Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 54: The Will of the God of War, Directly Pointing to the Heavens!

In front of them stood these people, from the lieutenant platoon commander, to the colonel brigadier, the rank of one higher than the other, the aura of one more than one amazing!

Xiang Zhongyuan trembled, "This ...... colonel brigadier is here, we can't have offended a division commander level figure ......"

"Division Commander ...... can't be right ......"

Xiang Zhao felt like he was drenched in cold sweat, and when blown by the wind, it was penetratingly cold.

Hearing their conversation, Liu Hang smiled coldly, "Want to see the division commander? Here, the division commander is in the car at the back."

With his words, one person came down from the sixth car.

He carried two bars and four stars on his shoulder!

It was clearly the rank of major!

"Hiss ......"

All the Xiang family members sucked in a breath of cool air!

Surprisingly, even a major ranked officer has shown up!

Everyone present, all of them choked in fear.

So many military bigwigs gathered in the same place at the same time!

A scene that could only be seen in a military parade had actually appeared at the entrance of Xiang Gong Gong!

Xiang Chen rubbed his eyes and said incredulously, "Dad, big brother, am I hallucinating from my injuries ......"

Xiang Zhao's two shares trembled, "No...... it's true......"

At this time, everyone's eyes went to the last car.

The sixth car came down with major colonel level division commanders.

Then the person sitting in the last car, wouldn't it be possible that he was the Chief General Officer of the Military Region?


Xiang Zhongyuan slapped himself vigorously, as if he was confirming whether he was dreaming or not!

At the same time.

The Army Escort Guard soldiers on the Lord Dragon's cross-country at the rear of the convoy all crackled and jumped down from the vehicle.

From the left and right sides, they tightly guarded the last sedan, holding steel guns with no dead angle alert!

Upon seeing this formation, Xiang Zhongyuan almost confirmed the suspicion in his heart.

The car door slowly opened, and an elegant middle-aged man carrying a golden star emblem on his shoulder stepped down from the car.

"A one-star Major General? Aren't all military district chief generals at the rank of two-star lieutenant general?"

In the crowd's astonished gazes, the elegant man slowly came closer.

Liu Hang respectfully introduced, "This one, is the Gao Chief of Staff of the Xifeng Provincial Military Region."

As soon as the words left his mouth, Xiang Zhao almost fell to his knees on the spot!

In order to get to know a platoon leader like Liu Hang, he had made countless contacts and spent a lot of money.

And at this moment, the Chief of Staff of the Paramount Military Region was actually standing right in front of him!

He was so scared that his heart was about to explode!

Xiang Zhongyuan was even more so, his spirit almost collapsed under the successive shocks!

From the moment the division commander got off the bus, only one thought remained in his mind, "It's a blessing, not a curse, it's a curse that can't be avoided!"

He was now just glad that it was fortunate that the Chief General Officer of the West Phoenix Military Region had not come.

Otherwise, today's matter would have really stabbed the sky!

Just as he thought of this, he heard Tian Kui say in a deep voice, "Why didn't Earth Xiong come?"

Di Xiong, was none other than one of the Eight Earthly Fears, the Chief General Officer of the Western Phoenix Military Region!

Upon hearing this, Xiang Zhongyuan's legs and stomach cramped in fear!

How come this kid brought by Ning Tianlang is so clueless?

He dares to question the Chief of Staff about the General Officer!

He doesn't know what he's doing!

It doesn't matter if he wants to get killed, but don't drag the Xiang family down with him!

Xiang Zhongyuan glared angrily and reprimanded with a suppressed voice, "How dare you, a little punk, talk to the Chief of Staff like this? Do you want to seek death?!"

Chang Xiaorong was also shocked and angry, "Eyesless dog! If you were one of my men, I would definitely sew your doggy mouth shut!"

Although Xiang Zhao had just noticed the unusual look in Tian Kui Di Yu's eyes.

However, he just thought that these two were high-level hired thugs that Ning Tian Lang had hired to hold up the scene.

He snapped, "Ning Tian Lang, where did you find such a stupid fighter? If Chief of Staff Gao blames it, don't drag our Xiang Family into it!"

The Xiang Family's crowd chimed in, "That's right, if you want to find death, you can die on your own! Don't drag us down with you!"

Fearing that he would be affected, Xiang Zhongyuan bowed deeply towards Gao Qingchun, his voice trembling as he said:

"Gao ...... Gao Chief of Staff, we don't know this person well! He is the enemy of our Xiang family! An undying enemy!"

Hearing his words, Gao Qingchun pushed up his glasses and said in a warm voice, "The Xiang family and him are immortal?"

"Yes yes yes ......," Xiang Zhongyuan nodded his head like a chicken pecking at rice.

"You can clean him up any way you want! It has nothing to do with our Xiang Family!"


The next second!

His entire body froze!

All the hairs on his body suddenly stood upright!

Only to see!

Major General Gao Qingchun, who was carrying a golden starburst on his shoulder, "snapped" and stood at attention!

Giving a standard military salute to Tian Kui, he said in a loud voice:

"Reporting back to Lieutenant General Tian Kui! Chief General Officer Di Xiong is personally commanding the troops at the perimeter!"


Tian Kui merely responded indifferently.

Xiang Zhongyuan: "......"

Chang Xiaorong: "......"

Xiang Zhao and Xiang Chen: "......"

Crowd: "!!!"


All of them were roaring in their heads, shocked to the core!

The Chief of Staff of a military region was actually saluting this youth?

This was just as well!

What was most unbelievable to them was!

That indifferent young man had been standing behind Ning Tianlang from the beginning to the end!

He had been silently holding an umbrella for Ning Tianlang!


Xiang Zhongyuan's throat was sweet, and a mouthful of blood was directly sprayed out!

Xiang Chen was even unable to withstand the huge shock to his heart and soul, and he fainted on top of the wheelchair with a roll of his eyes!

"What ...... is going on here?"

Chang Xiaorong's face was as white as if he had been drained of blood.

He couldn't believe what he saw in front of him!

Lieutenant General Tian Kui!

That man who had been standing silently behind Ning Tian Lang was actually at the rank of Lieutenant General!

Xiang Zhao's eyes went black, and it took him a long while to gradually regain consciousness.

He assisted the staggering Xiang Zhongyuan and said in alarm:

"Dad ...... Dad what should we do? These bigwigs seem to be all brought by Ning Tian Lang ......"

Xiang Zhongyuan took a deep breath, "Don't be anxious, it's not certain ...... not certain ......"

He asked without seeing the coffin, "Chief of Staff Gao, may I ask ...... may I ask why you few have come to the Xiang Mansion ......"

He had to ask clearly!

Even if he died, he had to die to understand!

Gao Qingchun pushed his glasses again and said lightly, "We came to move Xiang Gongguan."

"Move ...... move ......?"

The crowd was dumbfounded.

So many top military bigwigs gathered together just to move Xiang Gongfu?


Xiang Zhongyuan was shaken!

He suddenly thought of the warning letter sent by Ning Tian Lang earlier:

"A deadline of five days to move out of Xiang Gongfu! If not, this seat will personally come to my door to settle the account!

At that time, he still thought that Ning Tianlang calling himself this seat was really a shameful pretense.

Now it seems that it really isn't pretending!

The Xiang family didn't move out of the Xiang Mansion during the deadline.

Ning Tian Lang even directly called in seven Tong Tian bigwigs to personally come and move them out!

This is not liquidation!

It was actual crushing!!!!


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