Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 57: Trying to get a bite to eat


The woman was viciously slammed to the ground by the high heels and could no longer get up!

"Want to eat a king's dinner? I don't think Ms. Gu quite understands the rules of Huayin Residence, no credit, no debts, not to mention no kingpin meals! Whoever breaks the rules, then their hands and feet will be broken!"

The WAITER walked over and dragged Gu Qingjia's arm by her white-gloved hand, as if she was carrying a rotten dog, back to Hua Yan Ju.

Gu Qing Jia's face turned white with fear, hugging waiter's thigh, crying and wiping her tears, "Big brother, I was cheated, just now it was Huo Mou Shen's wife, Song Zhi, she just intentionally cheated me out of my money, if you look for her to ask for it, she definitely has it!"

Mrs. Huo?

WAITER smiled faintly, a hint of contempt showing between his brows, "People are so rich, they need to cheat you?"

Gu Qingjia was so scared that her hands and feet shivered, she couldn't stand up straight, and at a glance she saw Zhao Li and Song Yanran coming down from upstairs, she immediately pounced on them, "Yanran, save me, save me ......"

Song Yanran frowned and asked impatiently, "Why are you here?"

"I was tricked out by Song Zhi and harmed into this, she just wanted to kill me, save me ......" Gu Qingjia simply poured all the dirty water onto Song Zhi, half a trace of guilt was not there, all the hatred that had been suppressed just now was made to yell at people's aura.

"This is your business." Song Yanran didn't want to pay attention to a dumbass and pulled Zhao Li to leave.

"Eh? How come you're just leaving?" Zhao Li saw Gu Qingjia crying with pearly blossoms, he licked his tongue, wrapped one hand around Song Yanyan, and went to hook Gu Qingjia's face with one hand, "Look at this little face that's all cried and blossomed, it'll be hard to look at if it's really disfigured."

"Zhao Li."

Song Yanran didn't like the man she had her eye on openly molesting other women in front of her, even if this man, she didn't like and only treated him as a spare tire, that could only be grasped in the palm of her hand.

Her pupils intensified their contraction, seeing Zhao Li hooking Gu Qingjia's chin, while Gu Qingjia's eyes were watery as she looked at Zhao Li, her voice with a sobbing tone, squeezing out a hint of deliberate seduction, "Mr. Zhao ~"

Duke Zhao dangled a cigarette and smoked it at the corner of his mouth, the greenish-white smoke spat out and sprayed onto Gu Qing Jia's face, as if he was intentionally showing loyalty, "Biyanran, you're still really ugly, I don't have any appetite for women like you, but if you wash up and throw yourself on my bed, I'll still be able to play with it."

"Mr. Zhao, I~"

Gu Qingjia felt insulted once again and hated to replace Song Yanran beside Gongzi Zhao!

"But this gongzi is happy today, if it's Song Ru's enemy, it's this gongzi's enemy!" Zhao Li ruffled and clapped his hands, immediately behind him followed up a little brother nodded and hailed: "Put her account on my body, together with the settlement, we will go to Hua Ting in a while to have some fun."

This meaning, more obvious but ......

But Gu Qingjia and a little retreat, she still wants to marry ...... him in the hospital!

Song Yanran is also not happy Gu Qingjia to steal her tethered man, turned his head on Zhao Li's ear blowing hot air, whispering, "Zhao Li, why don't the two of us go?"

It had to be said that Song Yanran had excellent hooking skills, easily provoking a man's taut nerves.

Zhao Li instantly felt his abdomen tighten and wrapped his arms around Song Yanran as he quickly walked towards the outside, not even paying attention to Gu Qingjia for a moment!

Gu Qingjia was once again insulted and narrowed her eyes unwillingly, but she directly put the blame on Song Zhi.

Song Zhe, I won't let you go!

Who won't let go of who, it's not certain yet?

Song Zhi lazily leaned back in the car seat, pulling out the medicinal powder that Gu Qingjia had just given her from her bag, and tapping it delicately with her fingertips, making a crisp smashing ear sound.

"Ma'am, where are we going now?" The driver asked.

"To M&R."

Looking for a husband to kiss and hug and raise high.

Song Ru narrowed her eyes, clicked on the scarf in the car out of boredom, and went straight to her ID, but inadvertently flipped to the call for pictures on the scarf's hot search.

M & R call for E star program design LOGO, successful advancement will have the opportunity to obtain a cash reward of five hundred thousand, plus M & R Group special high-paying positions, you can choose!

Position of your choice?

Song Ru's eyes swept through a flash of consternation, followed by a thick layer of deepness and contemplation, she couldn't remember how M & R had designed the LOGO in her last life.

If this is the same way of solicitation, does it mean that, assuming a woman wins this design award, she will then choose to stay in Huo Mu-shen as a 'personal' secretary, sticking to him all the time?

Song Yanran?

She definitely wouldn't let go of the opportunity to 'win' by any means necessary!

Song Zhi chagrined, why didn't she pay more attention in her previous life, whether Song Yanran became the chief secretary beside Huo Mou Shen because of this reason.

But ...... she clearly remembered that M&R's E Star program didn't go public that early ......

After all, that person hadn't appeared yet, a man who could build the strongest system in the world ......

Song Ru heart lit a small fire, her undergraduate is to study computer origin, if she can be the first step to make it for Huo Mou Shen, then is it possible to be the first step to help her husband stand at the top of the pyramid!

Then she would be the successful woman behind the man!

Song Zhi poked open the avatar of 'Mr. Huo's little heart' and directly clicked to follow the topic of 'Call for LOGO' and signed up to participate!

The husband was hers, and this award could only be won by her!

In this life, she chose to be silent and guard Huo Mou Shen behind the scenes.

Just as Huo Mou Shen had, in his previous life, guarded her.

Song Zhi breathes a slight sigh of relief against her thumping heart, and she feels a trace of unknown emotions being drawn out of her heart, directly pulling away from even more uncontrollable emotions.

She glances at the time on her cell phone and edits the first scarf on the scarf: "Being your little heart for two lifetimes~" before exiting and dialing directly to Huo Mu Shen.

The executives who were discussing M&R's other development projects in the conference room suddenly heard a 'ding' and all looked over in unison.

The man sitting in the first place, legs folded, lazily leaning back in a soft chair unintentionally glanced over, raised his hand, signaling a five-minute pause, and immediately picked up the phone.

"Where are you?"

The eerie voice came from the opposite side of the phone, straight away dousing Song Zhi with hot fire.

Her husband seemed to be angry.


After a few seconds of silence, Huo Muchen added, "You weren't in Huo Park, I called you, you didn't answer. Texting, you didn't reply in time either, what do you want?"

Song Zhe: "......"

The executives:"......"

They looked in unison at the man iceberg face more and more cold and obscure, was covered with a layer of thick haze, exuding a cold and harsh Yin Qi, shock shrouded in the entire conference room above the hall.

However, Song Zhi was exactly the opposite of what they thought, a hint of sweetness flowed from the corner of her lips, and she said sweetly and softly, "I came to find you. Hubby, did you have lunch at noon?"

"...... No." The man pursed his lips.

He had asked the driver to send her over for lunch, but as a result, after a whole hour, he hadn't found anyone, and Huo Mou Shen almost felt like he would turn the whole of Huacheng upside down, carry Song Zhi over, and severely slap her a few times!

He is now, immediately, immediately, he wants to see Song Zhi!

Song rhetorically heard out the thick aggression floating in, couldn't help but open his mouth, softly flirting, "Mr. Huo, are you aggrieved?"

"Song Zhi, you, over, come."

Word by word, hostility approaches.


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