Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 51: All the military bigwigs are here!

Early morning.

The sky is gray.

The weather station forecasts that there might be thunderstorms and heavy rainfall today.

Wen Ruyun drove out early, ready to go to the Wen family's ancestral home to ask for help.

Penglai Chamber of Commerce joint suppression, Zhu Group suddenly withdrew investment, under this double pressure, Rhyme Ting Department Store has long been difficult to support.

These days, Wen Ruyun had begged all her connections, but no one was willing to invest in her at all.

No one dared to go against Zhu Clan.

She knew that if she didn't beg the Wen family for forgiveness, perhaps she wouldn't even be able to wait for the Kunlun Group's bidding conference, and Rhyming Court Department Store would completely collapse.

She had already made her plans.

If she really couldn't, she would have to agree to her grandfather and uncle's request and surrender the Rhyming Court Department Store ......

Wen Ruyun sighed as she drove the car while looking at the dark, pressurized clouds, "Alas, it's going to rain again ......"

Her words just fell.



"Buzz- Buzz-"

A series of loud sonic booms exploded in the sky!

Six fighters lined up and swept past from a low altitude!

"This is ......"

Only then did Wen Ruyun notice that there seemed to be something different about Qing'an City today ......

At every large and small intersection, there were heavily armed soldiers standing guard.

On the main road, one military vehicle after another whistled and sped by.

In the air, from time to time, military-green helicopters flew overhead, setting off a wave of sound.

It seemed that the entire city had entered a wartime state!

"Is this ...... a military maneuver? Or is there a big shot who is going to visit in person?"

Not only Wen Ruyun, everyone who saw this sight gave birth to the same thought ......

Xiang public hall.

The Xiang Family's upper and lower ranks were gathered together.

Even those distant relatives who depend on the Xiang Family for their meals have rushed over to support the occasion.

This is about the face of the Xiang family, so no one can stay out of it.

Xiang Chen was also pushed by Qi Xiaoyun in a wheelchair and came to the front courtyard hall.

He had to see Ning Tian Lang being thwarted with his own eyes in order to ease his heart's hatred!

Xiang Zhongyuan sat on the main seat, glanced at his watch and said to Xiang Zhao:

"When will Boss Chang arrive? In case that Ning brings someone first, we will be passive."

"Don't worry dad, it's expected to arrive in a while."

Xiang Zhao wore a cold smile on his face, "Even if that brat arrives first, so what, we have dozens of people in the Xiang family, would we still be afraid of him?"

At the same time.

A brand new Rolls Royce drove into the small square of thousands of square meters in front of the Xiang family.

When the subordinate guarding the door saw this luxury car, he hurriedly ran back to the front hall to report, "Master of the house! Family master! Someone is coming!"

"Is it Boss Chang coming?"

Xiang Zhongyuan and Xiang Zhao stood up at the same time and asked in unison.

"No...... don't know......" that subordinate gasped, "It's a Rolls Royce... ..."

"Rolls Royce?"

The Xiang family's father and son looked at each other and immediately greeted the door.

In a small city like Qing'an City, there are only a handful of people who can afford to drive this kind of car!

They didn't dare to be slow!

Arriving at the gate, Xiang Zhongyuan and Xiang Zhao were both stunned.

Only to see that there was an unfamiliar man in a high-grade suit standing right outside the door, with a stout and upright posture like a steel tower. It was none other than Zhuang Yucheng!

"You are ......"

Although Xiang Zhongyuan did not recognize Zhuang Yucheng, he could recognize Zhuang Yucheng's clothes and luxury car.

Based on this multi-million dollar outfit alone, he determined that the other party was definitely not an ordinary person!

Zhuang Yucheng smiled faintly, "Xiang Family Master, I am the Vice Chairman of Kunlun Group, Zhuang Yucheng."


Hearing the words Vice Chairman of the Kunlun Group, Xiang Zhongyuan's brain roared!

"The vice chairman of the Kun ...... Kunlun Group?"

His voice trembled, almost crying out in excitement!

Nowadays, the entire Qing'an, no, the entire West Phoenix Province's rich and powerful aristocrats are all showing their skills in the Eight Immortals!

It's to ask to see the Vice Chairman of the Kunlun Group!

But without exception, all ate the closed door!

At this moment, Mr. Zhuang has personally come to the Xiang Mansion!

This is simply a great honor!

Xiang Zhao was so excited that he couldn't catch his breath, and kept pinching himself for fear of accidentally fainting.

"Deputy Manager Zhuang ...... quickly please come in! Quickly please come in!"

Xiang Zhongyuan owed his body and respectfully invited Zhuang Yucheng into the front hall.

"Vice Dong Zhuang, take your seat!"

Inviting Zhuang Yucheng to take a seat at the head of the family position, Xiang Zhongyuan respectfully offered another cup of tea before carefully saying:

"Vice Director Zhuang, you have come to my humble abode in person, is there something we need our Xiang family to do?"

Zhuang Yucheng smiled faintly, "Nothing much, I just want to come and take a look at the information of the dozen or so enterprises under the Xiang Family."

Upon hearing this, the Xiang Family's people were all in a state of ecstasy!

Can't it be that it's one of the Xiang Family's branches that has been spotted by the Kunlun Group?

If they could negotiate a cooperation with the Kunlun Group, wouldn't the Xiang Family directly leap over the Dragon Gate and soar to the heavens?

Xiang Zhao excitedly said, "I don't know which company's information Vice Director Zhuang would like to see, I'll prepare it for you right away!"

"All companies."

Zhuang Yucheng shallowly sipped his tea and said in an indifferent tone, "I want to see the details of all the companies including Xiangzhuang Group."

"This ......"

Xiang Zhongyuan and Xiang Zhao glanced at each other, the excitement on their faces suddenly faded!

They are both human savants among human savants, and they instantly heard something in Zhuang Yucheng's words.

"Vice Director Zhuang, what do you ...... mean by this? Are you planning to acquire all of our Xiang Family's properties?"

Xiang Zhongyuan's forehead was in a cold sweat, his tone filled with panic and scorn!

If the Kunlun Group wanted to swallow all of the Xiang Family's industries, then the Xiang Family would have no room to resist at all!

Zhuang Yucheng shook his head slightly, "It's not an acquisition."

"Whew ...... that's good, that's good ......"

Hearing that it was not an acquisition of the Xiang Family's properties, Xiang Zhongyuan and the others all breathed a long sigh of relief.

However, their hearts had only just landed on the ground when they heard Zhuang Yucheng continue, "It's not an acquisition, it's a takeover."

After Ning Tianlang exterminated the Xiang Family, the dozen or so enterprises under the Xiang Family would fall into a state of no ownership.

His task was to merge all of the Xiang Family's assets, all of them without leaving a trace, into the Kunlun Group!

"Take over ...... take over ......?"

The Xiang Family's crowd looked at each other in disbelief, no one knew what exactly that meant.

"Deputy Director Zhuang ......"

Xiang Zhongyuan was about to say something else when suddenly, a sound of brakes came from the doorway ......


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