, and didn't put Gu Qingjia in her eyes in the slightest.

She couldn't help but be more curious about the boss behind Hua Yanju, being able to cultivate the people under her hand to be so proud, simply ...... don't be too strong!

"Then I'll raise the price, say, a few hundred dollars!"

Gu Qingjia completely disdained a few hundred, she wanted to take more from Song Ru.

Even ...... the diamond ring that Song Ru fancy Huo Muchen bought for Song Ru, the clothes she wore, the house she lived in ...... she wanted.

At this moment, if Song Zhi knew what she was thinking, she would probably carry a forty meter long large knife and then smirk at Gu Qingjia to say, "I'll let you run thirty nine meters first, and then I'll chop you to death!"

The waiter was also extremely polite and showed Gu Qingjia the price list of Hua Yanju: "Miss Gu, please take a look, if you want to lean against the window then you need to add another eighteen thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand eight hundred and eight."

It was also a very auspicious number.

Song Zhi's eyelids also jumped when she heard the waiter's words.

It seemed like every time she came she spent the Song family or the Huo family's money, didn't she realize she was such a loser in her last life?

She felt like what she was eating wasn't food, but gold!

Hubby, I'm sorry, I'm a loser.

"What!" Gu Qing Jia's eyes brace wide, "It's just a seat, actually want so much money, you robbing money?"

The voice was not too loud but not too small attracting a lot of sideways glances, then waiter whispered, "If you're not satisfied, then please choose one between the two just now, but we refuse to take credit, and we can't take out loans or refunds either."

Gu Qingjia was in real flesh this time, glaring fiercely at the WAITER, literally backing out all her fallbacks.

Damn it, she was going to get Song Zhi killed!

A hint of unwillingness swept through her beautiful eyes, hating Song Zhi even more for being born with so much good treatment, she gritted her teeth and threatened, "What do you mean by looking at me with such eyes?

Open your eyes and see who I've brought here! It's Mrs. Huo! Would Huo Mushen's wife care about this amount of money!"

Disgust and contempt floated across the bottom of Song Zhi's eyes, and the frown fell into the waiter's eyes, who was then heard to say, "Eating at Huayin Residence doesn't depend on status.

Since you made the reservation, everything is paid for by you, this is the rule!

If you are dissatisfied, you can leave now, but you'd better lower your volume to not affect others."

"What the hell kind of rules are those? You are thinking that I can't afford to pay, aren't you?" Gu Qingjia's nonchalant words had already caused the surrounding people to look sideways.

All of them placed curious and measuring gazes in her eyes, and she was instantly embarrassed and could only hold back her anger, pointing to a random table, but all she could think about was teaching waiter a hard lesson.

"Okay, then I'll go prepare it for you, you come with me first." The WAITER whispered.

Song Zhi saw Gu Qingjia go with the waiter and pulled out a card with one hand, she narrowed her eyes slightly, a familiar feeling came into her eyes, and the corner of her lips curled up into a hidden smile.

After the two of them landed a seat, Song Zhi sat closer to the restroom, then waited for the WAITER to come over and order.

The waiter handed Song Zhi the menu.

Song Zhi raised his eyes to look at the WAITER, but didn't say anything, just lowered his head and flipped through the menu, his gaze sullen as he went straight for the highest price!

"This, and this ......"

After a long string of words, Song Zhi breathed a sigh of relief.

Gu Qingjia felt as if there was a knife gouging out her heart, but on second thought, someone else would pay in a moment, and her heart was slightly indulged, "Song Ru, you ordered so much, can you eat it?"

"Can't eat ah ......"

Hearing this, Gu Qingjia nose root jumped, heart slander: "Can not eat you still point so much, how not to eat death you! Later on, I'll let you know how powerful this medicine is!"

But the next second ......

Song Zhi but said, "Can't eat, I can pack, now are popular CD action, I can go back to eat slowly."

"Then can I go to your house and eat with you?" Gu Qingjia raised her head abruptly, enjoying everything that Song Zhi should have in flashed in her mind for a split second, and exploded violently.

She stared wide-eyed, the depths saturated with the idea of robbing her of everything: "Since you got married, I have not even been to your home, this time also do not take me to visit."

Song Ru's right eyebrow slightly raised, yoho, the little bitch wants to come to the door?

She lowers her voice and sighs long and hard, "Qingjia, it's not that I don't want you to go, but my husband has a cleanliness fetish, if outsiders go to Huo Garden, he thinks it's dirty."


You're not talking about Huo Yuan being dirty, but me being dirty!

"...... Then it's better to wait until your husband isn't at home." Gu Qingjia's pair of eyes were as deep as ink, exuding the smell of decay.

"Mu Shen is more preoccupied, even I go out with you today, all sneak out, I'm still afraid of what to do in case my legs are broken." Song Zhi lowly hid her eyes, her shoulders pretended to shrug, creating a 'I'm afraid of my husband, I can't make a decision' aggrieved little image, looking at the people in the dark smacking their lips.

I'm not sure if I can do it, but I can do it!

Gu Qingjia heart cold snort, then touched the card in the bag, raised his head and smiled at Song Zhi: "Song Zhi, this meal I invite you, the last time I was unaware of the matter, the victim, you do not blame me, we are still good friends."

Song Zhi's eyelids lifted slightly, not far past Gu Qing Jia's shoulders, he saw two familiar people - Song Yanran and Zhao Li!

Why were the two of them together?

"Song Ru?" Gu Qingjia hated her most with the gracefulness of a thousand gold lady, and was even more envious and jealous of the fact that Song Ru had been loved from birth, and had ...... a husband like Huo Mu Shen.

People have jealousy, but some people know how to restrain it, while others complain that heaven is unfair and don't know how to work on themselves.

They only see the scenery on the surface of others, but do not see the heartache behind the scenery people.

Song Zhi converged his eyes, quieted down, but in a few seconds, lightly laughed: "How could I blame you? It's all because that son of a bitch Lu Huaike encouraged you, right!"

"Yes, that's right!" Gu Qingjia saw that Song Zhi had been tricked again, and was smug in her heart.

"Eh ...... Qing Jia, I also know that you're a victim, but this time you're victimizing me so much that the Huo family is displeased with me?" Song rhetorically speaks without meaning to, but hears Gu Qing Jia's heart swirl, the Huo family is dissatisfied with Song rhetorically, so won't her ten million dollars and villa soon be in her hands?


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