Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 60 can only fit a small speech ......

Huo Mou Shen who washed his cold water face came out without seeing Song Zhi, saw the cell phone on the desk, narrowed his eyes, turned it off, naturally put it in his pocket, and walked out of the office with an expressionless face.

Because of the arrival of the president's wife, so the meeting should have been in the afternoon from three o'clock, and directly efficient and fast was less than two o'clock ended.

And the M & R group are filled with a depressing and icy atmosphere over the sky.

The executives are secretly praying, Mrs. Please say something good, lift the president ice cold storm mode.

Huo Mou Shen walks past the lounge to see Song Zhi still rummaging for something, his eyes skimming over a flash of realization as he pushes open the door.

"Looking for something?"

"Ah!" Song Zhi was startled, a pile of magazines in her hands fell to the floor with a 'bam' sound, and muttered in a low voice, "You scared me to death, good husband, usually does the lounge have anyone to clean up."

"No." After Huo Muchen glanced at it, he turned his head and left, dropping a sentence, "Come out for dinner, I'll have Huaibei send you home at night."

"You're not going home with me?" Once Song Ru heard this, she didn't look for the design drawings anymore, thumping to Huo Mou Shen's side, cherishing the good time with her husband even more.

"En, not going back, I'm counting the logos for the E-Star project tonight, and I'll have the results tonight." Huo Moushen opened his mouth in a low voice, hearing Song Zhi stunned.

She has to hold on tight, if she doesn't, her husband will run away.

Song Zhi pulled Huo Moushen's arm and went to the president's conference hall.

There's Lu Ziyan in the room, he's also sitting at the dining table, and when he sees them he raises an eyebrow, which means, "I haven't eaten either, take me one for dinner!"

Huo Mou Shen also returned a look that meant, "Get lost, I only eat with my wife!"

Lu Ziyan skims his lips, "Third brother, you're so petty, once upon a time, every entrepreneurial day and night, weren't we all brothers eating together?"

Huo Mushan raises an eyebrow, "That's because I don't have a wife."

There are no words for this excuse.

Lu Ziyan silently carries his small rice bowl and moves a butt position.

Seeing their eye contact, Song Zhi couldn't help but be flooded with sourness, opening her mouth to sit where Lu Ziyan had just moved away, "Old Six, are you browbeating my husband?"

"...... Cough cough cough!" Lu Ziyan misses a mouthful of rice and almost spits it out, looking up at Huo Mushan, "I'd like to, but Third Brother won't let it. Don't you think so, Third Brother?"

"Shut up and eat!" Huo Moushen sat beside Song Zhi and favored Lu Ziyan.

Lu Ziyan was shocked by the venomous look, then moved his rice bowl and sat across from them.

But it's good to eat at least.

The table was set with a wide array of rice dishes, and Song Zhi nonchalantly ate a few more bites when she heard Huo Mushan's cell phone ringing nonstop.

"Aren't you going to answer it? That's a persistent call, could it be any little girl?"

Song Ru rested her chin, waiting for him to pick it up, she really didn't want to beat away a Song Yanran and then another 'Song Yanran'?

"Are you sure you want to listen?"


Huo Mou Shen answered the phone, and all that came from the phone was Song Yuancheng's crackling roar, "Mou Shen, what do you mean you let someone break the financial chain of my project!"

Song Zhe raised an eyebrow, it was her scummy father calling?

"At first you were promising to invest in the project, what exactly do you mean now? Do you believe me or not I'll let Song Zhi divorce you right now!"

Song辞 forehead tendons jumped, almost jumped up from the seat: "You put ...... woo ......"

Before the latter p could be released, it was blocked by Huo Mu Shen's mouthful of vegetables.

She bit down hard on a cauliflower and swept her eyes at Huo Muk Shen with a grudge, she wanted to talk so badly.

Huo Moushen held down her restless shoulders and spoke into the phone, "Father-in-law, what I promised was an investment project for Tang City, not a personal name."

"What's mine is still Tang City's, the entire Tang City is mine!"

"Exempt ......" really stinks!

Song Zhi wanted to open her mouth again, but she was fed a mouthful of vegetables by Huo Mou Shen's quick eye, and her little cheeks gurgled as she bit into the broccoli.

Lu Zi Yan saw Song Zi scratching her ears and saying she couldn't say anything about the flowers, and was quickly fed a plate of broccoli by her third brother, and couldn't help but laugh and tease, "Third sister-in-law, you really love broccoli, turn around and I'll send you a truck, how about eating it every day?"

"You're the one who loves it, your whole family loves it!" Song Zhi swallowed the last bite of broccoli and hummed arrogantly at Lu Ziyan.

"I'm the only one in my whole family who happens to love broccoli." Lu Ziyan wolfed down the broccoli, eating in a way that didn't half resemble that svelte face.

Seeing the word 'owes a beating' written all over his face, Song Zhi took his fork and cut the steak fiercely, scraping the plate and baring it.

Seeing the two stern eye daggers flying over, Lu Zi Yan shamelessly ignored them and hooked his eyes diagonally, "Third Sister-in-law, there are knives and forks here, why don't you just cut me up?"

"You think I don't dare to cut you?" Song Zhi ground his teeth, but his small eyes flicked to Huo Mushan's phone from time to time.

Song Yuancheng was really desperate, and his dog was jumping over the wall.

"Huo Moushen, are you going to pitch in this project for me or not? Are you just not putting Xiaozhu in your heart or me as your father-in-law?"

"Husband ......" Song rhetorically reached out to grab his cell phone, and was again held down by Huo Mou Shen, a piece of steak that hadn't been cut yet, and directly blocked his mouth, "Woo ...... "

Hubby, do you know that I've been lacking protein lately?

Song Ru was angry and hateful, Song Yuancheng is really even two skinny faces, give another face, it is estimated that it can also be pasted on!

She stared nervously at Huo Mou Shen's mouth and listened to him say, "Father-in-law, my eyes aren't that big, they can only fit Xiao Ru ...... "


Huo Mou Shen, brought out of his humor cells by her.

Song Zhe's small mouth that was biting into the steak moved, and the two starry eyes that were like glazes bubbled up with small pink bubbles, almost smothering Lu Ziyan who was buried in his meal at the same table.

"Third sister-in-law, you don't have to be so touched! The saliva is coming down!" Lu Ziyan saw that Song Zhi's eyebrows and eyes didn't have any half-seeming impurities, she was just bent on snatching the phone, what did she want to do?

Song Zhi took a big bite of beef and raised her eyebrows at Lu Ziyan: "I'm touched, it's none of your business, eat your food!

If you are dissatisfied, you are in a hurry to find a husband to hurt!"


This woman, petty and vindictive.

Third brother, how to fancy?

Song Zhi listened to the opposite side of the phone for only a few seconds of silence, and then could hear the mixed sound of the shelf glass breaking on the floor.

The temper is not small!

MD, spend her mom's money and smash her mom's things, dog man!

"Good! Huo Mou Shen, since you made things so ugly, then Tang City's future cooperation with M&R ends here! I'll see how you're going to explain to the Huo family!" Song Yuancheng growled lowly.

"Suit yourself."

Throwing out two words, Huo Mushen hung up the phone, not giving Song Yuancheng any face or room to turn around.

With that, the blackness of the screen went down and all the voices subsided ......

Everything seemed to be quiet ......

Song Zhi touched the round little belly, like a pregnant woman sitting on a stool, dragging her chin, her glistening eyes suddenly lit up with two clusters of flames, to log through the phone and dismantle Song Yuancheng in a big way.

But the husband was so handsome just now, the appearance of teaching a lesson was so handsome!

"You heard me."

Huo Mo Shen Shen looked at Song Zhi.

"Heard it." Song Zhi was unsure.

Lu Ziyan interjected, "You're not angry?"

Upon hearing this, Song Zhi heavily tapped the table, "Angry, how can I not be angry, I'm dying of anger!"

"Heh ...... knew it was like this, third brother, you see, some white-eyed wolves can't even be raised." Lu Ziyan said sarcastically.

Huo Mou Shen treats Song Zhi as one of his own, and for Song Zhi has detached from the Huo family to start a business on his own, but Song Zhi is still preoccupied with the interests of the Song family's future!

They were just trying Song Zhi, and they didn't expect the results to be so disappointing. ......

Lu Zi Yan's sarcastic eyebrows hooked straight at Huo Mou Shen and said in a conspiratorial manner, "Third brother, let me say it, some people are just not as good as Su Xue Ning ......"


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