Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 55 Get lost, that's not what I ate!

Hua Yanju efficiency is extremely high, ten minutes later, Song Zhi this table of sumptuous luncheon as a full banquet set up.

Song Zhi ordered something, didn't care if it tasted good or not, just remembered to order it, this would be a few surprises to see the wide array of meals.

She tasted a bite of each item.

Gu Qingjia also pretended to sit on the opposite side.

After eating for a few minutes, she suddenly took out a box of cosmetics from her bag and handed it to Song Zhi: ''Song Zhi, these cosmetics I developed myself, you can try them out to see how you feel about your allergies. Going forward you won't have that kind of thing at the wedding again?"

Song Zhi raised his eyebrows slightly, his lip line tensed for a moment, feigning ignorance, "What happened at the wedding? And when did I tell you I was allergic?"


What a good liar!

Gu Qingjia growled twice in her mind, but her face became more and more gentle, "So I remembered wrongly, you try this set of cosmetics?"

Song Ru lifted his eyes and looked at her grip fork curled around her trembling fingertips, and took the cosmetics in her expectant eyes, "Then I ...... will go and try it, you wait for me to come back, I happen to have something to say to you as well."

Song Zhu left her seat, but did not go to the restroom as she wished, but went straight to the second floor hall off to the side.

It was a little strange as she walked all the way there.

Instead of stopping her when the waiters on both sides saw her, they all nodded at her in unison, making her even more puzzled.

The person behind ...... her knew her?

In the Huayin Residence, every place is honorable and graceful, every place is meticulously designed, and all of them seem to be catering to someone's mind.

Song Zhi looked comfortable, standing on the second floor at the off-center corner, her eyes slightly drooped, and the landscape downstairs was unobstructed.

She saw Gu Qingjia looking left and right, her eyes darted towards the restroom several times, and finally put down her clenched knife and fork and pulled out a white vial, dabbed it slightly with her fingernail, and then dabbed it on each dish as if nothing had happened, except for the steak in front of her, the rest of them were dabbed with a bit of white powder.

Song Zhi silently said in the bottom of her heart, "Awesome, really awesome, if you go to the palace, you might be able to survive until the last episode!"

Song Zhi watched Gu Qingjia finish everything before he was ready to head downstairs.

However, he suddenly heard a familiar voice from behind him.

"Zhao Li, you're all I have.

I now I'm being ostracized by Song Zhi in the Song family, I don't know why she can't tolerate me when I'm clearly good enough for Song Zhi?"

"Well, I'll get Song Zhi killed for you now!"

"Or don't, eh ...... she's my sister after all, and I don't want to treat her that way, but I really can't stand it ...... she's actually slandering me for sleeping with a different man, obviously . . it's her who goes to nightclubs to play with wild men ......"

Song Yanran cried with pear blossoms and rain, listening to the man's bones are crispy.

"You know ...... me ...... my first time was given to you ......"

Zhao Li a 'heavenly kings and godfathers come are not afraid of' virtues, in hearing the high school goddess bent over and begged for forgiveness, came to be more energized, more forceful movement, open mouth blew: "Laozi of course I know! This Saturday is not a class reunion, I went to find a few men to serve her, guarantee to serve her to recognize who her parents are!"

Song Zhi's eyes darkened, his toes turned to the back of the glazed columns, and then padded up his toes to move a few steps closer, and saw the door of the compartment reveal a gap.

It turned out that the two people's compartment had forgotten to close the door.

Song Yanyan was sitting on Zhao Li's lap, her clothes half-unraveled, her underwear and tie and suit pants scattered all over the place, creating a picture of blood spurting.

"Baby don't you worry, if I don't find a man to get Song Ru dead this time, I'll write the word Zhao Li upside down!" Zhao Li's eyebrows were stern, a cigarette was dangling from the corner of his mouth, and his two hands were exploring up and down on Song Yanran.

Not a moment later, the room drifted out of the charming and chaotic atmosphere.

Song Zhi was lying in the corner listening and watching, her cheeks flushed.

Zhao Li has been a gangster asshole for so many years, his body is still well maintained, and Song Yanyan, who ambles on top of him, is nearly naked, but her fiery figure ...... is really material.

Song rhetoric does not feel the slightest bit of eavesdropping on the living chun palace has something wrong, slightly raised eyebrows, took out his cell phone to shoot a video, satisfied hooked the corner of the lips, not moving from upstairs down.

This is really a very good handle it.


Gu Qingjia waited a little impatiently, and when she saw her return, she asked urgently, "Did you use cosmetics?"

"Used it, thought it worked well."

"Then ......"

Before the second half of 'shouldn't you give me some money' could be said, she saw Song Zhi casually picking up the bag on the seat and walking towards the outside while saying, "Qing Jia, I might have to go?"


"What I was just about to say to you is ...... my husband just called me to go home, I'm afraid of getting my legs broken, I'll leave first, I'll treat you to dinner next time."

Gu Qingjia was shocked and anxious to hear that she was going to leave, and bumped the edge of the table, "Why are you leaving now, eat before you leave, you haven't eaten anything yet."

"Not eating, you understand why I'm not eating." Song Zhe looked at her meaningfully and smiled.

Laughing, the corners of his lips grinned, but without temperature.

Gu Qingjia was grossed out by the smile, and seeing Song Zhi turn to leave, she anxiously shouted over to waiter to settle the bill.

"Ms. Gu, hello a total of three hundred and eighty-eight thousand eight hundred."

"What, I'm just having a steak, why is it so much money!" Her eyes glared like an ox.

"It's a total, please pay."

"Swipe the card!" Gu Qingjia threw her bravado and slapped a secondary card from her bag towards the counter, "Hurry up!"

Song Zhi was about to leave, and she was definitely not willing to spend the money to treat Song Zhi for nothing just like that!

She wouldn't be able to go far anyway after using that box of medicine!

"Drip drip drip ...... Miss Gu, your card is no longer available, this card has been frozen." The WAITER suddenly said.

"Impossible, this card is Huo Tai he deputy card, are you deliberately stealing the money inside!" Gu Qing Jia frowned and glared at him impatiently.

"The strength of Huayinju, do you need to steal it?"

"...... "Gu Qing Jia was choked, then she saw Song Zhi who was going to walk out of the main hall not far away, shook off the waiter's hand, jogged forward, grabbed Song Zhi's arm, and directly opened her mouth, "Song Zhi, give me the money! "

"You're not the one who's treating this meal?" Song Zhi raised an eyebrow.

"I don't have any money, you help me pay for it first, I'll pay you back next time." Gu Qingjia was impatient, she looked down and swept her cell phone, looking at the time almost, she directly looked up and forced, "Why did you freeze the card, I order you to unfreeze the card for me right now, in addition to transfer five million to me!"

"Heh ...... you order me? Gu Qingjia, are you out of your mind?" Song Zhe laughed as if she had heard some funny joke.

She wrapped her hands around her chest and moved her lips, "My card, I can do whatever I want, what can you do to me!"

This arrogant and domineering look was truly 'Song Zhi'.

Gu Qing Jia furrowed her brows, could it be that the drug has not kicked in yet, it must be, anyway, she is awake and can't remember, so she is even more reckless, "Song Ru, I said I want money, if you don't listen to your master, I'll let you do a striptease in front of the public."

"Master? Strip?"

"That's right, Song Ru you're a bitch now, you have to listen to your master, I'm ordering you now the money and the ring you're holding to take it off, give it all to me!" Gu Qing Jia added quite a few ingredients in the center of the medicine to make people psychedelic and obedient, in no time, Song Zhi would really think that she was a bitch!

Song Zhi's heart flinched, and his eyes welled up with a wildly arrogant and sinister look, a kind of sinister strength that radiated from the inside out.

"Hey, did you hear me?"

Gu Qing Jia reached out to grab Song Zhe's arm, only before she could touch a corner of Song Zhe, she was yanked by Song Zhe's hair and yanked backward viciously.


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