Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 56 Who's making a big deal out of this?!

Ning Tianlang stood with his hands in the air, his gaze icy cold as he looked at the crowd kneeling at his feet, "It's too late to kneel now!"

Xiang Zhongyuan's whole body muscles spasmed as his voice hissed:

"Ning Tian Lang, if you spare our Xiang Family this time, I promise that I will never appear in Da Xia from now on!"

Xiang Zhao also kept kowtowing and begging for mercy, "Mr. Ning, please be magnanimous and let us go ......"

With that, he reached out and pointed at Xiang Chen, hissing, "It's him! He's the one who didn't grow eyes and tried to insult Ms. An! You kill him! Let our Xiang family go!"

Xiang Zhongyuan's eyes shed tears as he lowered his head and acquiesced to what Xiang Zhao said!

If sacrificing Xiang Chen alone could save the entire Xiang Clan, he would rather be brave and abandon the car to save the king!

Upon hearing this, Xiang Chen directly fell from his wheelchair!

He crawled on his hands and knees to Ning Tian Lang's feet and begged for mercy like a dog:

"I was wrong! I won't dare to touch Miss An again! Please ...... please ...... please ......"

The voice was so mournful and desperate that it sent a chill down the spine of everyone in the Xiang family ......

Just then, an infantry regiment suddenly moved, making way for a one-car wide road.

A red flag sedan slowly drove in and stopped in front of the Xiang family.

The door of the car opened, and a man wearing an Army Lieutenant General's uniform with two golden star emblems on his shoulders quickly got out.

He came directly in front of Ning Tianlang and gave a standard military salute:


"All 50,000 elite soldiers from all military districts under the jurisdiction of West Phoenix Province are all in place! Please instruct!"

Upon seeing this person, from platoon leader Liu Hang to Chief of Staff Gao Qingchun, they all stood at attention.

The person was none other than the general officer of the West Phoenix Military Region, Di Xiong!

Hearing Di Xiong address Ning Tian Lang, Xiang Zhongyuan's mind exploded!


Could ...... he be that legendary invincible Great Xia Guardian God?

Xiang Zhongyuan couldn't believe it, nor did he want to believe it!

Ning Tianlang was that Kunlun War God who possessed supreme honor!


There's no reason for him not to believe it!

This black cloud of 50,000 majestic troops already says it all!

"War ...... God of War ......"

Everyone present was all struck by lightning!

"War God spare your life ...... War God spare your life ......"

No one held a trace of luck anymore!

They all prostrated themselves on the ground and begged for mercy!

At this moment!


"Bang! Bang!"

"Bang Bang Bang!!!"

A burst of gunfire suddenly rang out!

Immediately afterward, all the gun muzzles pointed towards the sky as the cannons roared!

Xiang Zhongyuan was so jolted that he almost had a heart attack from fear, his lips purple like a zombie!

Xiang Zhao hurriedly supported his father and said in horror, ''What is this ...... doing? Is it going to blow us all to smithereens?"

"No." Ning Tian Lang's eyes were indifferent, "It's just to congratulate you on your housewarming."

He took a step forward and looked at Xiang Zhongyuan, who was kneeling on the ground and panting heavily, and bent down to say in a cold voice:

"Xiang family moved their family to the netherworld, shouldn't we fire a cannon to celebrate?"

After saying these words, in the gazes of the people who were horrified to the core, Ning Tianlang straightened his body and stood with his head high under the dome of the sky, saying in a loud voice:

"Father! Mother! Do you guys see this?!"

"Me! Have returned!"

"Those who hurt you back then, I will send them to hell one by one!"

"The Ning family! Will rise again in the world!"

As soon as the words fell, a fierce wind swept through the air and the dark clouds dispersed!

A ray of sunlight shone between heaven and earth!

The wind stopped, and the rain ceased.

The duo of Tian Kui and Earthly Pixie took off the black raincoats on their bodies, revealing the two golden star emblems on their shoulders!

Tian Kui, Earth Specter and Earth Xiong, the three Lieutenant Generals stood side by side behind Ning Tian Lang, their aura was like a rainbow!

At this time, Gao Qingchun handed the Kunlun War God Overcoat, which had been prepared long ago, to Ning Tianlang with both hands respectfully.

Ning Tian Lang threw out his big hand and directly draped the black and gold War God cloak behind him!

The seven golden star emblems on the shoulders of the cloak emitted a bright and dazzling light under the sunlight!

The intent of the God of War pointed straight to the heavens!

For a moment, all the soldiers showed fervent worship in their eyes!

Fifty thousand generals shouted in unison:

"Kunlun! Kun Lun! Kunlun!"

"War God! God of War! God of War!"

The sound was majestic, and the energy rushed into the sky!

Everyone in the Xiang family was scared out of their wits!

Constantly hovering back and forth between shock and awakening! "Xiang Zhongyuan!"

"Xiang Chen!"

"Qi Xiaoyun!"

"Chang Xiaorong!"

One by one, Ning Tianlang called out their names!

It was as if those who were named had been hung up in chains by the God of Death, and they were scared out of their wits!

This was a call from hell!

This was the notice announcing death!

"Xiang Chen, you used underhanded tactics to try to insult my fifth sister, do you know the crime?!"

"Qi Xiaoyun, you flew off the handle and bullied your colleagues, do you ever regret it?!"

"Chang Xiaorong, you rampaged and aided and abused the world, do you have the consciousness of certain death?!"

Finally, he cast his icy gaze at Xiang Zhongyuan:

"Xiang Zhongyuan! Seventeen years ago, you set fire to my parents and seized my Ning Family's land! Are you ready for your entire family to be buried with you?!"

Upon hearing these words, there was a roar in the heads of all the people!

They were about to go crazy with regret!

Xiang Chen slumped to the ground, almost dying, "I was wrong ...... really wrong ......"

Xiang Zhongyuan wailed in pain, "Ning ...... War God, you listen to my explanation, it really wasn't me who killed your parents back then! It really wasn't me!"

"What do you mean?!"

"I was just a pawn back then! Just responsible for packing up the bones and cleaning up the scene. I was just a handyman ah......"

Ning Tianlang's eyes condensed, "Who was the murderer?!"

"I ...... really don't know ......," Xiang Zhongyuan kowtowed repeatedly.

"They told me to dispose of the body and clean up all the traces, then they gave me a million dollars in payment and this piece of land.

I really don't know anything else, if I knew how would I dare not tell you ......"

Suddenly, Xiang Zhongyuan seemed to have grabbed some kind of life-saving straw and hurriedly said:

"The bones ...... I know where the bones of Mr. and Mrs. Ning Zhixue are! I, I buried the bodies in Cangwu Mountain at that time according to their request!"

"Cangwu Mountain where?!"

"There's a City God Temple at the foot of the mountain ...... and I buried it behind the City God Temple!"

After Xiang Zhongyuan finished speaking, he looked begrudgingly at Ning Tianlang:

"I told you everything I know, can you spare the Xiang family ......"

Ning Tian Lang's eyes were like ice as he looked coldly at Xiang Zhongyuan:

"Spare you guys? Have you ever spared me?"

"I was only five years old back then!"

"I hid under the bed and watched as my parents' heads were strangled off in the flames!"

"If Grandpa Qiao hadn't saved me from the fire, I'd have been buried in it!"

"I have no more parents, no more home! Now you're asking me to let you go?!"

Listening to Ning Tian Lang's vociferous and painful rebuke, Xiang Zhong Yuan's heart was filled with despair!

He knew that Ning Tian Lang would not give the Xiang family any more chances!

The Xiang family would definitely die this time!

Ning Tian Lang took a deep breath to calm the anger in his heart, and turned his head sideways to Di Xiong:

"Let's wrap it up, first let your people press all these 500 stinky fish and shrimps to the Qing'an Police Station. All of them will be locked up, and their past records will be strictly checked, and they will be severely sentenced!"

These people under Chang Xiaorong can't withstand investigation!

As long as they were sent to the police station for a strict sentence, it was estimated that they would all be sentenced to more than ten years in prison!

"Boss Ning!" Chang Xiaorong cried, "I was implicated! It's the Xiang family that you want to kill! I'm innocent!"

Almost all of his men are here.

If all of them went in, he would become a commander in chief.

At that time, Ning Tianlang wouldn't need to kill him, those enemies on the road would dismantle him first!

Chang Xiaorong rolled and crawled to the front of Gu Changshan, crying, "Ancient, please help me! I don't want to die!"

Ancient Changshan's face was cloudy, and he hesitated for a while before saying to Ning Tianlang:

"Ning War God, you give old me face ......"

Before he could finish his words, Ning Tianlang said in a cold voice:

"You're still pleading with them? Do you think you can stay out of this?"

The implication was that Gu Changshan was in cahoots with the Xiang family and should be punished as well!

"You ......"

Gu Changshan colored.

"My seniority in the Jianghu is extremely high, even if you are the military God of War, you can't abuse your power! Aren't you afraid that millions of Jianghu people will rise up and attack?!"

Ning Tianlang smiled coldly, "Then I don't need to be a military War God!"

With that, he pulled out the Tu Family's Northern Dragon Order as soon as he did so and shouted sternly:

"The Northern Dragon Order is here! Kneel down!"


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