Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 56: I treat you like a good sister, but you treat me like your mom!


Accompanied by a miserable scream, Song Ru's wrist bones violently exerted force, Gu Qingjia's hair along with her scalp was nearly gripped down, tightening in pain, and she ruthlessly planted herself on the ground in a posture of landing on the back of her head.

Song Zhi slightly loosened his hand, and there were still a few of Gu Qingjia's long hairs entangled in his fingernails.

Gu Qingjia's tears were so painful that she tilted her head back to get up and fight with Song Zhi.

Song Zhi's eyes were sharp and keen, and she violently raised her foot and kicked Gu Qingjia's ankle at its softest point.

In only a few seconds of effort, Gu Qingjia could only hold her ankle and fall to the ground in a sorry state.

"Song Ru ......"

"Gu Qingjia, I treat you like a good sister, but you treat me like your mother!" Song Ru breathed a sigh of relief, not caring who was around to watch, but she knew that these people's mouths were as tight as glue, and they wouldn't say half a word, "Asking for money today, asking for money tomorrow, you really think I'm your mom!

Even if you really think I'm your mom, after all these years, it's time to honor your mother!"

What do you mean by cursing without mentioning dirty words, Song Zhu did it beautifully!

"Don't you bully me too much!"

Gu Qing Jia suddenly stretched out her hand to grab Song Zhi's ankle, and was stomped on by Song Zhi's quick eye, some people need to be taught a lesson in person in order to remember, so as not to leave a scourge in the future!

She now had a terrifying thought!

If it was true, she absolutely had to drag Gu Qingjia to hell!

Ten fingers linked together, Gu Qingjia sensed Huo Mushan's grimy aura from Song Zhi, her temples throbbing more and more, spreading a horrified touch from all around her body to all her limbs and bones.

Her medicine wouldn't fail, it hadn't failed so many times, how could Song Zhi find out?

"Am I being too deceitful, or are you being excessively cheap!"

Song Zhi condescendingly saw Gu Qing Jia wagging her tail like a beggar prostrate on the ground, a layer of shade and cold chill covering her delicate face.

She spilled out cold heckles from her throat, venting her extremely well-hidden anger: "Gu Qingjia, saying that you invited me to dinner, pulling out my vice card, spending my money, and still mouthing off for me to give you another five million, you really think that you yourself have reached the point of 'people being cheap to the point of being invincible'! "

The face that was 'snapped' smacked, looking at the bigwigs eating in Huayin Residence smacked their lips!

Song Ru is wearing a hat, so many people can't quite see her clearly yet and don't recognize that this is Mrs. Huo!

When Gu Qingjia met Song Zhi's dark eyes, it was as if she was being stared at by the Grim Reaper.

She uncontrollably yelled at her, words like knives, killing her: "What are you so proud of! Even if you become the wife of a wealthy family, sooner or later you will be driven out as a dog! Look at what you're wearing, it's not worth anything!"

Seeing Gu Qingjia's eyes almost snapping in anger, Song Zhi squeezed out a sentence from between her teeth, the corner of her lips carrying a cold arc: "I'm cheap clothes, while you're cheap people!"

"Gu Qingjia, I won't let wearing expensive clothes make me worthwhile.

What I want is for even cheaper clothes to become valuable because I wear them!"


The surroundings were dumbfounded, this woman's ambition was so powerful!

There were even quite a few bigwigs who silently memorized these words, looking at this woman, she was worth a lot of money in her own right.

"You can only live in a world of vanity for the rest of your life, one day you'll lose everything for it, I'll wait for you to see you this day!" Song Zhe was too lazy to time with Gu Qing Jia, she felt her phone buzzing and vibrating quite a few times.

The time also happened to be noon, she had to accompany her kissing husband for dinner.

The driver had been waiting for an opportunity outside the door, and when he saw his wife come out, he immediately swung his tail and leaned the car against the entrance of Huayin Residence, pulling the door shut at the entrance.

"Mistress please."

Song Ru nodded and bent down to get into the car.

Gu Qingjia saw that Song Ru was leaving, and turned from uninterrupted sobbing into bawling, getting up from the ground in a sorry state and chasing out the door, "You're not allowed to leave! You ate all the food on the table, I didn't, you have to pay!"

"You can't be ungrateful!"

"Stop right there!"

By the time Gu Qingjia stumbled and ran out the door, Song Zhe had already gotten into the Maybach and was getting farther and farther away.

Song Zhi turned her head and watched Gu Qingjia run so fast that she even chased her heels off, the corner of her lips slightly hooked, and she retracted her sight with a cold smile, "Driver big brother, your driving skills should be good, probably backing up won't hit anyone!"

She now did not want to blatantly get dead Gu Qingjia, to get dead also want to secretly get dead, how can give Huo Mou Shen smear it?

How can you discredit Huo Moushen?

The driver understood, and also turned bad.


"Thank you big brother driver." Song Zhe smiles sweetly.

Gu Qingjia in the back of the car was making every effort to chase Song Zhi back, but the car, as if it was intentionally bad, drove far enough that Gu Qingjia was almost paralyzed on the ground from exhaustion, and then suddenly reversed at a rapid speed with sharp brakes, at a speed that could almost run over Gu Qingjia in the blink of an eye.


Gu Qingjia's breath tightened almost to the breaking point when she saw Song Zhi's Maybach's wheels cut into the ground, raising dust and dirt like sand as it came barreling back at a death-defying speed!

Song Zhi wanted to kill her!

The two legs that were originally heavy and couldn't be lifted up, at first glance picked up the strength to run towards the back, shouting as she ran, "Murderer, help!"

Song Zhi's eyes coalesced with frost, wordlessly looking at Gu Qingjia, suddenly looking down to see Huo Mushan's message, his eyes softened slightly, raising his head and saying to the driver, "It's ready."

The driver nodded, another spinning car, drifting, extreme speed, stopping Gu Qingjia straight in her tracks.

She was like a trapped beast struggling in a cage, and Gu Qingjia, who had just been calling Song Zhe a 'bitch', was even more so now!

Gu Qingjia saw the car hit the double flash straight toward her, her eyes were hit by the double flash double flash almost blind, instinctively raised his arm to stop, screams rushed through the throat ......

A white light flashed, such as a sandstorm of dust filled her whole body, the car also in the moment of hitting her knees, suddenly stopped!

Gu Qingjia's body leaned forward due to inertia, and her entire body knelt in front of the Maybach with a thud.

Because she had eaten a mouth full of dust, she could only cover her throat fiercely, coughing with great effort, her heart almost jumping out of her throat!

What was meant by the speed of life and death, Song Zhu used his skills to demonstrate a lesson for Gu Qingjia!

"Drive slowly to her side." Song Zhi spoke coldly.

The driver sniffed and drove the car slowly to Gu Qingjia's side.

The car window was also slowly rolled down halfway, revealing a clear and proud face that was nearly flawless.

Song Zhi's dark eyes stared at the woman kneeling on the ground, his elbow leaning on the edge of the window, lazily said: "Even if you really think I'm your mom, you don't have to do such a big salute. If you really feel that you're losing money, just go back and finish all the meals, after all, every dish at Hua Yan Ju is as expensive as heavenly gold, and it's worth every penny."

Anyone could hear Song Zhu's mockery, but no one dared to point it out!

Gu Qingjia saw Song Zhe close the car window and gradually disappeared in her knife-like line of sight, directly bit the corners of her lips, her hand clenched into a fist at some point, and unconsciously slammed into the ground, the pain caused her bones to creak, but all of this was far less than the pain of Song Zhe humiliating her!

She sat on the ground in a state of disarray, and passersby cast contemptuous and belittling lines of sight at her.

"Song Zhi!" Gu Qingjia's teeth clenched hard, crushing the two words with all her might, wishing that it was Song Zhi who was crushing them!

Suddenly an extremely sarcastic yet pleasant voice came from above her head.

"Ms. Gu, you still want to pay?"

Gu Qing Jia wolfishly tilted her head and stared at the waiter just now for a while, and simply cheated, her eyes narrowed, she climbed up from the ground with a grunt, and ran towards the crowd.


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