Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 57: I've never played with a female president

"There was a loud thud!

Gu Changshan fell straight to his knees!

In the face of the Tu Family's Northern Dragon Order, he didn't dare to disobey in any way!

Otherwise, what awaited him would be the spurning and killing of the entire northern rivers and lakes!

Chang Xiaorong's eyes widened in horror, "Isn't this ...... this token the Tu family's second miss?"

"Tu Yang Yang?" Ning Tianlang smiled coldly, "This Northern Dragon Order was handed over to me by Tu Honglin himself!"


Hearing him call out the Tu Family Head's name, Gu Changshan's heart and mind shook, and a mouthful of blood spurted out wildly!

His aged face took on a rich color of death, reflecting the crimson blood even more shockingly!

"Chang Xiaorong ah Chang Xiaorong, you have truly harmed old me ......"

Gu Changshan lamented and closed his eyes in dismay.

Ning Tian Lang swept his eyes over the people present and droned in a deep voice:

"Repatriate all of the Xiang family, all of them! Never set foot in Grand Xia!"

With a single word, everyone broke down and cried!

The Xiang Family had completely collapsed!

In the blink of an eye, they went from being upper class people to penniless paupers with nothing!

With no money and no way out, the only way out in an unfamiliar foreign country is to die!

With an order, the officers immediately commanded the soldiers to escort the Xiang family away.

Chang Xiaorong's 500 men were also sent to Qing'an City Police Station.

For a while, the Xiang public house, which had been bustling with people just now, became a depressed and defeated ......

The Xiang Clan, which has been standing in Qing'an City for more than ten years, was instantly destroyed!

Xiang Zhongyuan closed his eyes in despair.

He did not expect that a decision made seventeen years ago would send himself and his entire clan to their deaths!


Regret to the extreme!

If he was given another chance to start over, he would rather scribble for the rest of his life than do the evil deed of collecting corpses for the aftermath.

A muddy tear slipped from the corner of Xiang Zhongyuan's eye.

He finally realized that in life, no matter what you do, you have to stand up to your conscience.

The short-lived splendor obtained by improper means would eventually be lost in a more tragic way!

At this moment, the only six people left at the gate of Xiang Gongfu Mansion were Xiang Zhongyuan, Xiang Zhao, Xiang Chen, Qi Xiaoyun, Chang Xiaorong and Gu Changshan.

Ning Tianlang looked at them coldly and said in a deep voice, "Now, the time has finally come for a complete reckoning."

As soon as the words fell, all six of them trembled like sieves, so much so that they didn't even have the courage to make a sound to beg for mercy.

"Earth Specter, did you bring the Marrow Devouring Pill?"

The Marrow Eating Pill, was an agent developed by the biochemical department on Kunlun Island.

It doesn't kill, but can cause pain!

It was usually used to punish war criminals or for torture and interrogation.

Earth Specter nodded, "I always carry it on me."

"Give it to Second Young Xiang to try."


Earth Specter answered and immediately stepped forward, breaking open Xiang Chen's mouth and threw a reddish-brown pill in.

"Cough cough cough ...... vomit ......"

Xiang Chen dry-heaved in horror and cried, "What did you ...... you give me to eat?"

Ning Tian Lang's face was like frost, "Didn't you drug my fifth sister? Now, I'll let you enjoy the same treatment."

"Please ......"

Xiang Chen didn't finish a sentence, his expression steeply turned hideous and he fell down covering his stomach.

"Ah ...... my stomach ...... hurts me ......"

His eyes bulged high, blood kept spilling out from the corners of his mouth, and his appearance was as terrifying as that of a stern ghost.


Xiang Zhongyuan's heart was like a knife twisting when he saw his son in such pain!

Immediately afterward, Ning Tian Lang cast his gaze towards Chang Xiaorong, "Did you just say that you wanted to sew up Tian Kui's mouth?"

Chang Xiaorong trembled into a ball of fear, unable to say a single word with his upper and lower teeth knocking together.

"Go, smash his dog's mouth."

Ning Tianlang faintly commanded, and Tiankui gladly led the way.

A moment later.

"Ah!!!" Chang Xiaorong's mournful hissing roar reached everyone's ears!

His mouth was beaten alive by Tian Kui!

Seeing this, Xiang Zhongyuan and the others were scared shitless and almost collapsed!

Qi Xiaoyun howled and begged for mercy, "Please let me go, I'm just a woman ah, I don't want to die ah ......"

Ning Tian Lang glanced at her, "It's fine if you don't want to die."

Upon hearing this, Qi Xiaoyun stopped crying and looked at Ning Tianlang with a hopeful face, waiting to be sentenced.

"Of the six of you, only three can live." Ning Tianlang revealed a cold smile.

"The first three to cut off each other's heads will get a way out."

Back then, his parents had their heads cut off alive.

He would use the same technique to make Xiang Zhongyuan and the others pay the price in blood!

Upon hearing these words, the six people glanced at each other, their expressions instantly becoming wonderful!

Fearful, and wary of each other.

Hideous, and mindful.

The three of them, father and son of the Xiang family, stood together at the first opportunity.

Ning Tian Lang smiled faintly, "Go on, do it right in the front yard, I want to see the whole process with my own eyes."

As the words fell, all six people stumbled into the front door of the Xiang Mansion ......

They all wanted to survive!

They simply didn't dare to disobey Ning Tian Lang's order!

Ning Tian Lang stood with his arms folded, quietly watching the six well-dressed people in the gate, attacking and tearing at each other like wild beasts.

The expression was indifferent and cold.



"I'll kill you!!!"


All kinds of hissing, unending.

Not long after, only Xiang Zhao and Chang Xiaorong were still standing in the courtyard.

Gu Changshan, Qi Xiaoyun, and Xiang Chen were all already in pieces!

Although Xiang Zhongyuan's head was still on his neck, his throat was bleeding, obviously not alive.

The two of them, Xiang Zhao, were close to insanity as they hissed, "We've won! We can live!"

Just as they were in ecstasy, Ning Tian Lang waved his hand faintly, "Close the door and set the fire."

Watching the soldiers slowly close the door of Xiang Gongguan, the excited expressions on Xiang Zhao and Chang Xiaorong's faces abruptly froze ......

Ning Tianlang said to Di Xiong, "Burn Xiang Gongguan cleanly, I want to build a mausoleum for my parents here.

For these, you, the Xifeng Military Region, will take over and complete them."


After Di Xiong answered, he respectfully asked, "Kunlun, is it in the name of the military or in the name of the Kunlun Group?"

Destroying the Xiang family and building the mausoleum, such a big action would definitely attract the attention of all sectors of society.

He had to consult Ning Tianlang's meaning and didn't dare to make a private decision.

Ning Tian Lang said word for word, "In the name of the Kunlun War God!"

His parents had stayed in the barren mountains for too long.

Now that he had returned in glory, he had to comfort the two old men's spirits in heaven with the highest specifications!

"Yes ......"

Di Xiong's face was a little hesitant.

The Kunlun Group had landed in Qing'an City and had another mission, which was to pull out enemy spies.

If news of the Kunlun War God's identity leaked out, he was afraid that it would alert the snakes.

Ning Tianlang saw his concern:

"Just build the mausoleum in the name of the Kunlun War God, but I won't personally appear, and my identity won't be exposed. To the outside world ...... just say that the Xiang family offended the relatives of the Kunlun Battle God, and that's why they incurred extinction."

"Yes! Kunlun!"

"Subordinate immediately ordered to release the news!"

With 50,000 elite soldiers all out in force, the outside world had long been in chaos, each one stretching their necks to find out what was going on.

Only by quickly releasing the news to dispel the curiosity of the masses will it not trigger all sorts of suspicions and rumors .......

Looking at the blazing fire in Xiang Gong Gong, Ning Tian Lang's hazel eyes flashed with flickering light.

Seventeen years ago, the Ning family disappeared in the flames.

Now, it has been reborn in the flames!


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