Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 52: Stabbing!

An underling ran in to announce, "Boss Chang has arrived!"

Xiang Zhongyuan's spirit was jolted, "Quickly invite Boss Chang in!"

As soon as the words left his mouth, Chang Xiaorong, who was holding the "Uncommon" folding fan in his hand, laughed loudly and walked in through the gate.

"Hahahahaha ...... Xiang Family Master, long time no see."

"Boss Chang, you're finally here!"

Xiang Zhongyuan and Xiang Zhao simultaneously rose to greet them.

As soon as Chang Xiaorong stepped into the front hall, he saw Zhuang Yucheng who was sitting on the family head's seat.

A moment of amazement ran through his mind.

What is the origin of this youth?

Surprisingly, he was able to sit in the seat of the Xiang Family's family head?

"Xiang Family Lord, this is ......"

Xiang Zhongyuan hurriedly introduced, "This is Vice Director Zhuang of the Kunlun Group."

"Vice Director of the Kunlun Group?"

Chang Xiaorong hurriedly put away his folding fan and extended his hand slightly curtly, "I've heard a lot about you, I've heard a lot about you ......"

Zhuang Yucheng just slightly raised his eyelids, not bothering to speak at all.

Underground impermanence?

I'm afraid he's going to be taken away by the real Impermanence today!

For a person who was about to disappear from the world, Zhuang Yucheng was too lazy to bother with more words.

Chang Xiaorong's face showed embarrassment, and he snapped his hand back.

However, he didn't dare to have any resentment at all.

What kind of character is the vice director of Kunlun Group?

Being able to meet him in person is already a great honor!

In order to ease the awkward scene, Xiang Zhao hurriedly said, "Boss Chang, please take a seat, let's discuss the next plan."

"Oops, we can't sit down yet!"

Chang Xiaorong slapped his head, "I'm so excited to see Vice Director Zhuang, I actually forgot one big thing!"

He said to Xiang family's father and son as he walked out, "Quickly follow me out to greet a boss!"

The boss of the Underground Irregulars?

Xiang Zhongyuan and the others were greatly shocked and didn't dare to slow down to hurriedly follow them out.

Even Xiang Chen let Qi Xiaoyun push him out to greet him.

When they arrived at the door, they only saw an ancient old man in a Tang suit, being assisted by two youths, slowly walking this way.

Chang Xiaorong hurriedly took two steps forward, took the old man's arm from the youths and introduced him to Xiang Zhongyuan:

"This is Elder Gu, an old senior of very high rank in the Dao."

Xiang Zhongyuan and the others hurriedly bowed, "Greetings to Elder Gu."

Seniority in the Jianghu is status and position!

This kind of old-timers did not know how many big shots like Chang Xiaorong were under their hands!

They usually don't come out easily.

However, as long as they made a move, it was a shaking of the earth and a bloody storm!

Inviting Gu Changshan into the front hall like stars cupping the moon, Xiang Zhongyuan respectfully said, "Elder Gu, please take a seat."

It was said to be the upper seat, but it was still in Zhuang Yucheng's lower seat.

Gu Changshan glanced at Zhuang Yucheng and put on an elderly demeanor to lecture:

"You junior, why don't you get up and give up your seat when you see the old man?"

Zhuang Yucheng didn't even raise his eyelids.

"You are not worthy."

The voice was not loud, but it shocked everyone in the arena!

Gu Changshan's florid white beard kept shaking as he huffed:

"What does this ...... person do? How dare he talk to me like this?"

The Xiang family's father and son and Chang Xiaorong were both stunned.

One was a great senior of the Jianghu, and the other was the deputy director of the Kunlun Group.

None of them dared to offend!

After thinking about it, Chang Xiaorong still said to Gu Changshan, "Elder Gu, this is the deputy director of the Kunlun Group, you ......"

Before he finished his words, Gu Changshan's face changed, and with a cold snort he obediently sat in Zhuang Yucheng's lower hand seat.

In front of capital.

What reputation seniority?

All useless!

The crowd finally sat down.

It was only then that Xiang Zhongyuan smiled and said to Chang Xiaorong:

"Boss Chang, it's just dealing with a little yakuza, I didn't expect you to call in so many people! And even invited Ancient's grand presence!"

When he went out to greet Ancient Changshan just now, he noticed that at the very least, more than five hundred people had gathered in the square in front of the door!

Chang Xiaorong gritted his teeth and said, "Xiang Family Master I won't hide it from you, I also have some issues with that kid surnamed Ning!"

The humiliation of licking the lighter in the parking lot last time was something he could never forget! "And that kid seems to have some relationship with the Tu Family's second young lady, so I was afraid of causing trouble, so I just invited Ancient to sit in on it!"

A hint of viciousness crossed Chang Xiaorong's eyes, "As long as that brat dares to come over today, I'll make sure that he won't be able to fly!"

Hearing Chang Xiaorong's words, Xiang Chen excitedly pounded his wheelchair:

"Great! I'm going to cut off that thing of his with my own hands! Let him feel my pain too!"

Listening to them fantasize about how to deal with Ning Tian Lang, Zhuang Yucheng almost burst out laughing.

These fools, did they really think that a mere five hundred punks could deal with the Kunlun War God?

Rather, this old man surnamed Gu was a bit tricky.

However, if he didn't consider the wrath of the jianghu crowd, killing him directly wouldn't be a big deal.

At the same time!

Ning Tian Lang brought the Tian Kui Di Yu duo and slowly arrived in front of Xiang Gongfu's door.

"Xiang Zhongyuan! Get out!"

With a loud shout, wind and thunder rolled!

The raindrops that had been brewing in the cloudy sky for a long time finally rustled to the ground.

The rain was not heavy, but Tian Kui still sharply held up a black umbrella and blocked it over Ning Tian Lang's head.

"Xiang Zhongyuan! Get out!"

Ning Tianlang's voice and the thunderous thunder directly reached the ears of the people in the front hall!

Upon hearing this voice, the first one to stand up was Zhuang Yucheng!

Immediately after, Chang Xiaorong and the others followed suit and stood up.

Xiang Zhongyuan's gaze was vicious: "Good boy, he really dares to come!"

The crowd came out of the antechamber one after another, surging towards the door in an aggressive manner!

"Ning Tian Lang! How dare you, how dare you really come to my Xiang Gongfu to die!"

Xiang Zhao wrinkled his brows and glared, shouting angrily!

Ning Tian Lang's voice was ice-cold, "And what are you?"

"I am the youngest member of the Xiang family!" Xiang Zhao shouted in a stern voice.

"You disturbed my father's birthday banquet, wasted my brother's body, and now you dare to make my Xiang Family move out of the Xiang Mansion! Today, I'll definitely tear your bones to ashes!"

Next to him, Chang Xiaorong said in a gloomy voice:

"Surname Ning, you're also too generous to bring only two people here? Look back! These five hundred people are all prepared for you! You're just waiting to die!"

Only then did Ning Tianlang notice that Chang Xiaorong was even here.

What a nest of snakes and rats!

He smiled coldly, "Your matter will be dealt with last, I have something to ask Xiang Zhongyuan now!"

Xiang Zhongyuan's eyebrows rose in anger, "How dare you be rampant at the end of your fucking life?!"

Ning Tian Lang ignored his anger and directly shouted his question:

"Xiang Zhongyuan! Let me ask you! Does this piece of land you're standing on belong to your Xiang Gongfu?!"

Upon hearing this, Xiang Zhongyuan's face changed drastically, "What do you ...... mean by this?"

"I'll ask you again! Occupying the Ning Family's land, aren't you afraid that the spirits in the blazing fire will come looking for you to claim your life when you sleep at night?!"

Ning Tianlang threw out his voice word by word!

Stomp, stomp, stomp ......

Xiang Zhongyuan retreated several steps in a row, his face pale as he pointed at Ning Tianlang, "You ...... your surname is Ning ...... you are Ning Zhixue's son!"

"That's right!"

Ning Tianlang took a step forward, "Now my Ning family is going to rise again! It starts with pushing down this public house of yours!"

Xiang Zhongyuan was first stunned, then the shock on his face gradually dissipated.

"Hahahahaha...... old me almost let you bluff for a moment! Ning Zhixue is already dead! What else am I afraid of him for?"

Xiang Zhongyuan looked at Ning Tianlang coldly, "Without Ning Zhixue, just by virtue of you still wanting to revitalize the Ning family? It's simply a dream!"

How many secrets were hidden behind that fire seventeen years ago, and how many bigwigs were involved!

How could a mere orphan be able to shake it?

Looking at Xiang Zhongyuan's smug and rampant face, Ning Tianlang took a deep breath and held back his killing intent:

"Where are my parents' bones? How did you place my parents' bones after you commandeered this place?!"

"Hehe ...... you ask about those two burnt pieces of trash?"

Xiang Zhongyuan burst into a sneer, "You really didn't ask the wrong person, I was the one who cleaned them up with my own hands back then!"


Ning Tianlang's fists were already clenched in blood!

"Thrown away!" Xiang Zhongyuan arrogantly raised his chin and

"The bones of the two sluts, I casually threw them to the deserted mountains and fed them to the dogs! If you want to find them, why don't you go look for them in the shit!"


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