Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 55 The final reckoning

Xiang Zhongyuan's body was already drenched in cold sweat.

He had never been so scared in his life!

He looked at Ning Tianlang in horror, both his legs shivering and shaking!

To be able to make a hallowed Lieutenant General hold an umbrella behind him, what exactly is his status?

Can't it be ...... that he is of the rank of admiral?

Thinking of this, Xiang Zhongyuan shook his head vigorously.


Absolutely impossible!

He is only in his early twenties, how could he already be an Admiral?

This is not in line with common sense!

What Xiang Zhongyuan didn't know was that during these ten years, Ning Tianlang had experienced thousands of shootings and killed countless enemy soldiers!

He has commanded millions of troops to attack cities and territories, and has also single-handedly broken through situations of certain death!

The wounds on his body were stacked one on top of the other!

The number of battle achievements he has made is even more countless!

If Xiang Zhongyuan knew about this, he would definitely not have such doubts anymore!

Xiang Zhongyuan swallowed his saliva hard and said to Ning Tianlang, "What exactly are you ...... you?"

"I am a member of the Ning family!"

The voice was like a torrential bell!

It crashed hard into the deepest part of Xiang Zhongyuan's heart!

"The Ning family ......" Xiang Zhongyuan smiled miserably, "Indeed, a tiger father has no son ......"

He raised his head to look at the cloudy sky, a tear slowly sliding down from the corner of his eye, "Ning Zhixue, you can really rest in peace."

Right at this moment, the walkie-talkies that Gao Qingchun and the others were carrying suddenly rang out one after another!

"The 4th Armored Regiment of the 16th Group Army of the Xifeng Military Region is assembled!"

"West Phoenix Military Region 16th Army Group 7th Ground Artillery Regiment is assembled!"

"West Phoenix Military Region 14th Army 327th Machine Infantry Brigade is assembled."

"West Phoenix Military Region, 14th Army Group, 188th Mobile Brigade is assembled."

"West Phoenix Military Region's Specialized Corps Pointed Sword Company is assembled!"


An endless stream of reports exploded like thunder in front of Xiang Gongguan!

Chang Xiaorong shivered his lips and said, "How many people have come in total for this ...... this ......"

"Two brigades, twelve regiments, plus a sharpshooter company, a total of about fifty thousand people."

Speaking of this, Liu Hang paused for a moment and continued, "There are also twelve air force jets, as well as an entire helicopter brigade."

"Fifty ...... fifty thousand people ......?"

Chang Xiaorong looked at the five hundred "road elite" that he brought, tears came down.

In front of fifty thousand Da Xia soldiers, these men of his were simply on the same level as gorillas!

No, they might not even be as powerful as the gorillas!

"Xiang Zhao, aren't you punking me?" Chang Xiaorong slapped his thighs, "If I had known that he was so awesome, why would I have come to wade through this mess?"

He looked at Ning Tianlang prayerfully, "Boss Ning ...... Ning, I came here because I was hoodwinked by Xiang Zhao, just let me go ......"

Ning Tian Lang glanced at him coldly, "Since you're here, don't admit defeat!"

Chang Xiaorong was just about to plead for mercy again when suddenly the earth shook.

"Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom ......"

The sound of neatly organized footsteps boomed from the east of Xiang Gongfu!

The Mechanized Infantry Brigade with its three infantry regiments came clanging towards the crowd with a neat and tidy stride!

With every step, they stepped hard on top of the hearts of the Xiang Family's crowd!

In front of the queue, five wheeled tank guns roared like behemoths to open the way!

Infantry chariots mounted with 30-millimeter guns follow closely behind.

On the chariots, soldiers with serious and determined faces aimed their fixed weapons such as rapid-fire cannons and machine guns at the Xiang Family crowd.

The tanks are charging ahead, and the chariots are coordinating behind them! One can always fight while charging!!!

Just waiting for Ning Tianlang to give the order, the entire Xiang Mansion can be razed to the ground!

Looking at the scene in front of him, Xiang Zhao directly pissed his pants!

The Vice Chairman of Xiangzhuang Group, at this moment, he was frozen on the spot like a demented fool, letting the moist liquid drip onto the ground.


It wasn't over yet!

Amidst the horrified gazes of the crowd, a cloud of smoke suddenly rolled up to the west of Xiang Gong Gong!

The Motorized Infantry Brigade drove 16 light armored reconnaissance vehicles, 50 Falcon medium buggies, and 50 6x6 medium loaded trucks, slowly approaching!

The artillery regiment, armor regiment, and seven other combat regiments pressed on behind!

Wherever they traveled, the wind sounded like a drum, and wariness filled the air!



The Xiang Family's crowd fell to the ground one after another!

Including the more than 500 "jianghu people" brought by Chang Xiaorong, all of them were trembling and shivering into a ball of fear.

They were all in a state of fear, their eyes glazed over.

They were just following Boss Chang to support the scene, how come they were surrounded by so many guns and cannons?

Everyone was panicked and scared!

Wanting to hurry and leave this terrifying battlefield!

However, when they wanted to escape, they realized that it was too late!

Xiang's public house is located in the north and faces south.

At this moment, both the east and west directions have been sealed off!

Not even a fly can escape!

Their only way out is to break through to the south of the small square!


Just as these people were about to run towards the south!

88 truck-mounted 155mm howitzers have been neatly lined up, lying quietly in their field of vision!



They had absolutely no way out!

Some people fainted from fear, others were so scared that they became incontinent!

For a while, the entire Xiang Mansion's square was like hell on earth!

Xiang Zhongyuan was scared out of his wits!

With so many gun muzzles and cannons pointed at him, he couldn't withstand it even if he had iron guts!

"Let's move ......"

Xiang Zhongyuan opened his dry and cracked lips, ready to soften and beg for mercy.

However, he only hoarsely uttered three words before his voice was directly overpowered by a deafening sonic boom!


"Buzz... buzz... buzz..."

The twelve Jieji ground attack fighters roared past the skies above the Xiang Gong Gong Mansion!

Behind the white tail smoke was an entire helicopter brigade!

A fierce wind sprang up, and the souls of Xiang's family members were almost blown away by the wind!

At this moment, Xiang Zhongyuan and the others could no longer hold on and all of them fell to their knees as their legs went limp!

Chang Xiaorong desperately smacked his own mouth and cried out, ''Boss Ning! I was wrong! This matter is not my fault! It was Xiang Zhao who paid me to do it!"

As soon as his words fell, all 500 people in the square fell to their knees on the spot with a bang, bang, bang!

Some begged for mercy.

Some cried out in pain.

Some kowtowed.

Looking at the crowd kneeling in front of him, Xiang Zhongyuan's entire body was like a walking corpse, falling down in a state of dismay, his blood color completely gone!

The Xiang family is finished!

No one can save them from these steel monsters and iron blood warriors!




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